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Belly of the beast.

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What will Sidney's family do to her when they find out she's been seeing brendon?

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My weekend was hell, like usual. But I guess it didn't matter I had my own slice of secret freedom to dream about and hold on to. It got me through all the names my stepdad and step sister called me. It got me through my mom laying half dead in the chair all weekend and all the cleaning and cooking too. I had something to hope for, a real relationship and a new home in just a few months, they couldn't keep me here, I'd never have to see them again. I wanted to do more things like I got to do Friday, but without fear of being injured. I'm tired of hiding things from people like brendon. I just want to be a normal girl and have a boyfriend and friends and go shopping.
I started to think of brendon and guilt passed over me, he didn't know I wasn't over 18 and he must be like 19 or so if he knew would he still like me? If he knew how I really dressed would he like me or even about my family. Who am I kidding? This whole thing with him is one big lie, I'm not even as pretty as Kim made me look, he won't really like me once he finds out who I really am. I'm no princess.

Finally it was Monday and I was looking forward to seeing Kim again so we could talk about this whole ordeal and possibly get my phone back, I'm sure by now Ryan probably brought it over to her. I walk to school alone again with my frumpy ugly ill fitting clothes on in silence until I reach my bright and always cheery best friend waiting by her locker. I was pushed down by some kid once on my way there.

"good morning sunshine! here's your stuff it's all in your back pack." she beams at me and hands me my backpack. "oh and sorry I couldn't get your phone back, brendon won't give it back until he gives it to you himself".

"thanks, but what?! How's he going to do that?!" I asked surprised and scared.
" After school, they know how old we are now I told them. They were surprised but not mad come to find out brendons only 18."

"oh" I said with relief in my voice. The bell began to ring for us to go to class and we said good bye and ran off to class. I wasn't worried about going home late even though I knew Tim would be home and know I was late, it's worth it to see brendon
. what I'm worried about is brendon seeing me... Looking like this.
The hours slide slowly by. It's like each hour drags on more and more slowly until The end of the day bell finally rang throughout the school, but this time was not like last time. I wasn't free.
I walked Out the big front double doors with Kim and we saw them standing there, just waiting on us to go out there. Ryan kind of stared at me a little when he saw how I was dressed but brendon didn't. He ran up to me and scooped me up in a hug where he twirled me around He acted like he didn't care what I looked like as long as I was there and honestly that's how I felt about him too. he was in fact a wreck though, he was pale and had dark circles under his eyes but I still didn't care.
we stood there still hugging as I breathed in his scent he smelled like he did the first time kind of like cinnamon and laundry mixed but this time with body Oder. But why was he like this he looked so physically bad. I pulled away from the hug.

"I'm sorry I look bad today, I-" I was cut off.

"no, you look stunning no matter what, besides I probably look pretty bad myself. Oh here's your phone, by the way I have your number now" he grinned.

"hey guys I'm going to Kim's place if that's cool" Ryan said

"yeah I can drive Sidney home since I drove you here and you can go with Kim, and do what ever you young kids do now a days" brendon laughed

"okay," I agreed. I knew what would happen I just wanted to seem to them like I had a normal life, I didn't care about the reprocussions. We were on our way to my house, and I was terrified. What if he wanted to come in? Brendon broke our silence in the car

"so I was thinking maybe some time this week after school we could go hang out and do something?" he said nervously.
"brendon, I can't." I said feeling my heart sink at my words

"why? Why do you keep rejecting me, you like me, right?" he said sounding sad. I felt bad for him.
"brendon, it's hard to explain." I said looking at my fidgeting hands.

"you don't have a boyfriend right? Is your family super strict or something" he asked bewildered.

"yeah, their very strict." I said not wanting to give anything else away.

"oh....ohhhh! Oh man! Yeah I get it. My family are Mormons so their real strict on me too, I just don't care. Oh shit! Am I going to get you in trouble by taking you home?"

"maybe, I don't know. It's okay though it doesn't matter, I like being with you" I said with a half smile.

"I like being with you too Sid, but I don't want to get you grounded or something."

"I won't get grounded" I smerked. If he only knew.
We had finally pulled up at my house and Tim was standing outside on the porch, waiting.

"your dad looks pissed, I'm so sorry." he said with guilt in his voice.

"it's ok, and yup he's pissed. But he's not my dad. After I get out of the car drive away, if you want to keep seeing me, drive away."

"what? Why?!" he sounded alarmed. I didn't Awnser him, I just closed the car door and headed up my walk way to hand myself over to the belly of the beast. Brendon did as I asked him and drove off. I didn't want him to see what was going on. I reached Tim on the porch and he slung me in the door by my hair throwing me to the floor slamming the front door behind him.
"Your such a fucking whore! You were out with some grown man fucking around when you should of been home already cooking dinner! What's wrong with you?" he said as he balled his fist tightly and raised it, I knew what was going to happen and for some reason in my mind it always played in slow motion. no, it couldn't just be over. He slammed his large fist into my mouth hard. I tried to plead but he didn't care the beating went on like that for a good 5 minutes or so, which may not seem so long, but it is when your the recipient of the beatings.
I went and made dinner after it was over. And I saw Kaitlin smirking at my apearance from the dinner table. My lip was bloody and brused and I had some bruising on my upper arms, it wast the worst though.
No one at school cared either, Kaitlin spread the rumor hat I did it to myself for attention. When Kim saw my face she started to cry.

"I have to do something! I can't let you sit there for another 2 months! This is all my fault! I'm so sorry. Brendon told me he got you in trouble, I should of realized..." she trailed off into sobbs.

"it's not your fault Kim and its not brendons or mine. It's only 2 more months, everything will be ok, besides it looks worse than it was. What are we going to tell brendon?"

"that didn't make me feel better you still got beaten. We can't hide it anymore, maybe he can help." she said with hope in her voice.

"I feel like I'm getting him into too much here. What if he's in over his head and doesn't want to see me anymore?" I asked concerned.

"if he cares about you he'll help figure it out" she said with certainty in her voice.
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