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The escape

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Kim wants to sneak Sidney out to a party, will she risk it?

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hey there! I hope you like my story of you do be sure to let me know! Thanks guys!

I walked alone to school breathing in the warm Nevada air with my phone playing my music with headphones in as I took in the color of the Nevada scenery that matched my Hideously orange shirt brown shirt that came from Kaitlin's goodwill donation pile a few years back. It was but ugly so were my loose fitting old jeans, so at least I matched ugly with ugly.
My thoughts on how frumpy I was broke off with a car horn blowing right beside me it was Kaitlin's new black Mercedes. I removed a headphone from my ear to see what she wanted. "don't wait up for me tonight, ugly ( what a cute pet name for me) I've got a date tonight!" she yelled speeding off. "don't worry I won't, whore. I never do." I mumbled to myself.
I finally arrived at school knowing the best part of my day was waiting on me, my best friend.
"there you are! What took you so long?!" Kim beamed with her white smile and blue short sleeved holster shirt and perfectly blue jeans that contrasted her long blond hair. "sorry kim, I decided to take my time this morning" I half smiled.
Some times I wonder why she wants to be seen with someone like me she's so pretty and looks like the exact opposite of me with my mess of used clothes and long brown hair and brown eyes. Her family is rich and I look like the poorest kid in school even though I knew I wasn't. "so, will you try it?" she said with a smile, I obviously just missed half of what she said.
"huh?" I said looking puzzled. "I should of known that look on your face of your head being in the clouds. Any way, I was wondering, there's this party tonight and I think it's time you become a rebellious teenager and snuck out. No one would ever know, your step dad won't even be home and your mom will be asleep.... Shoot! I forgot about Kaitlin." she said her tone getting a little sad.
"she's going to be sleeping with some random guy tonight so she won't be home either" I said. I saw her face light up, obviously she had some kind of plan.
"Well then I was thinking after school I could drive us to my house and we could get ready for the party there.when it's timE to leave the party at maybe 4am or so,we could sneak you back into your house" she smiled awaiting my response.I could tell she had been plotting all of this a while now. I really wanted to go, I had never been to a party before, but all I had was crummy old trash clothes. "but what do I wear?" I asked timidly. "you can wear some of my clothes, silly! And I can even do your make up for you so you can look gorgeous for your first night out!" She said cheerfully "deal!" I chimed. Then we both made those sqealy girly exied noises together just as the bell wrang to signify it was time for class. we parted ways both of us still giddy.

I went to my classes all day half aware and exited, But I was also terrified some one would catch me. I didn't want to get beat up by Tim again, but this would be worth it. I kept weighing the pros and cons until the final bell of the day wrang, and I was free.

I met Kim down by her locker and we both threw our book bags in her locker because it was Friday and we both didnt have homework and didn't care even if we did. "ok, now le'ts get out of here before your evil miss piggy of a step sister sees us leave!" she said and took my hand and ran down the halls and outside all the way to her red mustang.
We pulled up at her house five minutes later it was about the size of mine but when I walked in I realized it was more put together and nicer. She dragged me up the stairs to her room. It was quite a contrast from mine, it had things in it. It was a wild bright blue. A white antique looking vanity and a huge white bed and the walls were lined with posters of all our favorite bands but mostly fall out boy posters. "you like it? It's crazy that this is your first time here after all these years". "yeah I know. I got the whole evil family thing going on" I laughed.
"so what will we be wearing his evening?" I asked.
"glad you asked! Come with me!" she said dragging me to a door and opening it revealing a Huge walk in closet lined with beautiful expensive brightly colored clothes, dresses and shoes.
She pressed a button on her stereo and it started playing fall out boy. We danced around trying on dresses and shoes for at least an hour until we settled on the ones we thought looked best on each other. I picked a blue one that was tight and came a few inches above her knees because it was her favorite color and because it made her bright blue eyes stand out even more.
She picked out a black tight silk one that came mid thigh because she said she wanted me to look "mysterious" and "sexy" that wasn't me at all but hey, she know best.
she moved me to a chair in front of her vanity and started picking up items off of it and applying it to my face and hair. "I "bet your going to bag one of those cute older boys that's supposed to be at the party tonight! You look so great right now!!" she squealed. My face froze in horror as I realized I can't talk to boys, and I've never had a boyfriend, how can I?! She had to of read my thoughts, that's why she's my best friend
"you should get a boyfriend tonight! It's only 2 months until your 18 anyway then your freeeee!" as if I wasn't counting he days, but I had no where to go. " then we can just get a place together! I'm already 18 so I'm just waiting on you! It will be so much fun!" she said taking a break from my hairs final steps to clap her hands excitedly. She always has ways to solve my problems and make me feel better. some other girls at school find her peppyness anoying but I don't, I love it. "okay! We're done! Look at my masterpiece!" she said with her hands showcasing my face like Vana white off of wheel of fortune.
I looked into the mirror and my eyes were dark and smoldery they were beautiful and my hair was up and it looked shiney and fantastic.
"wow! I honestly didn't expect yo look this awesome, I didn't even know it was possible" I said stunned.
we posed in front of her huge vanity mirror like the models we really did now look like, we could of even passed for 21 year olds With our heels on. I looked out her bedroom window to see he sun going down.
" come on! Lets get out of here and get to that party!!" she sang and we were on our way.
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