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Umm...I tried...

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Okay, this is my first male/female smut stuff and I dunno why but I felt awkward writing it :/ I hope it's okay anyway

Turning 30 is a pretty big deal to most people, the idea of leaving your twenties freaking some people out or instilling a sense of excitement in them. Not Samantha, she found excitement in the simple things in life. What she did get excited for though was her birthday plans, a two week vacation in LA.

Samantha wasn't a party going type of girl, she liked restaurants and sight seeing, reading books and taking pictures, she was a hopless romantic. What she certainly was not was a bar hoochie. You know the type, a girl who hangs out in bars and nightclubs, getting with any guy who flashes her a grin. That whole thing just grossed her out.

It was the fifth day of her vacation and she'd decided to spend the evening in a noodle house close to her hotel. It was a small but stylish restaurant and her table was a small one in the corner, just what she liked, as she liked to observe her surroundings.

As she ate she glanced around, smiling at the couples laughing together and feeling a tiny pang of jealousy. Love wasn't something she took lightly, after too many broken hearts she'd decided until she knew for sure, she wouldn't be getting in a relationship with just anyone. She was waiting for that fabled love at first sight, something she never thought she'd get in the restaurant that night.

Her eyes fell on a table where four men sat eating and laughing, all drinking beer except for one. She looked up at the man and lost her breath, he was absoloutly mesmerizing. His raven hair hung just below his ears, contrasting perfectly against his pale skin. His hazel eyes had a certain glint when he laughed and when he spoke it was out of the corner of his cherry pink lips. He was beautiful. He raked a hand through his hair and glanced in her direction, smiling as he caught her gaze. Hurriedly she looked away, blushing in embarrasment, and finished up her food. Paying quickly she pulled on her jacket and hurried out the door, angry at herself for not saying anything to the enchanting man.

For a minute she stood at the entrance, watching the rain pound onto the street and weighing up her options. She considered her outfit, a light leather jacket with a black skirt and white t-shirt, and decided to walk. She had always loved the rain anyway and the hotel wasn't too far away. Samantha turned and walked from the entrance way, making a left on the street and starting her journey back to the warmth of the hotel. As she walked she reached up to tie up her blonde hair when suddenly there was an arm around her body and another covering her mouth, she kicked and tried to fight out of the persons grip but it was no good and she was dragged down the dark alley at the side of the noodle house.

She was dropped to the ground, landing on her knees heavily, and she quickly scrabbled to her feet to make a run for it. A hand wrapping into her hair stopped her in her tracks and she was pressed against a wall. Realizing she had no escape she decided to try and reason with her attacker "Please let me go...I won't tell anyone what happened"

"No chance honey...You a pretty little thing aint cha? I think I'm gonna have some fun with you..." She brought her knee up harshly into his crotch and tried to make a run for it, tripping as he grabbed her ankle so she did all she could do...she screamed

"HELP ME! SOMEBODY HELP!..." she cried desperatley, only to be silenced by a slap to her face. The man flipped her over and pinned her, grinning menacingly down at her and laughing. Suddenly there was footsteps running toward them, the weight of the man disappearing off of her and she scrabbled to her feet again, running from the alley and flagging down a passing police car. She ran back into the alley to aid her hero and found him with the attacker pinned face down, the police arriving and taking away the man who was trying to fight free.

The man who had rescued her came to her side and put a hand on her shoulder and one under her chin, she gasped as she realized who he was. It was the man from in the retaurant and her stomach suddenly filled with butterflies as she gazed into his concerned eyes "Thank you..." She managed to choke out as he inspected the damage on her face

"It's okay, I just did what anyone else would have're the girl from the noodle house right?" She blushed and nodded, hissing as he brushed a thumb over her tender cheek "Sorry..."

"It's okay and yeah that's me..." A policeman asked them to step inside the restaurant where the manager hurried over to them, handing Samantha some ice and talking to the man. Her herocame and sat beside her after she was interviewed by the police, he had also spoken to an officer and they were allowed to leave "Umm, are we allowed to leave now...?"

"'s Samantha right? I heard the cop say your name...I'm Gerard..."

"Nice to meet you..." she replied with a blush as she shook his hand "Uh...this may sound a little weird but how did you find me?"

"I was walking to my apartment block, I live just past the Braxton hotel, and I heard you scream. I couldn't ignore it, I could never forgive myself..."

"You live near the Braxton? That's where I'm staying, this is supposed to be a relaxing vacation...would you me back?"

"I'm not letting you outta my sight until I know you're safely in your hotel room..." He laughed "...come on, let me show you there are some gentleman in LA."

Thye walk was short, they talked about each others lives and jobs. They even arranged to meet for dinner on the last night of her vacation. Gerard kept his word, walking Samantha up to her room and standing awkwardley at the door. Samantha suddenly found her nerve, her big brown eyes staring deeply into Gerard's hazel ones "Do you believe in love at first sight?"

"I didn't until tonight..." he whispered. She turned and unlocked her door, taking his hand and pulling him inside. Once the door was closed behind them she pressed her lips to his, slipping his leather jacket off of his shoulders. He placed a gentle hand on her cheek and lapped at her bottom lip begging for entrance as she slipped off her own jacket.

Samantha moaned between Gerard's lips as the sweet taste of the juice he had drank earlier lingered on his tongue and pulled away, kicking off her shoes and pulling of her white shirt. Gerard copied her actions and scooped her up, re-connecting their lips as they stumbled blindly toward the bed. He dropped them both onto it, so Samantha lay beneath him, and ran a hand up her thigh and under her skirt.

Samantha moaned as Gerard pushed aside her lace panties and ran his finger over her lips before rubbing her clitoris gently, making her writhe against the sheets. Seeing what he was doing to her he pulled away, moving down her body placing gentle kisses on her abdomen, and pushed up her skirt. In one swift motion he pulled off her underwear and hooked her legs over his shoulders, burying his face in her heat. Samantha moaned and gasped loudly as his tongue massaged her clitoris, two of his fingers slipping inside of her and thrusting gently. She could feel herself closing in on an orgasm and tugged his hair, making him pull away from her.

She shuffled to the end of the bed and pulled him into a furious kiss, working her fingers on his belt and pushing down his jeans and underwear. Switching their positions she pushed him back on the bed, rubbing herself on his hard cock and moaning loudly. Gerard ran his hands up her back and unclasped her bra, throwing it to one side and gently squeezed her nipple before massaging her tender breasts.

Gerard moved his hands down and tugged on her skirt, Samantha lifting herself to remove it before he rolled them over and gently pushed inside of her. He moaned into the crook of her neck as he felt her wet silken walls around him and began thrusting deeply, Samantha digging her nails into his back as she was overcome with intense pleasure. The feeling of Gerard pounding into her was like nothing she'd ever felt before, he had her crying out his name with every thrust.

The man knew he wouldn't last much longer as he felt her walls clenching around him and slipped a han between their bodies, using the pad of his thumb to massage her already over sensitized clit and making her scream. His stomach and balls tightened as his climax approached faster and faster and he could see that Samantha was almost there too. His thrusts grew sloppy as the first waves of his orgasm tore through him and he rubbed her harder until finally she threw her head back and screamed "GERARD!" at the top of her lungs. The tightness and the heat of her clenched walls forced him over the edge and he came hard inside of her, slumping as his body was spent.

For a minute they lay there, breathing heavily and sharing soft kisses before he pulled out and they both crawled under the quilt. Gerard pulled Samantha close to him and stared atv the ceilg for a while, just stroking her hair and thinking of how beautiful she was. He placed a soft kiss on her head and smiled "Hey Samantha...when do you fly home?"

"In nine days..." she whispered sadly and held him tighter "Why?"

"Because I'm gonna spend the next nine days convincing you to stay in LA with me..." The girl laughed lightly and kissed his chest

"I'm gonna hold you to that.."


Like I said that was my very first male/female sex scene thing so I hope it was okay and not entirely awkward

Vikki xoxo
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