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I love you

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Sidney finally realizes she loves brendon. And they spend their first night together.

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We began to travel into Vegas. Saw the welcome to Vegas sign appear and it made me smile which made brendon smile. The lights began to appear from the casinos and pretty soon we were were all in awe at the flashing lights.

"I'd kill for a life in these lights" he smiled. He all if a sudden stood up in the seat of the convertable.

" brendon, what the hell are you doing?!" Kim said from her place still nuggled up on Ryan's lap.

" he always does this, it's like his favorite thing ever" Jon said from the front seat.
All of a sudden brendon pulled me up and made me stand up with him holding my hand. Passers by and people on the street stared at us, but we didn't care. He was right it was amazing. And I'm surprised cops didn't pull us over. The guys eventually made us sit Down and we took the back roads out of Vegas. Spencer was flipping through the radio stations when brendon made him stop because he herd a certain song.

"do you know what this is?!" brendon shouted

"A shitty slow song" spencer said.

"no, it's sidneys and my song, from the night we met when we were slow dancing and you were VICIOUSLY RIPPED FROM ME!" he joking yelled to Kim.

"sorry, we HAD to go!" Kim retorted.

"stop the car! Brendon yelled. Spencer did as he was told. I guess by now in their long friendship spencer knew not to question brendons random spurts of insanity. Brendon reached over spencer and turned up the song and jumped over the side of the car and opened my door out reaching his hand to me.

" I'm going to make this right" brendon said as he smiled his clever smile at me and put his arms around my waist and I put mine around the back of his neck an he put his fore head to mine an looked me deeply in the eyes. Soon the others began to join us even spencer and Jon got out of the car to slow dance with each other, but all I could really concentrating on was brendon.

"I love you" he whispered to me. And I felt it deep within my body and mind and all of my soul I loved him too, I always did I was sure now.

"I love you too" I whispered back. His smile was so big and and charming I had to kiss him and he kissed back. We were in a moment with our selves to us we were the only ones in the whole universe. We might as well of been slow dancing by our selves in this dessert plain. Nothing else mattered.
Once the song was over I felt like I was still hipnotised by brendon. My knees felt weak and I felt fragile, and my stomach was spinning.

"well, what now?" John asked as we got back into our positions in the car.

"we'll, who wants to go to my house and camp out in the living room and watch movies until we crash?" Kim said excitedly. We all shared the same enthusiasm in our answers we were all pretty tired.

"you know what this means right?" brendon asked.

"what?" Ryan awnsered

"this means I'll get to be sleeping beside the lovely Mrs Urie tonight! Oh yeah!" he said excitedly. I didn't even object to the name this time, I was too tired, and besides it was starting to grow on me. I think everyone expected me to get on him for it though.

"allow me to do it for you Sidney.. Brendon!!!!"kim laughed and it made me smile.

"well, since she didn't object this time I think I will call her it more often" brendon said teasingly.

"so how has he not drove you crazy with his crazy yet Sid?" spencer joked.

"I love his crazy" I said

"yup she's the one alright, I've never met a girl who could stand brendon for longer than one night" Ryan said. That made me crack up.

"well I guess you know the truth about all those girls now" brendon said with a smile.

We finally arrived at kims house an the guys started looking through the DVDs in The living room while Kim and I went upstairs to get pillows and blankets from the spare bedroom for everyone.

"this is your bedroom you know" she said as she noticed me checking it out. I even put some of my clothes in the closet for you to wear, or you could come steal some of the ones in my closet" she said cheerfully. The room had red walls and a big black bed and nightstand and their as even a tv in there too. It was nice, well it was to me anyway. Kim handed me a stack of pillows and she took a stack too. We went back down to the living and handed the pillows and blankets out and scooted the tables away so we could all lay on the floor. The guys had picked out the matrix out for us to watch and they had already started it.
I snuggled up to brendon on the floor an get put his arm around my waist and kissed my head we all had conversations going on I think Jon was the only one watching the movie.

"we're going to my room" Kim announced

"I think we're going to mine too" I said the four of us began to clib the stairs when brendon yelled back to spencer and Jon "and don't be doing any sneaky gay shit either you guys because the sex poliece will know." this made Ryan laugh.

We reached my room and crawled into the big king sized bed and just snuggled.

"Have you ever thought about just leaving town, just going away? " brendon said breaking the silence.

" I use to all the time, but I don't want to now. Why?" I asked

"well because I've been thinking about it a lot lately, but I want you and kim and the guys to come with me. Maybe theirs a better chance for us to make it somewhere else. The only place that has real places for bands to play is Vegas and some of the guys are too young to make it in to them, so we don't stand a chance here. Plus I grew up here, I'm ready for Something else."

"Maybe someday we will brendon, but we are all still young and have lives here and the others have family here they probably want to be with right now, just wait brendon things will work out like you want them to, some how it always does. Your lucky like that." I said. Some how I knew he was smiling even in the dark. We laid there for a moment.

" shit!" he suddenly spoke startiling me.

"what?" I said confused.

"I forgot to call my parents lately, they probably think I'm dead" he said "oh by the way I have A.D.D so if you noticing me doing something like I just did, or easily getting distracted by things that would be why." he laughed. Maybe that would explain some of his crazyness. "you should meet my parents, their pretty cool."

"parents scare me." I said half joking.

"it will be ok, I promise. They would love you....uness you really don't want to."

"I will for you. Besides I think it would be nice to see who raised this amazing man." I said.

"yay!" he clapped. " then I'll call them tomorrow and let them know." he said exitedly.
He snuggled me and I began to fall asleep to the sound of his rhythmic breathing.
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