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Lord Sesshomaru and Rin, unite. No explicit sex, just suggestion and leaving the rest up to the reader.

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Instead of travelling over night, they decided to let Kohaku, Ah-Un and Jaken rest. In the morning they would continue to hunt for Zhong Kui and Izanami. Rin leaned against Lord Sesshomaru, talking quietly as not to wake anyone. "You are looking for a large, new volcano, right? That's how they escaped the underworld?"
"With a goddess helping, it is probable."
"I am sorry I was a nuisance today. I should have been paying attention. It's just that I love watching you fight." Rin smiled up at him.
Lord Seshomaru didn't say anything, but gave her a kiss. He hated to admit it to himself, but he understood his father completely now. Loving someone made you stronger, but it also gave you a lot more responsibility too. As a dog demon, he was very strong now, if not stronger than his father ever had been. But now he had to think of Rin, not just himself. He found he changed into demon form more often. Learning to control himself again, to not let his love completely distract him when in battle, was something new to him. In the past, control had never been a problem. He'd rarely had to separate emotion in a battle. And he had only himself to depend on. Now he had to rely on Rin to protect herself, when he was already engaged in battle. Accomplishing this would make him gain a new level of power. But did they have the time he needed to acheive this? He knew Rin was a skilled fighter and that had been enhanced when she became a vampire demon. But he wasn't sure if she could handle fighting a goddess. And it seemed that is exactly what they would be up against. She was able to defeat demons and so could Kohaku and Jaken, but they were heading into a battle that would even test his power.
"I know what you are thinking Sesshomaru," Rin said.
He waited for her to go on. Not looking into her eyes.
She finished, "there is a major battle coming. But they don't know you. And no one surpasses your power. You are better than your father ever was. I believe in you." She made him look at her & then gently kissed him.
Her trust and loyalty to him, made him feel invincible. And she was right. His all powerful father would not have won in a fight against him, now. He captured her chin and said softly, "Thank you Rin."
Even so, he couldn't let his emotions overrule his rationale. His mind had to be clear. That ment that his current need to be with Rin had to be resolved. The way she was looking at him right now. How she unconsciously was giving him sexual signals. He held her in his arms, transformed into his light ball and transported them back to the hot springs. They undressed each other quickly. Rin giggled with excitement. This time they joined quickly with heightened urgency. For humans it would have been violent, for them it was just right.
Once they were done, they soaked in the hot springs. Rin said, "it's a good thing we both regenerate and heal quickly. Your back, sorry about the deep gashes!"
Lord Sesshomaru looked at her lazily. She grinned. Her confidence improved daily. He realized as an after thought, he needed to train Kohaku on how to use Ama-no-Murakuno.
Rin finally got out of the hot spring. Her skin glowed. She spun quickly, to dry. Sesshomaru let his gaze linger on her. She was taller than most women and very physically fit. Her long black hair fell down her back freely. She had almost a feline walk, like a panther, probably part of the vampire blood. It seduced you into watching her move. Once she was dressed, Lord Sesshomaru did to. They went back to Jaken, Kohaku and Ah-Un, whom all slept soundly. Ah-Un's rears twitched, but that was all.
In the morning once Kohaku and Jaken had eaten, they began their journey again. Lord Sesshomaru walked beside Kohaku and Rin.
Rin asked, "Kohaku, do you have swordsmanship skills?"
"Basic training," he replied.
"Show me," Lord Sesshomaru said.
"May I Rin?"
"Yes Kohaku, use Ama-no-Morakuno."
So Kohaku drew the sword of winds and with Lord Sesshomaru using Bakusaiga, they clashed swords. Without instruction, just repetitive moves, Kohaku learned how to use the sword better. As he was not use to wielding a sword, he grew tired quicker than he wanted to admit. Lord Sesshomaru didn't notice, until Rin stopped them.
"Okay you two, enough with that racket!" Rin wasn't really sick of it, but she knew Kohaku wouldn't stop and Lord Sesshomaru wouldn't notice that he should. She wondered if the wind control technique of the sword would only come out for her or if it happened when protecting something. She received it from the Goddess of protecting children. So would that be the only time it could be used? Or as long as it was used to counter attack evil? Many questions needed to be answered, before that sword could be used in battle against Zhong- Kui and Izanami.
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