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Sidney finds herself in a modern day Cinderella with a twist or two.And her prince just so happens to be a young Brendon Urie.

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I can't stand this anymore! I hate this house, I hate these people and I hate this life! Why? Well, to start off my moms a drug addict and is either gone or passed out some where.
she's never been very motherly, just high. A my step dad Tim is a dick, he's the one who rules over my life or lack there of. I say that because he doesn't let me do anything, that means no after school activities or hanging out with friends.
because my mother is either gone out to find her addiction or passed out, I get to do the house work and should be spotless by the time Tim gets home or else I get straight up beaten like the stepchild I am.
Those two arnt even the worst. The worst is kaitlin, my snobby whory bitch of a step sister. Kaitlin can do no wrong in my stepfather's eyes. We aren't the poorest of familys either. my stepdad works constantly to feed my mothers addiction and to shower Kaitlin with gifts galore, new cars and computers and everything under the sun. And I just have my mostly empty room, and my phone, and an old computer. I am very great full for those things though, because when I'm not cooking or cleaning I'm shut up in my room listing to music to temporarily get me out of my horrible life.
I do have a friend though,Kim. Kim knows everything about me. we've been friends since first grade before my real dad died of brain cancer.I normally spend my days with music and texting Kim. She's the only one who's kept me sane and from just ending it all especially in the times when Kaitlin goes around school spreading rumors about me which happens pretty often. boys I don't really think about them anymore, not when I know none of them would ever find me attractive. If I do find a boy kaitlins words that I've herd for years replay over and over in my mind "no one will ever want you, look at you, your gross" no one will ever like me, maybe I'll be alone forever.
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