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A couple of Killers, one night of revenge

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Okay, oneshot number two! I hope you like it xo

He'd screwed Gerard over, he didn't get what he wanted so he tried to get rid of him. Gerard had done so well hiding his life, nobody ever suspecting a thing about their quiet polite neighbor. What they thought they'd known about him was a lie, Gerard really wasn't the caring type of guy, so knowing those pathetic fools who spoke to him every day thought he was caring for a sick aunt amused him. But now they knew the truth, they knew about Gerard's evening activities and that bastard was going to pay. He was going to pay in blood.

Roma had the same feeling for an entirely different reason, she saw her need as an illness, that she was being made to do it. He had taken advantage of that, making her do things she didn't want, and she hated herself because of it. She smiled as she thought of how pretty his blood would look splattered across the pavement, how beautiful it would look across the blade of her favourite knife. He had taken away the very last thing that made her innocent, she was going to take away his life.

Jeremy sat in his large house smiling to himself as he sipped at his brandy, rolling a pair of lace panties between his fingers and beginning to laugh. He put down his glass and laughed a little more as he thought of how he'd gotten Gerard arrested and what he'd done to the girl. Gerard shouldn't have said no, he should've gone to work for the man but he'd refused and Jeremy didn't like being denied, the girl shouldn't have denied him either now that he came to think of it. Maybe if she had'nt he would'nt have had to take it from her anyway.

Slowly he got up from his chair, walking over to a cabinet and taking a cigar from the box that sat on top. As he lit up he pressed play on the stereo at the other side of the room and began laughing and spinning around the room, not realising that every single move he made was being watched two vengeful sets of eyes.

With his head flopped back and his mind on the things he'd done this past week he didn't even see the man enter his living room, standing by the door with his blade in his hand

"Hello Jeremy..." The man turned startled to find Gerard standing casually smoking a cigarette, leaning against the doorway and turning his knife in his other hand

"Gerard..." He gasped, stumbling backwards until he was stopped by his chair "..How?...your'e supposed to..."

"Be locked away? Yeah...that just wasn't going to happen now was it? I'll let you in on a little secret..." Gerard looked around as if checking nobody was listening and leaned forward with a smirk across his face "I'm just not that stupid..." He began advancing on the terrified man, gripping his knife firmly in his fist and smiling at the thought of the crimson that would soon be decorating the furniture. Jeremy shuffled around his chair, grasping desperatley at the air around him to find some sort of defense but realized it was no good as he fell backward onto a large sofa.

Gerard smirked as he walked toward his target, swinging his knife between his fingers as though it was the least dangerous thing in the world, he stopped suddenly and sat on the coffee table facing Jeremy. His expression darkening

"You know what really pisses me off about you Jerry? It's the fact that you got all this money and you can buy whoever you want but the second someone says no you put on this whole 'poor little rich kid' act and it's bullshit! I don't work for anyone, this isn't a job! It's more of a hardcore hobby!..." He leaned a little closer and gave Jeremy an icy stare, chilling the young man to the bone "...and because you could'nt just accept my answer and you called the feds, I'm afraid I'll have to give you a personal demonstration of what I can really do..." Gerard stood and advanced toward the terrified younger man, ignoring his pleas for mercy. He raised the knife above his head, smiling before bringing it down when...


Both men spun to see a girl running into the room, for a small moment Gerard's breath being taken away. She was young, no older than 18, with long black hair and full pink lips. Her sage green eyes catching his, the sparkle in them drawing him in. He had to shake his head to clear it before speaking again, finding his voice had softened

"Who..who are you?"

"Rosie, Roma...why are you here? You can't be here!"

"And why is that exactly?"

"Because..." She spun to Jeremy as he tried to move along the sofa, giving him a glare that chilled him to his very core "He's mine! And you can't kill him!"

"Oh...What's a girl like you want him?" Gerard growled, a pang of jealousy rippling through his chest.

"I don't want him!..." She protested "He took the the very last thing that made me innocent! He stole it and I need to take something from him in return..." Her eyes seemed to glaze over as a dark grin pulled at her lips and she giggled wildly "I've come to take his life!"

For a while Gerard stood there, his heart swelling and trousers tightening as he stared at the girl. He noticed her white dress clinging to her body in all the right places, his fingertips itching to hold her hips and his mouth watering at the thought of tasting her sweet mouth. He smiled and walked over to her, taking her hand and raising it to place a gentle kiss on top

"My name is Gerard, I'd like to make a little deal with you..."


The music blared out louder as Gerard and Roma danced, blood splattered across their clothes and faces. They laughed and drank brandy as Jeremy watched on, he was losing a lot of blood but hadn't lost his conciousness yet. He coughed, blood spattering from his lips and looked down and his torn flesh. They'd hacked at him, slicing away chunks of his flesh and throwing it into the fire place. Laughing as it burned to cinders

"Please..." He choked out "...Let me go..."

Gerard stopped dancing and walked over to the young man, lifting his chin with his finger so their eyes met and smirked "But Jeremy, don't you know it's not over til the fat lady sings?"

"Or until the skinny man dies!" Roma laughed darkly, Gerard's stomach tightening at the sound, and wrapped her arms around her fellow killers neck "Gee? can I do the honours now? I'd hate to think he could survive if we leave him to suffer" Gerard smirked and turned his face to the girls, their faces almost touching

"Certainly my darling, do your worst..."

Roma smiled as she leaned over Jeremy, Gerard standing back smoking on a cigar and grinning. She pulled the knife from where she'd stabbed it into the antique wood of the coffee table and straddled Jeremy's thighs, running one hand into his hair and forcing him to look up at her as she smiled innocently at him. A laugh escaped her lips as thick blood dripped from Jeremy's lips, terror frozen in his eyes as the last of his life escaped him, the girls knife jutting from his chest.

"Did you enjoy the show Gerard?" Roma asked sweetly as she stood, yanking the blade from the corpse and spinning across the room

"Bravo my dear.." She stopped right in front of him, their eyes meeting and chests pressed together "Bravo..." Gerard whispered as he wrapped an arm around her lower back, pulling her tight to him. The blade in roma's grasp dropped heavily to the floor as she ran her hands up his chest and into his hair. She pulled him forward and crashed her mouth onto his, flicking her tongue across his lower lip and moaning at the metallic taste of Jeremy's blood.

Gerard bent his knees a little to pick her up and kiss her more deeply, the pair of them pulling away and gasping for breath. Slowly he put her down and reached out a hand to her, she took it eagerly and followed him through the house and out of the front door toward a car. He opened the passenger door and motioned for her to get in

"Come on Roma...Lets take to the highway..."

They were known across the world, the demolition lovers

they ended their day's in a hail of bullets.

The End

I really hope you enjoyed this oneshot!

Vikki xoxo
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