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Lord Sesshomaru and Rin finally give into their feelings. Sexually suggestive material, nothing too graphic.

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Lord Sesshomaru and Rin were travelling northerly towards the East Sea coast. Rin had changed into her slayer clothing, because it had suddenly become very cold. Lord Sesshomaru noticed it was unusual for snow at that time of year. It was a bit too early. As a demon vampire, Rin didn't really feel the cold as much as when she'd been human. The snow was heavy at times and Rin doubted that Jaken and Kohaku would find them anytime soon.
"Sesshomaru-sama, are there hot springs around here?"
As an answer he landed and she saw that they were in the area of the snow monkeys. The monkeys growled or shrieked at their invasion, but none approached except for one. Sun WuKong, the monkey king was visiting. He came to speak to Lord Sesshomaru. Sun Wukong showed him proper respect, so Lord Sesshomaru allowed him to detain them. The monkey king told them that the snow woman demon named Yuki-onna was in the area and she was luring everyone to their deaths, by freezing them. This was the reason for the early winter. He invited them to a private hot spring to spend the day, as there was a terrible blizzard happening in the direction they were going. Sun Wukong promised no one would bother them. With that he leaped away and all the snow monkeys followed him.
Rin was going to enjoy the hot spring. She smiled as she watched the monkey king disappear. When she turned around her eyes widened at what she saw; Lord Sesshomaru was already in the hot spring. He was obviously naked, as his clothing was on a pile of rocks near by. His white fur was under his outstretched arms, where he propped himself out of the water. He wasn't even looking at her. She knew that was on purpose. He was watching snow melt on his left arm. Rin took off her clothing, neatly putting it beside his. When she was naked, she carefully climbed into the hot spring with him. Her hair clung to her chest as she submerged up to her neck. Lord Sesshomaru waited for her to get comfortable. He was thinking back to when he first realized Rin. Sure she had travelled with him as a child, but back then he never was attracted to her. It was the night he saw her dancing in the kimono dress that Kagome had given her. It was when he saw her as a beautiful, strong, woman. That's when he began to notice her as an adult and have feelings for her. Then when she had been turned into a vampire demon and he had thought she was dead, he finally admitted he loved her as a woman, as his partner.
Rin ran her eyes over Lord Sesshomaru. His arms were muscular and strong. Cords of muscle ran from his neck to his shoulders. He was a beautiful demon. "Sesshomaru?"
"Yes Rin?"
"Thank you for bringing me here."
Lord Sesshomaru watched as Rin moved closer to him. He didn't move as she kissed his neck and nibbled his ear. He put a palm on her cheek and kissed her face, lips and neck. He traced her jaw line. Rin dragged a finger down his chest, over his rippled stomach muscles and downwards. She kissed his neck and collar bone. Sesshomaru twitched and his stomach muscles tightened. Their breathing became harsher. Wherever he put his hands, Rin's demon pulse exploded. He ran his finger down her neck, slowly going lower. Rin was nervous, but wanted more. It was like she couldn't get close enough to him. He was slowly driving her crazy, her body was on fire. She grabbed his face and brought him back to her mouth, kissing hungrily. She released a groan, her eyes were golden. She bit his shoulder drawing blood. Sesshomaru kissed her bloody lips. His eyes glowed red. He sat back a moment, making her look at him.
"Are you sure Rin?"
She loved him even more for asking, if that was possible. "Yes Sesshomaru, I want you, I need you, I love you."
That was all he needed to hear. He lifted her out of the water on to his fur. Rin watched him in awe and he let her look at all his naked glory. He was magnificent. Sesshomaru kissed Rin and touched her until she was begging him for more. They looked into each others demon eyes and she saw his desire and his slim hold on control. Then the passion took them. They were one; fusion of mind, body and demon soul. Rin clung to him. Hot electric energy pulsed through Rin and surrounded them. Their bodies demanded release. They forgot about everything and just were; for each other. Sesshomaru let loose a growl of pleasure, even as Rin's claws drew blood on his back. They lost time. Eventually they both were satisfied. Rin fell asleep in Sesshomaru's arms. He watched her sleep, marvelling at the fact that she was the only one who'd ever made him loose control. It made him love and cherish her even more.
Rin woke when he shifted his body. She smiled at him and he gave her a gentle kiss. Then she stretched like a cat and stood up. She got dressed. "These hot springs are making me lazy. But I'm hungry."
Sesshomaru got dressed too and they left. She took his hand and he looked at her and then squeezed her back.
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