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Rin uses her demon side in a battle.

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Rin went to feed on the animal she caught. She didn't let anyone, not even Lord Sesshomaru, watch her drink blood. She had just finished, when she heard a child crying, begging to go home. Since she was already in vampire demon form, she picked up the child's location quickly. When Rin found the child, she saw a most beautiful woman, dressed in white standing near the boy. The woman transformed into swirling snow, trying to stop Rin. The snow shrieked at Rin and she knew immediately this was Yuki-onna, the one Sun Wukong had warned about. Rin wasn't affected by the snow like a human would have been. She took the child and flew him to the hot springs. The heat saved his life. The heat also forced Yuki-onna back into human-demon form. Rin fought her. The snow woman slashed Rin's face drawing blood. This angered Rin and she began throwing the death stars. Yuki-onna retreated.
The boy was returned to his village and his mother thanked Rin, but the village men saw her as a demon threat. She left quickly. She picked up her blades and caught up to Lord Sesshomaru. They were walking when a beam of bright light came from the clouds. Lord Sesshomaru and Rin watched as a woman materialized out of it.
"Goddess Hariti," Lord Sesshomaru says in greeting.
Bowing low, Rin shows her respect to the Goddess protector of children.
"Stand my child," Hariti says to her. "You protect children as you just have shown me now and have done in the past. You rescued a boy from Yuki-onna. For this reason I give you the sword of winds."
Lord Sesshomaru says, "Ama-no-Murakuno."
Hariti nods, "Yes it is a sword of the winds forged by gods. I was given this sword by Shina-To-be, Goddess of winds. She owed me a favour. We both had the sword reworked with our tears and blood. No demon or human sword can break it."
"Goddess Hariti, I cannot accept such a divine gift. I do not deserve it!" Rin says quietly in awe.
Hariti smiles at Rin and Lord Sesshomaru, "She is humble as well. Yes my child, you do deserve it. And you may give it to anyone who you deem worthy. But it will only work for someone who protects children and innocence." With that the Goddess gave Rin the sword and disappeared into a blinding flash of golden light.
Rin gapped after her, "But… but I don't know how to use a sword!" She stuttered in disbelief. She thrust the sword at Lord Sesshomaru, "you take it!"
"I cannot use it," he held up his hand as she began to protest, "but I will carry it for you."
A large sigh came from Rin. She didn't like swords, they were too cumbersome. It was a great gift and she was truly honoured. Maybe she could give it to Kohaku. She would have to wait and see. Lord Sesshomaru placed the Ama-no-Murakuno in his sash beside Tenseiga. Tenseiga hummed happily.
"Be still," Lord Sesshomaru said to Tenseiga and it stopped.
"Now I feel like I should kill Yuki-onna or at least get her to agree to stop hurting children. I'm obligated now," Rin said.
"Do as you wish," Lord Sesshomaru said.
"Are you going on ahead?" He looked at her and she said, "I know, if I call you will come." She smiled.
Lord Sesshomaru left and Rin went hunting for the snow demon woman. The cut on her cheek had already healed. She needed Kohaku or someone to lure Yuk-onna out to kill. So she flew back the way they had come, looking for Jaken, Ah-Un and Kohaku. She found them because Jaken was calling out for Lord Sesshomaru and making a lot of noise.
"Oh hello Rin," Jaken said when they saw her.
"Hello, are you well again Kohaku?"
"You are going to need warmer clothing. Us three are hunting Yuki-onna." Before Jaken could say it, Rin said, "once we are done, then we will go find Lord Sesshomaru." Jaken closed his mouth and grumbled to himself.
Once Kohaku had on a lined cloak, Rin dropped him off near the outskirts of a village. She had his kusarigama, but had given him the ninja death starts, hidden in his clothing. The snow was coming down heavy, so she knew the snow woman demon was close by. It wasn't long before she heard Kohaku.
"My lady you are exquisitely beautiful," Kohaku said in a strange voice.
Jaken whispered, "Rin if she kisses Kohaku he will be frozen to death. She will suck the warmth out of him."
Quickly, Rin flew to Kohaku's aide. "Yuki-onna we meet again. Wait, I don't want to have to kill you. Let us talk!"
The snow woman changed into mist and tried to attack. Rin flew quickly in circles forming a tornado effect and moved them towards the hot springs. Yuki-onna changed back to human form. Rin grabbed her arm and dragged her to the hot spring. "If you try to escape Master Jaken will burn you with the fire from the two headed staff," she threatened.
Yuki-onna was angry but she stopped struggling. Kohaku stood ready to push her into a hot spring. Yuki-onna spat, "what do you want?"
"I don't care if you attack bandits or adult demons. But I want you to stop killing, hunting and bothering children and the innocent."
"And if I don't obey?" The snow woman snarled.
"Then I will return with Ama-no-Morakuno and kill you."
Jaken, Kohaku and Yuki-onna gasped in disbelief. Yuki-onna said, "I don't see the sword of winds, you are lying."
Rin called out, "Lord Sesshomaru."
He came in seconds. He looked annoyed. It wasn't directed at Rin, but at the snow woman. He handed Rin the sword. Yuki-onna fell to her knees sobbing. Rin was clumsy with the sword, but got her point across. Lord Sesshomaru left again.
"Ok. I wont hurt children or innocent hearted beings…. I promise on my life."
Rin nodded and added, "Yuki-onna, I would be very pleased if you aimed your hunger at bandits and evil men." Yuki-onna stood, smiled at her and then turned to mist and left.
Jaken piped up, "Rin how did Lord Sesshomaru get that sword?"
So she explained about Goddess Hariti coming to her. She then asked Kohaku if he would carry it for her. He agreed. Jaken was in awe. They then left the hot springs and began their journey to find Lord Sesshomaru.
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