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Lord Sesshomaru and Rin get interrupted.

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Kohaku knew Rin's violence toward bandits was due to first, the murder of her family by them and second, when they whipped her as a teenager. He hoped he never was changed into a demon, because his past was even worse. He liked being around Rin and Lord Sesshomaru, because they didn't pitty him or treat him differently because of his past. They accepted him as is. Kohaku didn't like to talk much and no one pushed him to do so. He only killed demons, but would defend himself and disarm humans if they attacked him. He'd occasionally visit Sango, MIroku and their growing family.
After one such visit, he was on his way back into the southern territory to meet up with Jaken, Rin and Lord Sesshomaru when he was attacked by five ninja warriors. He managed to disarm them and escape, but not before they wounded his leg. By the time he was close enough for Rin and Lord Sesshomaru to smell him, he'd lost a lot of blood. They came to him immediately, Jaken on Ah-UN arriving shortly after. Rin's eyes glowed golden, but she ordered Jaken to get specific herbs so she could mend the wound. Lord Sesshomaru stood guard as Rin made the poultice and bandaged the cut.
Rin asked, "what happened Kohaku? We smelt your blood on the breeze and it lead us to you."
Kohaku grimaced in pain, "ninjas attacked me. I barely got away. They were very skilled."
Rin looked at Lord Sesshomaru as she stood up. He looked thoughtful. She made sure Jaken knew how to make the poultice. She gave Kohaku some awful tasting tea & told him to make sure he drank it often. She explained it would help him regain strength, help with pain and heal him faster. With that she left, following Lord Sesshomaru, backtracking Kohaku's scent. They quickly found the battle site, but no sign of the ninjas.
Rin began to think about the attack on Kohaku, trying to sort out the puzzle. "From what I have learned from Kaede, ninjas are based out of the eastern lands. So is the attack on Kohaku a warning to us not to go try taking their land, or does someone have a personal grudge against him? But ninjas can also be hired assassins, they have no loyalty except to money. So it could also be someone here in the south sending a message. And a demon wouldn't send humans to attack another demon, only humans are that stupid. Bottom line is that I am going to capture a ninja and force him to tell me what's going on.
Lord Sesshomaru patiently waited until she stopped pacing and looked back to him. He raised an eyebrow at her and she gave him a full blown classic smile. He flew into the air and she followed him. They hunted the area and finally found a ninja, captured and held him. Rin questioned him and the ninja was rude to her until both Lord Sesshomaru and Rin's eyes changed. Then he peed himself and explained who'd hired him. Lord Sesshomaru tossed him aside when they were done, disgusted. The ninja made a fatal mistake, reaching for a death star. Lord Sesshomaur's light whip cut him in half. Rin collected the death stars and blades. She was always looking for things to throw.
"So the Iga-ryu ninjia's have a demon slayer division. When they heard of how Kohaku killed all but one of the western demon slayers, they decided to avenge them. But why now, so many years later? Something still doesn't make sense," Rin contemplated.
They went back to Kohaku. It was early morning when they arrived. Jaken had already changed Kohaku's bandage. Rin made him a new tea, this one made Kohaku go into deep sleep. She, Kohaku and Jaken rode Ah-Un. They followed Lord Sesshomaru.
"Lord Sesshomaru, why are we travelling north? We haven't conquered all of the south yet?" Jaken complained.
Rin replied, "Master Jaken, Lord Sesshomaru has business in the eastern territories. You should be honoured that he is allowing us to go with him."
"Oh, oh, I am sorry my lord," Jaken stuttered all flustered. Rin giggled when Jaken added, "thank you Lord Sesshomaru!"
Rin loved teasing Jaken, he was so easy to bait. Lord Sesshomaru rarely bothered to answer Jaken, when he questioned his decisions or actions. She checked on Kohaku and noticed he had developed a fever and the leg wound had re-opened. "Lord Sesshomaru we are going to Kaede's, I will catch up to you later."
Once they arrived at Kaede's village, Rin carried Kohaku into Kaede's hut. She explained what happened and gave Kaede all the required medicinal herbs. "Kadede?" Rin asked, "Jinenji had once told me that there is a small forest demon who's spit is very binding and can help heal deep wounds. Do you know if it's true?"
"Ye is right Rin. That demon uses its spit to capture food, but it can help deep wounds. Are ye thinking of getting one for Kohaku?"
Jaken spoke next, "Rin I know what it looks like. I can help you find it."
So off flew Rin, carrying Jaken and the two headed staff. They searched all day and finally found and captured the demon. It tried to eat Jaken, who bonked it on the head with the staff. Rin flew them all back to Kaede. The demon woke and swore with colourful profanity. Rin told it that she would give him two rabbits in exchange for him spitting on Kohaku's wound. The greedy demon obliged. Rin then made a deal with it. If this demon lived in the forest close by, she would call on it when they needed his spit and she would pay him two rabbits each time. They argued back and forth and it was decided she would pay two rabbits and four mice for his services. And to keep the demon on retainer close by, every new year it would be given a pig. It was quite the bargain for the demon, who's name was Hork. As soon as he was given his payment, he ran off.
"Wow, that took longer than I expected. Good thing I can see easier at night!" Rin said.
"Ye may leave Kohaku with me. I will send him once he is well enough to travel." Kaede smiled.
Rin hugged her, "Jaken you and Ah-Un stay with Kohaku and protect him from the ninjias. When he's ready come look for Lord Sesshomaru and I in the eastern territory."
Rin went outside and spoke to the pet dragon, "Ah-Un you are not to eat from any of the village gardens." Ah-Un snorted and hung its heads. "But, here is a treat," and Rin gave each head a melon. She then sprang into the night sky and was gone.
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