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Akari's first battle.

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The night of the new moon came quickly. Rin still smelled the musky wolf scent hanging heavy on the air. This was their territory. Akari was nervous and impatient for her changing to be over with. Nothing happened for most of the night, but once the wolves began to howl, Rin noticed it was beginning. Akari wore her sword too, just to find out what would happen to it. She felt an itchy burning sensation and then she was changed. She was hungry and needed to hunt. She saw Rin and found she could communicate telepathically with her.
'Rin can you hear me?' Akari the wolf cocked her head to the side and pricked her ears forward.
"Yes, as if you were talking. That's neat! And you are a red haired wolf!"
Akari gave her a wolf grin. 'Did my sword fall off?'
"Yes. Hmm that's going to be a pain, but we will figure something out."
The red wolf licked her jaws, 'I am hungry! Do you want to hunt with me?'
"Sure let's go. I just want to let Kohaku know we are leaving."
Rin woke Kohaku, who admired Akari's wolf form. He would stay awake until they returned. Akari put a paw on his out-stretched hand. She sat like a domestic dog and let him touch and pet her fur.
'Can you scratch behind my right ear Kohaku?…Ah, that's it. Thanks.'
After that vampire and wolf went hunting. Rin found that once Akari learned how to use her four legs and tail, she was very fast and agile. Then the wolf had fun. They caught a deer and Rin drank some of the blood, before Akari enjoyed her kill.
'Oh I am a mess,' Akari said between licking her fur.
"A river is up ahead, you can wash off the blood there."
Akari followed Rin's lead. 'You run pretty quick, but why don't you just always fly?'
"Flying takes more energy and I like being here with you." Vampire hugged the wolf.
Akari licked Rin's hand, 'It's nice to have another girl to share things with.'
"I agree! We should head back though, give Kohaku a chance to sleep."
Akari stayed beside Rin the rest of the night. In the morning she was still in wolf form. She panicked a little, until Jaken suggested she think about being human again and picture herself in her mind. That worked and she changed back. Rin had wrapped a blanket around the wolf, in case the human form ended up naked.
"So we now know I loose my clothing and my weapons during the changes. Just great."
"Can you change back at will?" Rin asked.
She tried and nothing happened. Akari pondered, "well maybe it's just when I'm angry."
"Hopefully we don't have to test that theory anytime soon," Jaken grumbled.
"Rin, Akari should wear Ama-no-Murakuno," Kohaku suggested.
"You're right, it's a goddess sword. Tt shouldn't come off when she changes."
Akari stopped walking and stood with her mouth open in surprise, "the sword of winds?"
Jaken explained the story quickly, annoyed with the delay in catching up to Lord Sesshomaru.
"You can wear it and we'll see what happens. Good idea Kohaku."
Akari tried the sword. It was perfectly balanced for her. She liked how it felt in her hands. She hoped it would find her worthy.
Rin sneezed violently. "Excuse me….Does anyone else smell that?"
"Yes, I do, what is it?"
Jaken and Kohaku said at the same time, "lower classed demons."
No sooner had they confirmed the smell, when they heard terrified screams. Rin changed into full demon form and everyone readied their weapons. As they crested the hill, they saw a demon hoard trying to get at two children hiding in a mountain wall crevice. Around the outside were the mauled bodies of goats. They went to rescue the children. Rin threw blades and death stars, then attacked with her claws. Jaken used the staff with two heads. Kohaku used his kusarigama. Akari fought with sword. It was a quick battle, half way through a demon tried to carry a child away. Akari charged after it and mid stride changed to wolf. She leaped and tore apart the demon. She then licked the child's face to show she was a friend. Then she allowed him to get on her back and transported the boy back to the crevice and finished the fight. Once it was over, the children thanked them, but were shaken and in tears. Akari was still in wolf form and licked their faces until they giggled.
"Papa is going to be angry about the goats. We can't even use the meat, because it is poisoned now."
Rin searched her pockets. She reached in a pouch and found some jewels. She used these normally to purchase clothing in villages. She gave one to the eldest child. The child hugged her and jumped up and down in excitement. Rin told him it was just enough for his father to purchase new beasts. They escorted the children back to their village.
"That was very nice of you Rin." Akari said, now back into human form and dressed.
"I have been very poor in my past and I know what it's like. I collect these from bandits or robbers I have encountered. Sometimes we need new clothing."
Kohaku said, "and you are going through clothing fast Akari!"
Jaken said, "at least the goddess sword stayed on her when she changed form."
Rin was deep in though and not really listening. It concerned her that the demon attacks were happening in greater volume. They must be getting closer to Zhong Kui. She wished they would find Lord Sesshomaru soon.
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