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I'm sorry it took so long! I struggled writing it then when I finally got it done my wifi went off foe like an entire week! It was horrible and I never want to go through that again, anyway I hope it's okay and I'm sorry again

Vikki xoxo

"Hey Kitty!"

Leon ran from the school building in pursuit of the girl he'd been crushing on for a long time. She stopped and turned, smiling as she saw the green haired boy running toward her, and swallowed the potato chip in her mouth "Hey Leon, what's up?"

When you considered the two it was hard to see how they could be attracted to each other. Katharine was like a walking ball of sunshine, always pleasant, happy and positive, always smiling and seeing the best in everyone. Even the worst situations didn't get the girl down, her eternal optimism never relented and she took everything in her stride. A pretty girl with long blonde hair and blue eyes, the almost complete opposite of Leon.

The boy was a natural born bad ass. You give him a drug and he'll try it, always pushing his body to the furthest limit, just waiting for the day it'll give out. A living dictionary of dirty jokes, the kid could find innuendo in the most innocent of phrases. Some could say his attitude was a result of the constant bullying he suffered at the hands of his sister Alyssa, she had given him some major issues with her cruelty. But when he wasn't making dirty comments or sending some substance running through his body he was a genuinely nice guy, and that was what Katharine saw in the green haired rebel.

"Hey.." Leon came to a halt in front of the girl and grinned, running a hand through his hair and pulling out a carton of cigarettes "I was...uh...I was wondering if you're doing anything tonight? Like if you ain't busy maybe you might wanna hang out with me someplace y'know?"

"Well, I dunno..." Katherine thought Leon's offer over in her head, sure she liked him and thought he was pretty cute but did she really wanna risk having her heart broken by an addict? "...I'd have to see if my parents want me to do anything tonight, sometimes we have a family night on Fridays y'know?"

"Uh..Y...Yeah, I mean sure...I get it, you gotta do what you gotta do..." He looked to the floor and scrunched his dark eyebrows together for a moment, clamping his teeth down over his bottom lip and looking at the girl "Can I you?"

Katherine smiled her trademark beam and nodded, Leon grinning back in response and reaching into his pocket for his cell "Okay my number is..."

"Ah shit..." Leon hissed looking over the girls shoulder, shaking his head and looking down at his feet. Katherine looked at the boy confused before looking over her shoulder to see a car pulling up behind them

"Hey what's wro..."

"HEY LOSER!" A sneering voice called out making Katherine spin and Leon groan in frustration. A short,tanned girl in baggy jeans and an over-sized hoodie strutted toward them grinning menacingly "Who's your girlfriend?"

"Fuck off Alyssa"

"Aww, now that's no way to talk to your big sister is it Leon? I just wanted to meet your girlfriend?"

"She isn't my girlfriend and her name is Kitty" Leon said through gritted teeth, glancing at Katherine who stood looking on uncomfortably

"That makes sense, she is way to pretty for a loser like you..." Leon blushed and looked at his feet, scuffling them awkwardly on the grimy pavement "Who would want a freak like you anyway?

"Come on Alyssa, leave him alone. He's clearly busy..." A voice said softly, a tall guy with pale blonde hair and grey eyes approached them, putting a paint stained hand out to Katherine "Hey I'm Jan, Leon's older brother...I'm sorry about my siblings inability to get along..." He turned and grabbed his sisters arm, pulling her away from the embarrassed feeling boy and uncomfortable girl "Can't you just leave him alone once?"

The two teenagers just stood looking awkwardly at each other, Leon's cheeks still burning from embarrassment and anger. Katherine was the first to break the heavy silence "Are you...are you okay?" Leon simply nodded before looking up at the girl again

"I should probably go..." He moved to walk past her when she grabbed his arm and pulled his cellphone from his hand, typing in her number and handing it back to him. She leaned in and planted a soft kiss on his cheek before smiling and flouncing off, shouting 'call me' over her shoulder.

Leon stood for a moment staring at his phone in disbelief, a grin slowly tugging at his lips. He turned and walked toward the car, jumping in the back seat and stuffing his phone in his pocket. He found a new addiction, and this time she was good for him.

I'm terribly sorry if it sucked ass
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