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Akari learns how to use the Sword of Winds.

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Two days of long travel and Rin got her wish. Lord Sesshomaru walked into their camp at dusk. He said nothing, but let Rin hug him and Jaken give an excited greeting. He noticed Akari carrying Rin's sword and glanced at them both. Jaken filled him in on everything that had happened, before anyone else had a chance to speak.
Lord Sesshomaru looked at Rin, "I found the volcano."
"Close to here?" Rin asked. Lord Sesshomaru gave a nod. She said, "No wonder the demon attacks are in larger numbers."
Akari approached and bowed down in respect. "Lord Sesshomaru, may I ask for your help in using Ama-no-Murakuno? I have only been able to use it like a normal human sword so far."
He looked at her a minute and drew his sword. She stood and brought out the sword of winds. Lord Sesshomaru attacked. He found she was much more skilled than Kohaku, but he was far superior of course. She got angry at him when he tapped her on the head for loosing concentration. But this time she didn't allow the wolf transformation to happen. The sword became a grey hue. Then she felt a hum go up her arm, not painful, just there.
"Wind blades," Akari said and the sword separated and flew into Lord Sesshomaru.
"Oh no," Akari said dropping the sword, "I am so sorry."
Lord Sesshomaru narrowed his eyes and Tenseiga deflected the sword blades. Akari was astonished and in awe of Lord Sesshomaru's power. He had just survived an attack from a sword of the gods. He was elite in his swordsmanship. She knew he had just helped her release Ama-no-Murakuno's power. And she'd also controlled the wolf inside her.
"Thank you my Lord." Akari said bowing low.
Lord Sesshomaru watched as Rin hugged Akari. Rin exclaimed happily, "Ama-no-Murakuno chose you! You are a protector of children and innocence. You are definitely the best to use it!"
"Th…thank you!" Akari was overwhelmed and exhilarated.
Jaken sneered, "now if only she could keep her cloths on when she changes into a wolf."
Kohaku and Lord Sesshomaru both threw a rock at him. Jaken fell on his face, grumbling into the dirt. Kohaku wasn't sure, but he thought Lord Sesshomaru almost smirked.
"Jaken!" Rin scolded.
Akari laughed, "he is right though."
Lord Sesshomaru said, "demon cloth."
Jaken jumped up praising him, "Lord Sesshomaru is brilliant! Demon cloth will allow you to keep your clothing on even when changing form!"
Rin asked the obvious, "so master Jaken where do you get demon cloth?"
Jaken replied, "off a demon you stupid girl." He looked at Lord Sesshomaru and hid behind a tree.
Kohaku smiled, "what Jaken ment to say, is off a dead demon."
Akari saw Rin wrinkle her nose in distaste. "Hey I will even steal it when it's sleeping if that means not becoming naked!"
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