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Lord Sesshomaru and Rin share some passion.

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It took Rin a day and a full night before she found Lord Sesshomaru. He was walking through a forest when she landed. She told him everything that happened, even though he didn't ask. She knew he wasn't completely listening. From his body language, she knew he was in deep thought. Rin took his hand into hers to get his attention. He stopped walking and looked at her. She stood on her tippie-toes and gave him a kiss. Her eyes twinkled. He didn't smile, but his eyes showed his interest.
"Any new developments my lord," teased Rin, with a cheeky grin.
Sesshomaru traced her jaw line with a finger and watched the desire burn in Rin's eyes. Her breath quickened. He knew exactly what to do to get her all hot and bothered. Sometimes it irked her that he had so much control and she couldn't do that to him. All thoughts left her mind, when Sesshomaru nuzzled her neck. She shivered in delighted surprise. He kissed her neck, slowly traveling up to her lips. When he finally let her kiss him deeply, she groaned. She opened her eyes and found him watching her intently. She couldn't help herself and pressed her body against his. His eyes closed so she couldn't read them. He bit her neck gently and she dug her nails into his back. His clothing protected his skin from damage. Rin kissed his neck, careful not to let the vampire in her take a bite. She slid her hands under his clothing and traced his chest muscles. Sesshomaru couldn't hide his reaction to her touch. When he opened his eyes again Rin saw in them that he felt the same as she did. His scent was intoxicating, she hadn't really noticed how much she loved it until now.
Lord Sesshomaru reacted before she could even register what was happening. He put his body between her and the thing that had interrupted them. Tsurube-otoshi had dropped out of the trees to attack them. It was in fireball form. Sesshomaru killed it in seconds. Unfortunately it ruined the mood.
"Why would such a lower classed demon even bother attacking us? We didn't even have this happen when I was still human, except when Naraku was still around."
Lord Sesshomaru had fixed his clothing already. His eyes narrowed as he thought on what Rin said. Rin righted her clothing, while commenting, "something or someone has control over weaker demons again. Either they are just trying to detain us or want us dead. This was not random."
They walked forward, their senses on red-alert for another attack. Lord Sesshomaru thought out loud, "who would think to challenge me?"
Even though it was a rhetorical question, Rin answered, "a god or dragon? Another powerful demon? Anyway, I hope it is a worthy opponent."
Lord Sesshomaru looked at her and she clarified. "It has been years since someone has made you really test your power. We both know fighting Inu Yasha is just sport. And neither of you really put full effort into it anymore anyway."
Rin saw his eyes narrow. "What? You know I am right. Sometimes I think he fights you just to hear the valley ring with the sound of clashing swords. And other times I think he does it just for Tetseiga and Tenseiga too."
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