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You can take the kid out of the fight

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Brendon is practically begging Sidney to be his girlfriend, but she's a little mad over his lie.

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Brendon and Ryan decided to throw me a party. I guess it's something like an early birthday party or a congratulations on getting out of hell party or a becoming an adult party. To be honest I think the guys would look for any reason to throw a party and get to play music in front of people. We were supposed to meet the other guys in the band tonight too. Kim and I dressed up pretty nicely this time she was wearing pink an I was wearing a red and white polka dot dress with red lipstick and long fake eyelashes Kim actually showed me how to do some make up this time. I like it it feels so freeing. Our hair was curled to perfection hers was down and mine was up. I totally pulled off the pin up girl look.

When we got there guests were just beginning to pour wildly in with their bottles of booze in Hand when we got there. We went off to find the guys and found them in the living room setting up their equipment on the low makeshift stage. The four of them looked up to see us. Ryan made his way over to Kim and kissed her on the cheek. The Rest of the guys followed brendon over.

"miss urie, you look fiiiiine as hell tonight!" he said with a smile. I could tell the other two men behind him were chuckling too even Ryan who was still standing by kim.

"no brendon." I said again flatly. But brendon ignored me and started the introductions

"John, spencer, these are our girlfriends-"

"I'm not" I said

"fine! these are the ladies, kim and Sidney...cough,coughmygirlfriendcough

"down brendon! Down boy!" Spencer laughed. They both shook our hands. They both seemed like really nice guys.

"the crowd is getting pretty big, you guys ready to play? John asked. They all agreed and jumped up on stage and brendon began to speak into the microphone.

"hey guys! We ready to party?!" the large croud piled all over the big house began to cheer. "so we're here today to have this party for my girlfriend,she said she's not but I still think I can convince her otherwise. her names Sidney and she's the hottie in the polka dot dress, so if you see her be sure to wish her happy early birthday. She deserves this shes been through a lot of shit. So this whole set and party are for her. Let's go!" and he began to sing "the iv and your hospital bed.." I can't believe how sweet he is he may be a little bit crazy and out there, but that's exactly what I need. "can't take the kid from the fight take the fight from the kid..." just then I remembered what I told him the first time we met. I stepped up on the stage as he sang and began to ruffle up his hair, then I quickly hopped back off stage. He began to smile and I could hear his laugh start to come through his singing then he winked at me. It made my heart melt. I looked at Kim who was standing to the right of me and she was grinning wide at the cute set of actions brendon and I had just traded.

After a few songs brendon began to speak again there was sweat dripping off him an I was finding it incredibly attractive. "hey Sid, would you come up here?" the crowd started clapping as he helped me on to the stage. "so this will be the last time I will ask you and let me say this first, your the mist beautiful girl I have ever laid eyes upon and have never cared for any one else the way I have you and I don't want to ever again. Sidney,Will you be my girlfriend?" A drum roll from spencer starts I say yes and the crowd claps and chants "kiss her! Kiss her!" so he tips me backwards and kisses me and puts me back upright before helping me off stage. Holy shit! I have a boyfriend!

"Yay! Holy shit! It's about time Sid!" Kim yelled in my ear. The boys were finishing up their set with "preying for love and paying in nievety oh" and with that brendon just dropped the mic and hopped of stage and hugged me in a tight hug. He whispered in my ear "I don't know what I would of done if you would of stuck to your no up there, I didn't exactly plan it out." he laughed and it made me laugh as well. That seemed to just be how he was, Brendan didn't think, he just did.

"who wants to get wild?!" spencer shouted. And we all cheered and someone found some alcohol and sloppily puts it into cups for us and it was distributed between the 6 of us as we all danced to the giant speakers in the living room pouring out music. This was the youngest and most wild I have felt in my life. Is this what it feels like to be a young person? Brendon started dragging me away from where everyone was dancing and took me Down into the basement, I was way too drunk to object and he was pretty plastered too because he was stumbling and getting lost in his best friends house and using a feminine voice saying "oh man I just don't know where I'm going." which made me laugh so much I stumbled again when he finally got me to the empty basement he locked the door and pounced on me pinning me up against the wall.
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