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He Shines like the stars

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Brendon said something that shocks everyone. Will things be right again?

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Ryan walked out the door but we still could hear them talking.

"come on man he was just drunk and scared you know he's never had an actual relationship before" spencer said pleading with Ryan.

"yeah I was drumk, I'm ok now, see?" I herd brendons voice say still hoarse from crying.

"he just needs to work on being more understanding." spencer said "can he please talk to her?"

"actually the girls are just about to leave now, so.." Ryan said still not wanting to let brendon in. " dude, I tryed to stop you, I told you all of those girls would wreck a relationship if you ever decided to have one"

"I'm sorry, I can't take it back, I would if I could. I just didn't think I could give a shit about anyone. But I do, I swear! I love her man!" he said breaking down again outside the door was quiet as Kim and I looked shocked at eachother.

"go on in Bren" Ryan said in defeat. The door cracked and the tall skinny man walked towards me on the on the bed. He got on his knees in front of me some one started to walk away to give us privacy

"no, stay. All of you." he said staring into my eyes on his knees on the floor in front of where I sat on the bed. His eyes looked swollen and blood shot from crying. he took my hands in his and never broke eye contact as he spoke.

"you are way too good for me. I'm sorry about destroying your night and party and the first day of us being together. I really hope you can forgive me, because I have never felt this way about another person before, you can ask any of the guys. You see, this is my first time for a lot of things just like you. I do need to start worrying about the way speak to people and how they feel, especially you. My life has been amazing since you fell into it a few days ago and all I've done was push you into things and cause problems, but I promise I'll be better, I'll do anything you want me too, I'll confess to anything you ask, I'll find you what ever you want as long as your happy. I love you Sidney. Please please tell me you love me too"
The room was quiet awaiting my reply. I could feel the eyes of our friends on me.
"brendon, I-I forgive you. But I can't say I love you. I don't know how love feels yet I don't have anything to compare it to, so I can't say it back. I can't throw it around. And I am happy brendon these past few days have been the best of my life. I'm not too good for you, I feel the opposite, you have all these talents, and your so funny and charming. Every time I look at you I can't believe you actually like me. Your a sweet guy brendon." I bent down and kissed him and made him smile.

"damn mrs. Urie, I find you so attractive right now" he said shooting a smile at me knowing I didn't like when he basically called me his wife.

"Brendon!!!" I yelled causing everyone watching to laugh a little. He got up a little to kiss me passionately.

"dude, your not going to do it on my bed! How many times do I have to tell you that?!" Ryan said jokingly.

"not untill Sidney's ready... But if she is now, then I am totally going to do it on your bed" brendon winked at me smiling.

"yeah, I agree not on Ryan's bed, brendon" I said.

"oh and I hope you guys didn't try to do it on my couch in the basement either" Ryan said.

" damn it Ryan, your acting like this is your whole house or something!what are you the sex police?! Is their anything we can do it on?!" brendon teased.

"no." Ryan said simply.

"come on guys, let's shut this shit down and go for a ride in my sweet ass convertable" spencer said. And we all agreed and headed down stairs to see the party starting to thin out. Ryan headed over to the stage and took the mic.

"I really hate to be the barrer of bad news but the party has to end tonight, so get the fuck out of my house!" Ryan left the stage and started moving people out the door. After about 30 minutes everyone was out and we were the only people left to see how trashed the place was.

" the maid is going to have a hell of a time with this one" Ryan laughed.

" yeah dude, you don't even want to see what's in the toilet upstairs" John said

"don't tell me it's another dead squirl" brendon said

"nope" John replied

" I don't wanna fucking know then" Ryan butted in.

" let's go!!" Kim said impatiently. And we all headed out to Spencer's car and piled in. Spencer drove and John was sitting shot gun Kim was sitting on Ryan's lap and brendon sat between them and me leaving me sitting by the door. I leaned my head on his broad skinny shoulder and he put his arm around me.

" where are we going?"Ryan asked spencer as we took off. Well I was thinking the scenic route to Vegas and pass through there." spencer replied.

"I've never seen los Vegas" I said to brendon

" really? We don't live that far from it, it's only like a 30 minute drive" he informed me. As we started to head out of out town into the deserted back roads the stars became brighter and brighter. I caught brendon loling into the dark sky admiring them. I could see the reflection of them in his dark eyes that now mirrored the sky, he glowing light from them lit up his face and made him look even more gorgeous than he already is. He caught me admiring him.

"what?" he smiled

"some day your going to be one of those and shine on to everyone and make everyone feel good" I said

"you think so?" he asked taking another look at the stars and grabbing my hand

"I do. Your just so amazing and full of life, I just don't see you as being anything else" I said as he smiled at me.

"only you would say stuff like that, I guarantee there's no one in this world as beautiful inside and out as you are" he said.

The scenery was so beautiful the tall mountains that would of been mighty and orange inthe day were dark from the night sky and seemed looming but still breath taking. I kept stealing glances at brendon with his straight shaggy messy hair blowing in the wind. He looked so young and happy and free, just like I felt, he's the one who made me feel this way. He's what I've always wanted to be, he's what I've always wanted. He's my prince.
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