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The prince

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We pulled up across the street from where the party was and parked. I could hear the music from here in the car and I could see people all on the lawn and going in and out of the big house. Suddenly I was terrified and nervous.
"don't worry Sid, it will be fun,promise! Remember, boys are more scared of you than you are them. And if we get separated some how meet back at my car at 3:30 am ok? Oh and you can drink if you want, I won't be because I gotta drive, but this night's about you." she smiled.
"are you sure?" I asked to mostly the boys thing she said.
" yeah! I'll go home feeling horrible and like a failure if you don't have a ton of fun." she reassured " now let's go!"
We walked up the walk way to the big lit up house arm in arm and went In through the door way pushing past people. The music was so loud my ear drums were pounding and my chest wax too, but I was enjoying it.
we walked into the living room pushing past people with our arms still locked together. The music was so loud she had to yell right into my ear.
"I want to get up close to this band!!" I nodded and we kept pushing our way through people until we reached the front small makeshift stage in the back of he living room.
All the boys playing looked older than us.
I noticed the singer first, he was tall with brown eyes and shaggy brown hair and tight black jeans. his voice was amazing, I think he had noticed me too, maybe, he glanced at me mid chorus.
"The singer is totally checking you out!!" Kim yelled directly onto my ear and elbowed me with a wink. I looked back at the stage and noticed the guitarist checking her out and pointed it out to her in the same way she had told me, which made her blush and eye him back making him smile a half smile.
Through the entire song I couldn't help but just stare at the handsome tall vocalist. he had the whitest teeth, and the softest looking hair ever. Part of me wanted to know what it was like to run my fingers through that shaggy hair and worse yet run my tongue over those beautiful teeth. Crazy thoughts started playing in my head ones that don't ever cross my mind. I wanted to be alone with this stranger. I had to shake off my thoughts once I realized the band had quit playing and Kim was dragging me away to the hall way that led to the kitchen.
"did you see that?! The singer was totally making googlie eyes at you during their whole performance!!!" she giggled.
"well the guitarist was doing the same to you!!" I laughed back
"I'm going to see if there's something non alcoholic to drink in here" I nodded and gave her a big smile as I stood in he hall and waited,not wanting to risk pushing through the crowded kitchen. I'll stick with hanging out in the less crowded hall. I felt for my phone remembering I had put it down the top part of my dress, I take that thing everywhere! But this time it was getting sweaty and pokey on my boobs, I ignored it though. I snapped out of my thought to see a tall shadow standing in front of me. It was the singer of the band and he was smiling at me holding two plastic red cups with one held out to me.
" hey, I'm Brendon. Want a drink?" he smiled I took the cup and smiled back trying my best to fake smootheness and hide my nervousness.
"I'm Sidney you sing very well, I'm impressed" I smiled.
"thanks sidney" he smiled a charming smile. "we're panic! at the disco, you haven't seen us play around here before? Come to think of it I haven't seen you around here before at all."
"yeah, I don't really do things like this often" I smiled trying to hide the truth. "so was that your friend you were with earlier?" he asked obviously nervous ant trying to make conversation.
"yeah, that's my best friend Kim."I said "well I think my friend has the hots for your friend and he pointed to the kitchen where I looked through and saw them talking and smiling at each other
"his name is Ryan by the way, and he always gets the chicks" he sad with a bit of sadness hidden by a chuckle.
"I'm sure you get the chicks too I mean look at you!" I said wishing I had stopped myself. He blushed
"nah, never. And obviously a beautiful lady such as yourself has a boyfriend, I mean your blindingly gorgeous!" he flashed me his charming smile once again.
"nope, I don't get the guys" I said downing the red cup full of my first beer which tasted like hell but decided not to show it on my face. Brendon also downed his. Here let's go get us some more. He said taking my hand and pushing people out of the way for me making a path to he kitchen. He didn't let go of my hand until he refilled he cups and even then he grabbed my hand back up. The feeling of the warm skin of his hand in mine was intoxicating alone, even if that beer was already kicking in and helping the fuzziness of my brain. We made our way over to our friends still walking hand in hand when even louder music than before started up. Brendon kept trying to talk to them but it was too loud so Ryan made a walking hand gesture and pointed to the floor and brendon nodded. Ryan picked up a bottle of vodka and led the three of us down some stairs into a basement which was dimly lit but well furnished.
we sat on a couch passing the bottle of vodka between us skipping over Kim until we had finished it.
"hey let's do this elementary school style and play spin the bottle" Ryan suggested "I'm up for it" Kim said and we all went over to the middle of he floor and put the bottle in the middle of us.
" Ryan, you go first since it's your house and party" Ryan spun first and I preyed it wouldn't land on me, thankfully it didn't, it landed on brendon.
"awwww!!! What?!?" Ryan said displeased. " look out! looks like its going to get gay in here! Brendon said as the both leaned forward peck each other on the lips. "what? You guys! That was awful! You didn't even try!" kim said
"ok, fine." brendon said making his way over to Ryan and full on planting his lips on Ryan's. I watched as brendon held ryans face In his hands and violently made out with him as Ryan willingly allowed it, This went on for about 10 seconds. What was I watching?! Why was I watching? Kim and I stared at them in awe until they broke the kiss. "Your "next brendon! Spin it." Ryan said. Brendon spun and it landed on Kim. My heart sank. "no" he said simply. Let's pretend that was Ryan's spin" Kim and Ryan looked at each other before leaning in and kissing. I looked away to brendon "well since there's only two of us now we might as well just kiss" he said giving me a charming smooth look. My belly sank and I felt dizzy from all the alcohol, it also gave me confidence because I didn't care if I could kiss or not, I was going to. He leaned into me and I closed my eyes and our lips met the kissing began to pick up as his tongue snuck its way into my mouth and danced around and mine danced back, mocking his movements getting lost in the hipnosis of his kiss. He pulled away from me slowly and left his hand on my jaw and looked me in the eyes so deeply I swear he could see my past present and future. I was lost in his eyes until I felt eyes on us. We turned to see our friends looking at is weird eyes and Kim was smiling.
"what?" brendon finally spoke ending the weirdness.
"that's the kind of shit you see in movies" Ryan replied.
"what?" I asked just like brendon had. "that was beautiful. It wasn't like you guys made out, it was more like a real kiss, like the kind you only see in romantic movies" Kim gushed.
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