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New life

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Brendon, Ryan and kim decide to try to save Sidney from her family by. But how well will the plan work?

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The entire school day was filled with people giving me weird looks because of my bruised and bloody lip, no one asked though, and even if someone would of, I would of lied anyway. What I was the most scared of was how brendon was going to react to all this. Kim was right maybe he did need to know, and could help. The final bell rang and I met kim at her locker silently we both knew that they'd be waiting on us outside the big double main doors to the school. We walked outside and there they were. As soon as brendon saw me he froze.
"what the hell happened?! Who did this?!" he demanded touching my lip gently. This yelling cued Ryan to come stare at my lip too. "who fucking did his to her Kim?" Ryan demanded. Kim looked at me before her eyes went sad.

"it was her step dad, Tim" she finally said to the boys.

"that mother fucker!! Is that why you told me to just go yesterday? If I would of known I would of killed him!" brendon said with worsening anger on his face.

"we have to do something. How long has this been going on?" Ryan said

"since my drug addicted mother married that horrible man"

"call the rest of the boys, we're getting her out of there, now." brendon announced.

"why so I have to go back there I don't really have any possessions." I said non chalantly as the two boys stared in disbelief at my words.

"she can stay at my place, my parents won't care their out of town anyway" Kim said happily.

"ok cool so this was easier than I thought" brendon smiled.

"wait, what if they come looking for her or call the police or something?" said Ryan.

"uh,well, they shouldn't because they would have a sticky situation on their hands if the police found out she was being abused any way, plus I don't think it would matter since she's so close to 18 anyway." brendon retorted. The whole time he spoke I couldn't stop staring at his beautiful full lips and thinking about the way his breath tastes.
"We can all go to my house if you guys want." Kim offered and we all agreed. I rode with brendon and Ryan rode with Kim.

"you must be pretty exited now that you don't have to live in hell anymore" brendon said while searching for a song on the radio.

"You have no idea" I replied. Just as I said it I herd a song that sounded familiar, then it hit me. It was fall out boy. I started screaming which made brendon smile big and turn it up we both sang along to their song Saturday and of course brendon did it pretty flawlessly I didnt know he was a fan too. Finally the song went off and brendon drummed the last part on the seering wheel and he turned the radio down

" I had no idea you were a fan of fall out boy" I said excitedly.

" I sure as hell am! And I had no idea you were a fan either!.... Just kidding yeah I did I looked through your phone's music" he said with a huge grin on his face that made me laugh.

We arrived at Kim's house right behind them. We went inside and headed up to her room. The boys were surprised by her room.

"shit, could it het any more girlier princess?" brendon laughed

"you act like you've never seen a girls room before" Kim said

"he's seen plenty of girls rooms before" Ryan said.

"what?!?" I said shocked. Did brendon lie to me at the party? Ryan knew brendon was in trouble so he changed the subject.

" hey I like your fall out boy posters!" Ryan announced

"yeah, Sidney and I are huge fans." Kim said

"I know, we went over that in the car when they came on the radio and I just couldn't stop Sidney from turning it up full blast and melting ears. I told her to turn off that ruckus but she wouldn't listen." brendon said with a smile peaking through his straight face.

"yeah right dude! We're fans too" Ryan said

"wait, did you lie to me brendon?" I asked still astonished and changing the subject back.

"only a little Sid, it's ok." he said trying to weasel out of it.

"we'll talk about it later" I said

"nope, only of you agree to be my girlfriend!" he said with a wicked smile.

"no, you just lied to me." I say flatly

"damn it!" Brendo yelled in fake agravation

"maybe next time Bren" Ryan said with a smirk.
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