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The battle; an end and a start.

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"Stay back," Lord Sesshomaru ordered.
Everyone stood ready for battle. Lord Sesshomaru moved forward coming to stand in front of and in the way of Zhong Kui. The ghost king demanded, "out of my way demon or die!"
Lord Sesshomaru drew out his Bakusaiga, "It is you who will die!" He transformed partially, eyes glowing red.
"Get ready everyone," Rin shouted.
Zhong Kui drew the hell hound sword. He fought Lord Sesshomaru. The power clashes caused explosions of energy, blasting outward. Red lightning sprang forth every time the two blades met. Zhong Kui roared in anger and flung Lord Sesshomaru backward. Sesshomaru landed on his feet and charged back, bringing Bakusaiga down on the hell fang so hard, that Zhong Kui sunk up to his ankles in the earth. There was one major advantage Sesshomaru had; Zhong Kui had completely under estimated him. Zhong Kui missed with one of his swings and cut down a bunch of trees. He countered a back swing from Sesshomaru a second later. Back and forth they went, trading blows.
Rin saw Izanami stand aside and just watch, not getting involved just yet. Izanami was watching Lord Sesshomaru with a sexual hunger in her eyes. Rin snarled in jealousy, but then became distracted by the demons descending on them. Everyone fought with all they had. Akari fought beside Kohaku until Rin yelled at her to go after Izanami. Izanami had a glowing red ball forming between her hands and it was aimed at them. Akari needed to first get rid of the fire ball, she called on Ama-no-Murakuno.
"Cyclone collector," she yelled, some how just knowing what to say to get the sword to work. It was like a subconscious whisper in her mind. Her slash sent a whirling tornado at Izanami just as the flame ball left her hands. Then Akari could direct the flame ball at the mountain and it exploded, causing the whole earth to shake. Izanami was angry and advanced on Akari.
Rin yelled at Jaken to take over for her and burn away at the demons. She flew to Akari and whispered in her ear, "use the wind blades and follow up if you can with the cyclone. Direct the cyclone to the volcano and I will protect your back."
Izanami had a flaming ball in each hand and began to throw them at Akari. Rin threw her demon blades at them and they exploded. Akari waited until the Goddess was closer then yelled, "wind blades."
A look of horror registered on Izanami's face. The blade had shattered into pieces and entered her body then returned into one blade on the way out. It sliced the Goddess to pieces. As she tried to reform her body, Akari shouted, "cyclone collector." The pieces couldn't reconnect. Then Rin picked up Akari and they flew to the volcano's open mouth. Akari sent all the little pieces of the Goddess into the hot lava. The sword was back on the hilt that she held. No Goddess returned. "We did it!" She shouted.
"Now back to the demons below!" Rin replied.
She looked over at the battle between Lord Sesshomaru and Zhong Kui. They had destroyed the landscape around them. Both were well matched. What Zhong Kui lacked in personal power, he had the god's sword. It evened out the match. The fight was definitely a challenge for them both. She saw bleeding wounds on each of them.
Akari got her attention. "It is time to have some fun. I am going to change in mid air, just drop me on those demons!"
Rin laughed and let go. Akari the wolf fell the last few feet using teeth and claw to kill the demons. Rin flew through them cutting them in half with her claws. Jaken was too tired to go on and Ah-Un took his place. Once on the ground, Rin shouted her thanks when Ah-Un's tail took out a centipede demon that was trying to crawl up her leg. Kohaku then put his back to Rin's and they fought together.
A huge explosion happened and it wiped out the last of the demons and sent everyone tumbling head over heels. Akari and Rin were the first to recover. Rin flew towards a big cloud of dust. She need not have worried. Lord Sesshomaru emerged alone, carrying the hell hound blade in it's sheath. He had been victorious.
"What happened?" Rin asked as she landed before him.
"The hell hound blade blew him apart, he couldn't control its power," Lord Sesshomaru stated, looking satisfied.
"So it chose you to wield it." Rin praised. She turned around to look for her friends and saw Akari and Jaken bent over Kohaku. "Oh no!" Rin cried, running over to them.
"I am okay, really!" Kohaku protested, "it is just a bump on my head."
Akari then grabbed his face and kissed him on the mouth in spontaneous relief. Kohaku blushed, but returned the kiss and hugged her. Rin patted Ah-Un, checked Kohaku's head and commented on Akari's still present clothing.
Jaken said, "oh my!" Rushing over to Lord Sesshomaru.
Lord Sesshomaru asked, "Rin…Izanami?"
"She's in pieces in the volcano, thanks to Akari, Sesshomaru-sama."
Lord Sesshomaru gave a nod to Akari, who's face turned pink again. Then he disappeared in his light ball and zipped to the top of the volcano. He took out the hell hound blade and drew it across the volcano mouth. It sealed the top of the mountain. Then he returned to Rin's side.
Jaken commented on the obvious, "Lord Sesshomaru, like your great father, you too now have three swords! But your third sword is much better than what he had. Your new sword is made by the gods, not by a demon."
Akari asked Lord Sesshomaru a little timidly, "My Lord, does the hell hound blade talk to you?"
"All his swords do!" Jaken said for him, "only lowly human swords don't talk silly girl!"
"Let's go home…. Actually we all need a good bath. First, let's go to the hot springs on the way." Rin sent Lord Sesshomaru a private smile that made her eyes smoulder.
Lord Sesshomaru surpassed his father and expanded his empire. He now controlled the east and western territory. Soon he would rule all of the south too, with only the north to conquer. He had been tested today, but not bested. Now he had a god's sword, the ultimate weapon. He realized he enjoyed the victory all that much more, because of his followers. Everyone took a final look around, there had been a lot of destruction. But they had accomplished the impossible together. Lord Sesshomaru had all the time in the world to get everything he wanted, but for now he realized that he was truly happy with what he had. For the first time in his long life, he smiled and it was just for Rin. He saw her eyes widen in disbelief and then she returned his smile with one of her own. She gave him a wink and went into the air after the others. Lord Sesshomaru followed, for now, he was content.
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