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Lord Sesshomaru and Rin, fight demons.

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Lord Sesshomaru was following the trail of the Ika-Zuchi-No-Kami. The shinto demons were normally restricted to the underworld, but now were causing chaos above ground. He was walking, looking for sign, when the others caught up. He was trying to find where the shinto demons were, to determine how they got out of the underworld. The Ika-Zuchi-No-Kami, left destruction when they farted. In the underworld it could cause volcanic eruptions. Above, on earth, it could change the landscape drastically. One such change they found. A huge chunk of mountain had been blown away. So they knew they were heading in the right direction.
It was mid afternoon the following day when they saw two of the shinto demons arguing. Rin thought that they were very ugly. She wondered if their faces were always red, or only when in anger. They stopped yelling at each other when Lord Sesshomaru approached. He ordered Rin and everyone else to stand back. The first shinto demon was ignorant and rude. It never finished its insult. Lord Sesshomaru brought out the Bakusaiga and in one quick move, cut the demon in half. The second shinto demon turned his back on him and began to squat for a fart. Lord Sesshomaru changed into his full dog demon form and towered over the demon. He picked it up in his jaws, snarling. The demon screamed as the acid breath burned him.
Rin shouted up to it, "how did you get out of the underworld?"
"I wont tell you, I'll get sent back!" Lord Sesshomaru snarled and it said quickly, "okay, okay! Zhong Kui has found a way out of hell and wants to be emperor. He let us out!"
Lord Sesshomaru released the demon, who fell to the ground. It was going to blast a fart at Rin, so Lord Sesshomaru crouched low and his Taiyokai took the blast easily. It just ruffled his fur. He stepped on the demon and used his poisonous claws to kill it. Then he returned to his demon human form.
Jaken said, "Zhong Kui! He's king of the ghosts in hell and commands 80,000 demons! What are we going to do Lord Sesshomaru?"
Lord Sesshomaru ignored Jaken. "He's going to be a nuisance."
Rin said, "Zhong Kui probably wants the Tenseiga to revive demons to build his army."
Kohaku said, "there are seven shinto demons of Ika-Zuchi-No-Kami. Now we have five left. Do you want me to slay them?"
Lord Sesshomaru replied, "No." He wanted the other shinto demons alive so he could find out exactly how Zhong Kui got out of the underworld. He also wanted to know what he was using to control the demons.
"I thought Zhong Kui protected people from evil spirits. If he is creating a demon army to take over this land, then what corrupted him?" Rin asked to no one in particular. "But if he collects ghosts with his magic sword, then he could have access to our world when the ghosts travel between."
Lord Sesshomaru gave Rin a side glance. She was a few steps behind his thought process, but having her say it out loud helped him think too. Rin was smart and loved puzzles. Sometimes she talked too much, but mostly he didn't mind. To him it was obvious that some other God, demon or Goddess from hell was helping Zhong Kui.
It was late afternoon and they were in the shadow of the eastern mountains. Rin's senses told her something was about to attack out of the sky, before she saw anything, she smelt it. She looked at Lord Seshomaru and he was red eyed. Three shinto demons were riding on a cloud of serpent demons and heading straight for them. Rin transformed into her full vampire demon as the cloud of demons attacked her, Kohaku and Jaken. Lord Sesshomaru was dealing with the three shinto demons. They were seeking revenge for their brothers.
Rin's claws, death stars and blades helped kill the demon hoard. She was breathless when she finished, as was Kohaku. She took cover behind a boulder, where Jaken was hiding. She watched Lord Sesshomaru fight. He needed more agility than his true demon dog form allowed, so he didn't transform. He used his poison claws to kill one of the three. The last two he used Bakusaiga.
The blast hit Rin, Kohaku and Jaken by surprise. Another shinto demon had the chance to fart, while the other three had been used for distraction. Rin was sent flying into a mountain wall. It knocked the breath out of her and made her dizzy, but didn't kill her. Kohaku had been rescued by Ah-Un, and Jaken was no where to be seen. It made Lord Sesshomaru chase and then capture the demon. He held it with his poison claw piercing its flesh. The demon was slowly dying.
"Who is behind Zhung Kui's escape from the underworld?"
"Izanami helped him, they have become lovers. She wants to kill all humans," was all the shinto demon could say before it died.
Rin hadn't seen Lord Sesshomaru so angry, since her childhood. She went to him and touched his face. He slowly changed back to normal. She said, "Wow the stench of that blast was almost worse then the blast itself."
Kohaku said, "at least all of the Ika-Zuchi-No-Kami are gone."
"Jaken?" Lord Sesshomaru called.
"Here I am my Lord," he called out, running towards them. "I was blasted far away."
Rin asked Jaken, "are you okay?"
"Yes Rin." Jaken said. Then he asked, "did the demon's tell you what is going on?"
"Izanami joined Zhong Kui," Kohaku replied.
"Izanami, Goddess of Death?" Jaken asked.
"Exactly," Rin said.
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