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The glass slipper

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The clock has struck but will sidney see brendon again? And will she be caught?

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"ok guys we're going back up stairs to party you coming?" Kim asked brendon and I.
"I want to stay here and talk, if you want to Sidney?" brendon asked nervously. "yeah, I'd love to. we'll see you guys in a bit it's 12 now so we have time" I told Kim "mkay,later guys." Ryan said waving and pulling Kim up the stairs behind him. After a few moments brendon pulled out a wine bottle from a table drawer and popped it open.
"I know where Ryan keeps his stache down here" he laughed and took a long drink and passed it to me and I did the same.
" oh my gosh" I said light headedly "does the room always spin like this down here?" He chuckled
"only when your here".
"what?" I drunkenly questioned.
"did that not make sense? I mean your so beautiful you make the room spin for me too, nope didn't make sense. But your beautiful.". "thanks brendon, no ones ever told me that so much before" I laughed. " you are too in a manly way. Hey wanna know a secret?" I slurred.
"yay! Yeah I love secrets!" he cheered. "okay, we'll when you were singing I wanted to touch your hair so badly" I drunkenly admitted.
"well you should of!" he said.
"while you were singing?" I asked confused. "yeah, you should of totally went for it! I would of let you!".
"hahaha! I didn't have the guts! That's not all though, I also wanted to run my tongue across those gorgeous ass teeth of yours." I said slurring my speech and looking him dead in the eyes. He looked back at me with the sexiest look I've ever seen " you can do both right once." I jumped on him not so smoothly knocking him backwards onto the floor and pressed my lips to his and put my fingers in his shaggy hair. I deepened the kiss he immediately let me inter his mouth I quickly ran my tongue over his teeth, it all felt better than I had dreamed. He ran his hands along my sides down to my hips. I had never dreamed of this in a thousand years. This too attractive man is laying beneath me enjoying this just as much as me. I felt the bulge in his pants get hard pressing on my leg. I started to get nervous. I sat up and climbed off of him quickly.
"I'm sorry, I-I just-" he stutered surprised "no, it's ok brendon Its not your fault-" I began
"I can't control myself with you" he looked me in the eyes and finished "your so beautiful, and so different. What are you doing here with all these party people? I can tell that's not you".
"jeez is it that easy to tell I'm a dork in disguise?"
"no, not to everyone else. And your not a dork. I really like you Sidney".
"I like you too brendon, a lot. Hey! Let's go dance!" I said changing the subject but he didn't notice and happily agreed.
We tried to look for our two friends but we didn't see them so we went into the living room to dance.
We grinded on eachother, and he threw in quite a few silly dance moves and made me crack up. We danced like this until a slow song came on and he wrapped his arms around my waist and mine went across his shoulders he pressed his forehead to mine so we looked directly in each others eyes.
"Sidney, this is the best night I've ever had. Here I am with this beautiful and misterious girl that I just met and I've never been happier." he smiled.
"this is the best day of my life too, you wouldn't believe it. My life is horrible." I said with tears beginning to come to my eyes with admitting it.
"it doesn't need to be... I want-" he was cut off by someone screaming my name. I felt pulling at my arm I was being dragged away from brendon by Kim
"we have to go!" She screamed "we're late!" she said still dragging me away. "Be my girlfriend!!" brendon screamed as we grew further apart. Realization hit me
" I-I can't! I'm sorry!" I called back he looked broken and frozen in time at my Answer I could see him stand still amongst all the couples paired up to slow dance moving around him. I let Kim drag me out. I couldn't stand to see him broken anymore, not after all the smiles I've shared with this great man tonight. On the drive home I was quiet. I knew I'd never see him again. I was going back to hell. I started to cry, I knew Kim understood. "I don't want to back" I said tears running down my face.
"I know Sid, you don't have long, hang in there. I'm sorry." her voice was sad. I stared out the window and watched the streetlights fly by my window and let it numb me until we reached my house. I gave Kim a hug and told her to call me when she got home and she agreed and wished me luck getting in. I went to my window and slid it open and as quietly as possible slid through and shut it behind me. Then I peeled the dress off in the dark when I realized my phone wasn't there. I must of left it at Ryan's.I put my pajamas on and I started up my computer and opened my messenger waiting for Kim to get on, I knew she would when she couldn't get an Awnser on my phone. After 30 minutes I was right she got on.
"hey Ryan has your phone, I called it and he answered." she said.
"I know." I replied.
"hey listen, brendons pretty tore up too. He likes you. I told Ryan to tell him give you two more months, he started trying to question me about what it ment and stuff and I wouldn't Answer any questions". "thanks Kim, your the greatest friend ever. I need sleep though so I'll see you Monday and return your stuff" I said.
" ok Sid, night. I'll bring your stuff too" we said good bye and I climbed into bed and my drunkenness helped lull me to sleep. I dreamed of brendon and I dancing.
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