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Chapter Eight

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I let Penina go into my room to rest for a while because she looked exhausted and I went back into the living room to find Mikey was awake “Hey, are you feeling any better?” He asked, holding out his arms to me.

I hugged him tight and nodded, leaning my head on his shoulder “I feel better but I still feel bad. What are we gonna do now?”

“I don’t know but we’ll figure something out.”

I bit my lip “I’ve been thinking... What if we could get a message to her parents? We could meet them somewhere, they could take Penina and they could go far away from here-“

“I don’t think that’d work Vik.” Mikey said gently “For one, they could follow us back to the hideout. They could take Penina back to BLI and interrogate her. If we got them a note and showed up in the place they planned on meeting us, BLI could jump out and kidnap us all. If they kidnapped us, we’d be tortured. What we did was bad, but it wasn’t as bad as what they’d do to us. Trust me.”

“I guess so.” I nodded “But could you get Herrena and Mathew to stop being so mean to her? She hasn’t done anything wrong.”

“I’ll try. Mathew will probably listen to me but you know what Herrena’s like. Once she’s made up her mind about someone, it can be hard to change it.”

“Hey guys.” Gerard said, coming into the room and scratching the top of his head. Mia followed him in “Everything okay?”

“Yeah, just fine.” I smiled, letting go of Mikey and sitting down on the sofa “Anyone want a game of Mario Kart?”

“I’ll play, I’ll play!” Mia cheered, grabbing one of the remotes and sitting down next to me.

About half-an-hour later everyone was awake and in the living room except for Penina “Hey, I went to check on Penina this morning and she wasn’t in the room I left her in.” Mathew said, coming into the room “She hasn’t done a runner, has she?”

“No, she’s sleeping in my room because the room you put her in was shit.” I told him. I watched him walk towards the bedrooms “You stay the fuck away from her. She needs to sleep. And besides, you terrify the poor girl.”

“God, you’re getting way too emotional about the whole situation.” Herrena said, rolling her eyes “Someone should check on her anyway.”

“No, they shouldn’t. Leave her alone for a bit, she’s gone through enough already.” Gerard told her firmly so she dropped the subject.

“I’ve been thinking,” Herrena said “Perhaps it’s time we started thinking about taking down BLI for good. Meet up with the rest of the killjoys and plan something. Are you not sick of just hanging around waiting for something to happen?”

Gerard shrugged his shoulders “I dunno Herrena... A lot of things could go wrong.”

“We haven’t even started planning what could go right yet and you’re already thinking about what could go wrong?” Herrena asked, laughing “Come on Gee, get over yourself. We’ll be fine. We always are.”

“I think it’s a good idea.” Ray said “We’ve been talking about it for ages but we haven’t done anything.”

“Yeah, yeah, let’s do it!” Mia said excitedly, jumping up and down happily “Let’s take down BLI!”

“You don’t even know what that means!” Gerard snapped “Calm down, would you? We’ll think about it.”

“Gerard!” Herrena moaned “The rest of us are done thinking about it. It’s just you that’s thinking about it.”

“You wanna take down BLI?” Gerard suddenly yelled “Fine, we’ll take down BLI! And we’ll all die because of it! Hooray!”

There was an awkward silence before Herrena cheered loudly. I groaned “I’m gonna go and check on Penina.” I got to my feet and went into the bedrooms. I walked down to my room and knocked quietly on the door “Penina? Penina, are you okay?” There was no response. I opened the door slowly and put my head around it. My eyes widened.

Penina was gone.
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