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Where the tale crashes and burns

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Problems arise with brendon and Sidney at her birthday party.

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He had me pinned against the wall and started to kiss my neck he lifted me up and carried me the rest of the way down the basement stairs to the couch where he put me down and climbed on top of me from there he grinded against my body with his tongue in my mouth my hands made my way to his back and started to lift up his shirt over his head and he broke the kiss quickly so he could help me get it off and once his shirt was off we picked up where we left off. My stomach was getting nervous with butterflies. He was making me feel amazing and terrified all at once I didn't want to stop but I had to. I had a question that needed to be answered.

"brendon?" I said trying to get his attention away from sucking on my neck again.

"hmm?" he lifted up to look me in the eyes. I could see the hunger for me in his deep brown eyes.

"how many girls have you slept with? Be truthful." I warned

"I'd never lie to you. But to be honest, I don't know." he said looking me dead In the eyes looking kind of sober now. I felt mad at his response.

"how could you not know? Just give me a estimate then."

" we'll I guess like 30 or more, maybe? You?" he said really thinking hard on the number.

"30?!?? Wow! Oh my god brendon! My number is zero" I said a little annoyied

"your a fucking virgin?!?" he shouted at me almost angry. " why didn't you tell me?!"

"hello?! I haven't been able to leave my house, like ever! And I would of told you if you would of agreed to talk about this earlier like I wanted to. Why does it even matter that I am anyway?!" I said scooting him off me getting even more upset. He stood up and stood in front of me as I sat on the couch.

"because your a 17 year old run away, and I don't want to take your virginity!!" he yelled growing his hands in the air in front of me. I felt tears in my eyes. And he realized I was about to cry and his face dropped like he felt guilty. " no, I didn't mean it, I'm sorry Sid!"

" why did you even ask me to be your girlfriend then you knew how old I was, and if I recall you are the one who brought me down here then you weren't even going to tell me you slept with over 30 girls! What If I'm just one of them! Well I'm sorry I ever met you! I'd rather be at home being beaten! At least it hurts less!" I screamed at him with tears in my eyes. I waited for him to say something back but he just stood there looking sad and guilty with his big brown eyes. I decided since he wouldn't say anything to turn around and storm off back up the stairs. I pushed my way through the crowd with tears in my eyes blocking my vision and tryed to see if I could spot kim through the blurrieness of my eyes. Everything felt like it was I slow motion people started to stare at me and I herd some ask if I was ok, and I herd brendons name being said I had no words, I couldn't Answer them. I herd my name being called and wiped back the tears in my eyes to see Kim and Ryan running over to me.

"what's wrong? Are you ok?" she asked. I couldn't Answer all I could do is sob.

"come on, let's get her upstairs to my room" Ryan said. I felt them grab each of my arms and help me push through the crowd and up the stairs to the second story of the house. Where we walked down he crowded hall until Ryan stopped at a door and unlocked it. I was swiftly pulled inside and taken to sit down on what I guessed was Ryan's bed. I herd he door lock back behind us.

"did brendon do something?" kim asked from beside me with her arm around my shoulders on Ryan's bed. I just nodded I was crying too hard to speak. She sushed me calmingly and wrapped me In a hug and just held me. I felt the bed sink in on the other side of me knowing it was Ryan. There was a knock at the door behind us,which Ryan didn't pay it any attention. The knock got louder followed by someone saying something.

" I don't honk she wants to talk to him right now" ryan yelled to the person on the other side of the door.I herd Katie whisper to Ryan before he got up to finally give up and anser the door Ryan stepped outside of the door and I here he faint conversation.

"please man, just let me talk to her, please." a voice that had sound like has been crying said. It was defiantly brendon.

" no man, I told you to becareful with her. You of all people should know the shit she's been through" Ryan's voice said scoldingly.

"look it's none of your fucking business man! You don't even know what happened!" brendon drunkenly started shouting.

"it is my business, she's my friend too and my girlfriends best friend and she was running to find us crying, she came to us. No,I don't know what happened yet but I'll find out and I bet your dumb ass started it" Ryan said finishing the conversation and closing the door on brendon.
Five minutes later I was calming down and they were trying to coax the story out of me.

"so what started this?" kim asked gently.

"I think he was mad because Im a virgin. He also told me that he slept with over 30 girls when he lied to me about when we first met. He also said he didn't want to have sex with me because I was a 17 year old run away." I said sadly and embarrassedly.

"god damn it brendon!" ryan said getting up from the bed looking pissed.

" why would he do this? If he really didn't want to he could of found a better way to say it." Katie asked the both of us.

"because sometimes brendon lacks of empathy twards others, sometimes he just doesn't care who he hurts" Ryan said. I thought about it and that would explain all those girls, he didn't care if he hurt them or not, he just wanted what he wanted from them. Was I going to end up he same if I hadn't stopped him?

" do you want to go back to my house?" kim kindly asked me.

" I guess so. I didn't mean to ruin your guys fun I'm so sorry." I said guilt ridden In my voice.

" this was your party, and brendon fucked it all up for you. He yelled at you at your party, your birthday party. It's not your fault Sid." Ryan said reassuringly.

"are you coming ry?" Kim asked.

"I'll be there as soon as I can, I have to shut down this party."

There was another knock at he door, followed by the drummer Spencer's voice calling for Ryan.
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