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Kitty's first real halloween

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This is my very first father/daughter fic so I hope it's okay :)

"DADDY!" Kitty squealed as her father walked through the door, she ran toward him with open arms as he crouched to meet her in a tight embrace

"Hey baby girl, do you know what day it is?" The little girl giggled as he tickled her, scooping her up and walking through to the kitchen area

"HALLOWEEN! Can we go trick or treating daddy? Please?" She replied, looking up at her father with big brown eyes. She knew he could never say no to her

"I dunno Kitty..." He said flashing a grin at the nanny who was gathering her things in the kitchen "...You don't have a costume" Kitty looked down with tears in her eyes and sniffled, her Daddy had worked every Halloween since she'd been born and she had thought today would finally be the day she could go do what the other kids at her school did. Gerard pulled her into a hug and slyly nodded toward a bag he'd left in the hall, the little girls nanny sneaking off to retrieve it and put it in Kitty's room.

When the nanny had come back downstairs she approached the counter that the little girl sat on and lifted her chin with her finger, placing a gentle kiss on her forehead and saying a quick goodbye before sneaking out the door and leaving the father and daughter in the kitchen. Gerard picked his little girl up and carried her toward the stairs "Come on Kitty, lets go run you a bath then we'll watch some movies yeah?"

"Okay" she whispered in reply, she loved cuddling up with her daddy to watch a movie but couldn't help feeling the pang of disappointment in her chest. Gerard bit back a grin as they climbed the stairs, he had made sure in advance that he was going to have this Halloween off of work. He felt that Kitty was old enough now and couldn't wait to see her face when she found her costume

"Go grab your pajamas baby, I'll start running a bath..." He smiled as she turned away nodding and walked along the landing to her room, for a moment she was silent as she entered then suddenly there was a delighted squeal "...You okay Kitty?" He called out with a laugh as he walked toward her room, he peered inside and found his daughter cross legged on the floor gazing at the outfit in awe

"Daddy it's beautiful...Thank you.."

"It's okay about we get you dressed?"


About an hour later they were dressed up, Gerard smiling at the look on his daughters face in the reflection of the mirror at the bottom of the stairs, huge grins spread across their faces as they gazed at their appearance. Kitty wore a long sleeved black dress with a pink chest piece and cuffs and a pair of pink and black striped tights, little pink converse on her feet. On her head she wore a black headband with little pink fluffy ears sticking from the top and a little fluffy tail on the back of the skirt.

"Daddy, I don't look like a Kitty yet!" Kitty suddenly exclaimed, startling her father and making him jab himself in the eye with the eyeliner he was currently applying. He was wearing a long black cape and a white shirt, his hair was slicked back and he had a trail of blood running from the corner of his mouth "...I don't have any whiskers!"

Gerard smiled and crouched down, turning his little girl to face him and scrunching up his nose as he set to work with his eyeliner. Coloring her nose black and drawing little whiskers across her cheeks, he leaned in too kiss her forehead before turning her toward the mirror "Is that better baby?"

"Meow" she replied and her father laughed taking he hand and leading her out onto the street.

Kitty gazed around in amazement and a little bit of fear, there were tiny zombies, werewolves, witches and other monsters running around the street, she was used to taking candy to the door for them but actually being outside and joining them made her grip her daddies hand tightly and stay close to his side. Every house they went too in the neighborhood was the same. People were amazed to see Kitty had joined the other kids this year and commented on how adorable she looked in her costume, Gerard stood smiling proudly as they talked about his little girl. They'd been out for around two hours when Kitty caught her eye on something and gripped her father's hand tightly, dragging him toward it "Daddy look! Mrs Johnson made a haunted house! Can we go see daddy? please? I promise I will be brave!"

Gerard chewed his lip nervously, looking down at his daughters big pleading eyes then back at the house. He supposed to himself that as long as she didn't run off and stayed by his side it would be okay? Plus Mrs Johnson was famous for her haunted house so he was a little curious himself. He smiled and let out an over exaggerated sigh "Oh alright then..."

That was all it took as kitty had pulled her hand away from his and started running up the drive and through the front door, Gerard was hot on her heels and panicked as he entered the house. It was filled with people and Kitty was nowhere to be seen, someone tapped on his shoulder and he spun around to find his older neighbor smiling at him "Gerard! This is such a nice surprise! Where is that darling little girl of yours? She shouldn't be walking around here alone..."

"She ran off Mrs Johnson, I don't know where she is!" He replied panicked. He didn't want his baby girl getting scared and was angry at himself for not stopping her from running off

"Don't worry Gerard, we'll find about I check down here and you go upstairs okay?"

Gerard nodded quickly and took the stairs two at a time, calling out his little girls name and trying to hear her over the loud music. He wandered from room to room, asking people as he passed if they'd seen the Kitty and receiving a whole lot of no's. He felt tears springing to his eyes as he searched for her and dropped to his knees as he had no success, a tapping on his shoulder making him turn "I can't find her Gerard...I don't know where she could be, I've asked Jack to put the lights on and turn off the music til we find her.."

"Thank you..." Gerard replied softly, moving to stand up when he suddenly heard a small choked sob. He crumpled his eyebrows and sat back down softly calling out "Kitty?"

"D...Daddy?.." He turned toward what had been set up to look like a graveyard in the bedroom and saw his little girl crawling out from behind one of the headstones. Tears were pouring down her face, cutting through her whiskers and she quickly scrambled to her feet. She ran to her father and wrapped her arms around his neck, sobbing hard into his shoulder "Daddy..I...I"

"Baby this is why I told you not to run off, you gotta hold daddy's hand okay?" The little girl nodded and whispered an apology before holding her father tight again

"Can we go home now?"

"Of course baby..."


Back home Gerard had gotten Kitty changed into her pj's and had took off his own costume. Kitty was still terrified and refused to leave her daddy's side at all, Gerard took her into the living room and curled up on the couch. He knew she wouldn't sleep on her own tonight, all the masks and the decorations in the house had scared her bad. He reached over and grabbed the remote for the T.V, flicking it onto some random children's channel and holding his little girl tighter. After a small while he felt her grip on him loosen and he looked down, his little girl was fast asleep on his knee, he yawned himself feeling the events of the evening catch up with him. He grabbed a blanket that was hanging over the back of the couch and wrapped it around them, stroking his daughters curly black hair for a minute and leaning down to place a small kiss on her forehead. He got himself into a comfortable position and smiled one last time at his daughter

"I'll never let them hurt you, I promise..." He whispered softly before closing his eyes and succumbing to sleep

The End.

I hope you enjoyed this :) Sorry if it's not what you had in mind.
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