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Meeting the king and queen

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Brendon and Sidney spend their first night together. And Sidney is asked to meet brendons parents.

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I woke up to blinding light pouring in from one of the windows. I was laying on brendons chest and he had his arm around me he was shirtless somehow. I could hear his heart slowly beat. I could't help but admire his sleeping peaceful face his shaggy dark brown hair was messy and thin pieces of his bangs were randomly strewn across his forehead. Even in his sleep he seemed full of life. After about 5 minutes, I finally decided to sneak of and go down stairs to see if anyone else was up. I carefully slipped though brendons arm and climbed off the bed. As I exited the room I started to smell food, which was great, because I was starving.
I guess I wasn't the only one up after all. I walked down the stairs and turned to my right which led to the big dark wood kitchen. Kim and Ryan were both hovering over the stove and Jon and spencer were sitting at the big granite counter bar island. They all turned to look at me coming into the kitchen.

"good morning!" Kim said happily.

"brendon isn't up yet? Hope you weren't too hard on him last night" spencer laughed.

"we didn't...what time is it?!" I said realizing Kim and I had school today.

"it's 12:30. I know we had school but I was worried your they might be looking for you there or what your sister would say, so lets just take this day to relax." Kim said selling me on it.

"so what's for breakfast?" I asked.

" eggs,bacon, and toast." Ryan said. Jon patted the empty stool next to him for me to come sit down. We all herd brendon coming down the stairs. He smiled once he saw me.

"good morning Mrs. Urie." he announced to me giving me a kiss on my cheek before sitting in the empty stool beside me.

"morning brendon" I smiled

" I freaked out when I woke up and you weren't there. I hope I didn't keep you up last night with all my sexy moves" he laughed.

"shut up brendon, Sid already spilled the beans there were no sexy moves coming from you last night" Ryan laughed

"the only moves I felt last night were the ones where you tossed and turned constantly." I laughed.

"Don't believe her guys. I'm surprised you did t hear her moaning" he laughed slyly and tryed do the best impression of a woman moaning his name.

"well, I couldn't hear anything over Ryan's snoring." Kim said flatly.

"yeah, and John and I couldn't hear any thing over the sound of the movie you made us watched by ourselves! You buttholes!" spencer shouted.

" hey we were all coupled up, we know you two have a thing, you can't even lie." brendon joked.

"spencer is my soul mate leave us alone!" Jon fake cried.

We all at breakfast and went onto the living room and Brandon pulled out his phone and started dialing a number then held it to his ear.

"hey mom... Yeah I've been with the guys, yeah they're good. Hey I have someone I want you to meet.... No its a girl, actually she's my girlfriend, her names Sidney..... What?! No mom, we havnt- why am I even telling you this? Tonight? Alright see you then. I love you too. Bye." brendon hung up the phone.
"What did she say?" I asked.

"She wants you to join us for dinner tonight." he replied.

"she asked you about sex, didn't she?" jon laughed

"yeah, good guess." brendon said awkwardly while rubbing the back of his neck. I have to admit I was very nervous to meet them he said they were strict. But then again they couldn't be as bad as my family.

The boys all agreed to go home and get cleaned up and see their family's they were supposed to be back after mine and brendons dinner was over to get us so they could go practice.

After they left Kim and I decided to get a shower too, thank god the house had more than one bathroom. After our showers Kim and I were rummaging around in her closet for stuff to wear, she was helping me pick out parent appropriate clothing.

" you and brendon are so cute together, I swear he follows you around like a love sick puppy" she said.

"I think you and ryan are cute together too, you have his opposite thing about you, your so happy and bright and cheerful and he's so quiet and to himself a lot. But I you both know just what to say" I smiled

" brendons the opposite of you too he's so crazy and your so grounded. So you guys really havnt..uh... You knowd yet?" Kim asked

"no, why? have you and Ryan? I asked

" nope were waiting for the right time we both have never done it before" she said looking imbaressed.

" I don't think brendon wants to with me anymore, not after last night" I said sadly.

"just give him time, he'll get over it." she said.

We finally found our clothes. She had regular old jeans and a t-shirt and she made me wear something a little dressy, I decided not to wear make up but put my hair in a pony tail. We herd a knock on the door and she ran down to Answer it.

"it's brendon!" she called up the stairs.
I ran down exited to see him again, it had only been like four hours but it felt like forever. He picked me up and spun hugged me. I could tell he missed me too.

" you look beautiful as always Mrs. urie" he said he looked amazing too he had on right black pants slip on shoes and a green shirt. I could smell him he smelled like his normal scent of cinnamon and laundry only stronger and cleaner. And his hair was very straight shiny, and clean.

"they're ready for us so lets get going"

" have fun guys!" Kim yelled cheerfully after us.

" what are your parents names? I asked him in the way to his house"

"my moms name is Grace, and my dads name is Boyd, same first as my middle name" he said.
"are you nervous?" he asked.

" a little bit, but they can't be worse than my family." I smiled.
We had finally pulled up at his house. It looked like all the other hoses in this culdisack only a little bigger but not as big as Kim's or Ryan's. Brendon got out of the car and opened my side of the door and helped me out we held hands walking up the walkway to the door where brendon just walked in.

"mom! Dad! We're here!" brendon yelled through the house. Immediately brendons mom appeared and she had a huge smile on her face. Her eyes and hair were the color of brendons. She held out her arms for a hug and I gladly accepted.

" I'm grace" she said, her smile never faultering. She seemed like a very gentle kind lady. His dad then appeared and held out his hand to me to shake.

"And I'm Boyd" brendons father said shaking my hand and also smiling. His face looked like brendons and so did his smile.

"and I'm Sidney" I said loosing all nervousness I had built up.

"it's so nice to have you Sidney! We have never had Brendon bring a girl to meet us before, so this is very nice." she said still happily.

"mom!" brendon groaned.

"sorry honey, any way dinners done I'm going to go bring it out to the dining room, brendon honey, will you show her to the dining room?"
Brendon complied. And I realized he still had ahold of my hand. He guided me to the dining room and pulled out my chair for me. Grace began to bring the food out, it was spaghetti.
Boyd sat across from brendon.

"do you like spaghetti," Boyd asked.

I do. It's actually one of my favorite foods" I replied. Grace sat across from me. And we all began to eat.

" wow grace! Your a really good cook" I said

" thank you, I actually made the sauce from scratch, I can teach you someday if you like." she said kindly

"yeah! Of course" I said

" it's one of brendons favorites too." she said

" so how did you guys meet?" Boyd asked. Uh oh. Surely brendon wasnt going to say at a party.

"She was a friend of a friend, she showed up at one of our band practices" brendon said. I got the feeling brendon was use to lying to them.

"how old are you?" graced asked

" in two months I'll be 18." I said.

"So your finishing school soon then? What do you want to be?" Boyd asked.

" yes, I'd like to be a nurse" I said. I felt like they were firing questions at me, but I think they were just excited to get to know me it seemed like they had the best intentions.

"what's your family like do you have brothers or sisters?" Boyd asked. I felt my face go pale. What would I say? I didn't want to talk about them, please anything but them. Thankfully brendon cut in.

"Guys! Guys! Let's not talk about that, if that's ok." brendon pleaded to his now confused parents.

"were so sorry, we didn't mean to intrude or blast you with questions Sidney, we're just so exited to get to know you" Mrs Urie said apologetically.

"no it's ok, I understand. Family is just a sore subject with me. But I'll be glad to Awnser any questions you have." I said and brendon shot me a look of fear. I'm sure he didn't want me to tell them I was a run away.

"no, no dear. If your uncomfortable with it right now we should save it for when we get acquainted better, and I'm sure that will happen. But of your having any kind of problems dear we will always be here for you." Mrs Urie said with a smile. I felt my eyes starting to fill with tears and Grace stood up from the table and held her arms out for me to hug her. Her hug was very nice and gentle and calming, just like a hug from a mother should be. We pulled away from the hug to see there were hints of tears in Brendon's mother's eyes too. We sat back Down at the table. And I saw brendon and Mr.Urie smiling.

" thank you mrs urie, that means a lot to me, really" I said wiping the tears from my eyes and smiling.

" call me grace. And it's no problem. I can tell brendon really likes you and I think you'll be good for my son, your a very sweet girl" she said

After dinner was over mr and miss urie hugged us both and we left. We were on our way to Kim's to pick her up.

"wow, that went very well" brendon said surprised. "my mom loves you!" he laughed.

"their so sweet brendon! Why did you say they were strict?" I asked

"well they just want me to go back to church so bad it almost makes it hard to live with them I feel like the're trying to force it on me. They also hate that I'm part of a band they think it's not influencing me very well. I'm an adult now though and they can't stop me from doing what I want, and they know that." he said as we pulled into Kim's drive way. Kim immediately let is in.

"so how'd meeting the parents go?" she asked curiously.

"well I think it went pretty well" I laughed

" my mom hugged her and they both cried in the middle of dinner. My parents are sold on her. Looks like she's going to be mrs urie after all. Brendon laughed.

"wow! Your kidding. I'm not too surprised though, everyone likes you Sid." Kim smiled.

"come on ladies lets get out of here already. Kim, your boyfriend is probably going crazy without you right now" brendon said dragging us both out the door.
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