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Rin faces some changes.

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Rin stops in to visit Jinenji on her way back to Kaede's village. She helps him in the fields and he gives her some medicinal herbs to restore Kaede's dwindling supplies. On her way back she finds a wounded man and helps heal him. She notices he is weak during the day and better at night. He is very handsome and close to her in age. Her instinct tells her to be careful, that he is dangerous. He compliments Rin and tells her his name is Vampoku. He's a half prince and soon will run his clan. He invites her to come with him and she declines. He gets angry and doesn't let her leave. He is going to turn her into a vampire demon like himself. Before she can even draw her blades to fight, he has her by the neck. She screams and the world goes black.
Lord Sesshomaru arrives and finds Vampoku carrying Rin's limp body, with blood on her neck. He slices Vampoku's head off with his light whip from his claw. As the body falls, he catches Rin. Sesshomaru lays her on the ground, her body is cold. He feels anguish and extreme sorrow over Rin's death. Then his whole body throbs with rage. He is half transformed into his dog demon true form. His eyes glow red, claws and jaw extended. He carries Rin to Kaede's village and lays her down. Then disappears, going on a killing rampage. He destroys everything in his path as he tracks down the clan of Vampoku. A fierce battle takes place, the vampire demons inflict some bloody wounds, but in the end they are no match for Lord Sesshomaru's wrath.
Sesshomaru comes upon a fire dragon, brother to Ryuukotsai. Another battle occurs, testing Lord Sesshomaru's ultimate power. He's a little reckless due to his sorrow over Rin. The dragon seizes the opportunity and creates a deep gash on Sesshomaru's legs. It sends Lord Sesshomaru down to one knee. Suddenly Inu Yasha leaps in front of him and they kill the dragon together. Sesshomaru says, "brother." Inu Yasha trips over himself in shock. Kagome realizes that something is very wrong. They help him stand and Sesshomaru regains his composure. Inu Yahsa and Kagome follow him to Kaede's, that's when they see Rin's body. Sesshomaru kneels down. Kaede is on Rin's other side. Jaken and Ah-Un stand quietly with their heads hung in sadness. Lord Sesshomaru stands, goes to Ah-Un and gets the white and red kimono dress and hands it to Kaede. Kagome helps her bring Rin into her hut to change her. They understand that Sesshomaru wants Rin to have a proper burial.
Kagome comes out of the hut and nods, "Lord Sesshomaru, Rin is ready."
Sesshomaru enters and picks up Rin's lifeless body. They follow as he carries her to the grave yard. Inu Yasha is just finishing digging the grave. Sesshomaru lays Rin on the ground, touches her cheek, stands and starts to walk away, "good-bye Rin."
Kagome and Kaede are crying openly. Inu Yasha hugs Kagome close to him. Lord Sesshomaru is about to enter the forest. Rin suddenly sits up and cries out, "Lord Sesshomaru don't leave me!" She falls as she tries to stand to go after him. Everyone is shocked. Before Rin's hands hit the ground, Sesshomaru has her in his arms.
Myoga pipes up, "the vampire demon didn't kill her, he had changed her into one of them! She seemed dead, but was just in transition."
Rin cries in Sesshomaru's arms, "I don't understand! Help me change back!"
Kaede explains, "Rin ye cannot change back. Ye are a demon now. Ye heart may be human, but ye body is not. Lord Sesshomaru cannot help reverse this. Ye must learn to live as a demon."
Rin struggles to stand and then passes out, whispering, "forgive me Lord Sesshomaru."
Lord Sesshomaru picks her up again and carries her into Kaede's hut. He orders Jaken to get her food. Rin's awake and leaning against Sesshomaru when Jaken comes back with a small animal. Her hunger makes her bite into it and drink its blood. She hangs her head in shame when she's finished and realizes what she just did.
Kagome speaks up, "Don't worry Rin, it's not your fault. Demons eat flesh, drink blood, feed on fear or souls. You obviously still carry human emotion, so I doubt you can eat souls or survive on fear."
Inu Yasha says, "and anyway now you will always be the same age and never die. That's not so bad." Kagome glares at him and he asks, "What? What did I do now?"
Rin finally smiles. Jaken says, "Now you're one of us Rin."
Rin thanks Kaede, Kagome and Inu Yasha. She explains she cannot stay at the village anymore. They understand. Lord Sesshomaru starts walking away, his wounds from earlier already healed. Rin follows on Ah-Un as she is still weak. Jaken gets her another small animal and it gives her more strength.
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