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The group get closer to finding Zhong Kui.

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In the morning they all headed to the volcano. The closer they got the more it smelled of hell and the air hung with evil. A small hoard of lesser demons attacked, but Akari's wind blades killed them all easily. Then came the wolf demons. They were not from Koga's tribe. The leader of this pack was named Shinji. When he came forward to challenge Lord Sesshomaru, he told them his name, saying he ruled these parts and they were not welcome.
"Move," Lord Sesshomaru ordered.
Shinji laughed in his face, "time to attack!"
Lord Sesshomaru warned his followers, "stay out of my way."
Shinji and his three enforcers attacked Lord Sesshomaru. The rest of the pack went after Rin, Kohaku, Jaken and Akari.
One wolf demon snarled, "I thought I killed you at the war field."
Akari's anger overtook and she changed. The wolf demon who had taunted her, laughed until she tore his hamstring. They fought, snapping at each other's bodies. Rin's blades and death stars killed and seriously wounded a few wolves, but she ended up having to change into full vampire anyway. Rin had to help Jaken who was running away with a wolf hot on his heals. She scooped him up and her claws slashed the wolf's jugular vein. By the time they got back to the main battle, Kohaku was finishing off the last demon wolf to attack him. Lord Sesshomau waited for everyone patiently, having easily killed his four attackers. He held out to Rin their clothing. She smiled and thanked him. She used Shinji's pants and some sashes to make clothing for Akari. Akari changed behind a boulder, once back in human form.
"When I get my hands on a needle and thread, this will actually work pretty good. Right now I look a little silly."
"But not naked." Kohaku smiled.
Akari blushed, "hopefully it will work."
Jaken ignored everyone and said, "Lord Sesshomaru where are you going?"
"To find Zhong Kui and Izanami," was the cold reply.
Everyone hastened to catch up. Rin walked beside Ah-Un and Kohaku. Akari was beside her. Lord Sesshomaru gave her a side glance. "Control your anger, you will need to use Ama-no-Murakuno," he said.
Akari blushed with shame, "my apologizes my Lord."
Rin patted her back, "I know how you felt. It was the one who had hurt you. You needed to make him pay."
Akari smiled at Rin. It was good to have friends and support. But Lord Sesshomaru was right. She'd always had a quick temper. Her mother often had teased her that was why she had red hair; her mind was always aflame. Could she find the control in time for a battle with the Gods?
Jaken was mumbling to himself. Lord Sesshomaru suddenly stopped walking and looked at him. "What was that you just said?"
"My Lord?" Jaken asked.
"What sword of the hell hound?" Lord Sesshomaru inquired impatiently.
Jaken stuttered in surprise, "it is a sword made by the God of Chaos when he went to hell. He used a fang of the hell hound. I was thinking maybe that is what Zhong Kui is using."
"Makes sense. The hell hound guards the entrance to the world of the dead. And the God of Chaos loves watching trouble brew between the levels; heaven, earth and underworld." Kohaku agreed.
"Lord Sesshomaru, it is a sword that should be yours," Jaken praised.
'Hell hound fang,' Lord Sesshomaru mused to himself.
Rin had flown into the air to look around, she returned breathless, "Zhong Kui is coming out of the volcano, a mountain pass. Behind him is a woman and then a river of demons, too many to count!"
Akari sighed nervously, drawing Ama-no-Murakuno, "and so it begins or perhaps, so it will end."
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