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Lord Sesshomaru and Rin, their new life together begins.

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Lord Sesshomaru was moving into the southern territory. He wanted to take it over and expand his empire. Rin was at his side, Jaken and Kohaku rode Ah-Un. Now that Rin was a vampire demon she could fly on her own. Not as fast as Lord Sesshomaru, but she kept up. She was more powerful at night, all her senses were acute then. Rin still used her fighting blades, but used her claws too. She was agile and very strong. She fought alongside Lord Sesshomaru, but his power was far more superior. He rarely had to exert himself and few challenged his fighting ability. They were gaining ground quickly.
Rin's main weakness was helping children. If they were abducted by demons or bandits, she'd go to rescue them. She couldn't help it, she had to save them. Rin didn't always get there in time, but many survived because of her. She'd done it before meeting Vampoku and now the urge was stronger. It made her angry and brought out the demon in her. The first time it happened after turning into a vampire demon, she even surprised herself. The sun had just finished setting, they were walking through a meadow. Rin's neck hair prickled. She felt anxious and then she heard it, a faint cry for help. She stopped walking and slowly turned around, listening, trying to locate the sound.
"Rin?" Lord Sesshomaru asked. He could hear it too, but still didn't bother with humans.
Rin didn't answer. Kohaku gasped as she turned to face them. Jaken ran and hid behind Lord Sesshomaru. Her eyes glinted golden, her nails had grown into claws and her fangs were much longer. Rin's vampire demon form had come out. She looked at Sesshomaru, he said nothing as she leaped into the sky and was gone.
Jaken said, "what has gotten into Rin?"
Kohaku was following her on Ah-Un, both heads snorted with the effort to keep up. She entered into the village, where twenty or so bandits were destroying things. A young 13 year old girl was being slapped around by a fat old man. Kohaku didn't even see the throw, but a second later the bandit released the girl, for he was trying to remove a blade from his neck. Blood gushed through his fingers. Rin lost control and started killing all the human bandits. She'd never taken a human life before. Rin killed using her blades. What really surprised Kohaku was that she left the bandit leader for last. She grabbed him by the neck as he tried to run away and with one hand broke it. Then she drank the blood from his horse. The villagers, including those rescued, ran away in horror.
Kohaku dismounted Ah-Un and cautiously approached her. "Rin are you okay?"
Rin wiped her mouth and replied quietly, "get my blades back please Kohaku?"
He did as she asked, cleaning them as he went. By the time he was done, her face was back to normal, almost serene. Her claws were gone, but her eyes still were gold and blazed with anger. When they returned, Lord Sesshomaru watched Rin. She knew he had smelled the human blood on the air, long before they'd arrived.
She walked up to him, went on her knees and bowed her head, "forgive me my Lord, I lost control."
Jaken gasped, recovered and stammered, "they were only humans Rin, Lord Sesshomaru doesn't care."
Kohaku bonked Jaken on the head hard, silencing the demon toad.
"Stand up Rin," Lord Sesshomaru said. "Do not apologize for your demon form."
Kohaku knew they needed to be alone, he dragged a struggling Jaken to Ah-Un. He mounted, still holding Jaken and went on ahead. The demon light had left Rin's eyes. Rin was still ashamed for how she lost control. She looked at Sesshomaru, "I don't regret killing those bandits. Any demon or human that harms innocent children, I will kill. I am sorry that I lost control. I couldn't stop the vampire from attacking everything. The only thing I could do was not drink human blood. I will control myself!" She smiled at him, just as she use to do when she was a child. She laughed and leapt into the air. Lord Sesshomaru followed, but was more restrained. They easily caught up to Ah-Un.
"Thank you Kohaku," Rin said with genuine warmth. Kohaku nodded.
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