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Some good news for panic! But with good news comes something horrible.

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hey guys! I want to just want to say I hope your enjoying the story so far and thank you for reading. If you can please rate it and give me some feed back on how I'm doing with the story so far and ideas always help all comments are apreciated. I think shit is really going to hit the fan in this chapter. and again thanks for reading this much of my story so far :) so without further adu I present to you, the next chapter!

Once Kim, brendon and I all got to Ryan's house for heir band practice the other guys seemed really exited about something, hey all had big smiles on their faces, brendon decided to say something first.

"why are you guys all smiles? Did we miss something?" brendon said confused.

"well we have some good news, some that we all all can be exited about, I was going to call you and tell you but I didn't want to ruin dinner with Sid and your family. How'd that go by the way?" Ryan said dragging out the Suspence from the good news we were waiting for.

" it was great, seriously though Ryan, what the hell is he good news?!?" brendon pleaded.

" oh well, you know, PETE FUCKING WENTZ herd our song I put up on livejournal and he wants to hear us play, he wants to fucking sign us brendon!!!" Ryan shouted. Kim's and my mouths dropped and we looked at brendon who stood there expressionless for a moment Kim and I started screaming and jumping up and down then brendon joined in he had the girliest scream out of the three of us. Brendon picked me up off the ground and hugged me squeezing me tight.

"oh my god brendon, Pete wentz from fall out boy wants to sign you to his label!!" I said again trying to convince myself of the words I had just herd.

"I know! I love you so much! Your my good luck charm!" He said excitedly

I love you too!" I giggled.

"so how are we celebrating tonight?" spencer asked

" no celebrating for me tonight, I have school in the morning" I sad sadly. Kim agreed with me.

"you guys could come stay at my house again." Kim said

"count us out!we remember how you guys ditched us last time! Besides there's this party tonight spencer and I want to go to" Jon said

"brendon and I will stay" Ryan said with brendon nodding.

"ok sure guys, sounds good. Now I'd like to hear you all practice." Kim said

"ok but first, I have something for Sid" he said as he went and sat down a keyboard. "I actually wrote this the day after we met, now it may not be that great because I don't normally write lyrics but here it goes" brendon sat nervously at the keyboard to a moment.

"get on with it romeo" spencer joked. With that brendon started playing as we sat on the living room couch.

"we've waited so damn long, we're sick and tired.
I won't leave any doubt or stone untturned
I've got a collar full of chemistry from your company
So maybe tonight I'll be the libertine.

Show me your love, your love
Give me more but it's not enough
show me your love, your love
Before he world catches up
Cause theirs always time for second guesses,I don't wanna know

You've got it all worked out with so little time
Memories that I'd black out, if you were mine (he smiled as he sang this part)
You've got a pocket full of reasons why your here tonight
So, baby, tonight just be the death of me."

I watched him sing for a moment, astonished he wrote a song for me. He is truely a wonderful charming man. Before I knew it the song was over and everyone clapped for him.

Now who's ready to practice?!" brendon shouted. And everyone took their instraments. They played and replayed songs one in particular called I write sins not tradgedys, about the 5th time around I began to mouth the words back at brendon while making silly faces and he could help but laugh some times. Kim and I sat there bored out of our minds hearing all the songs over and over and them going over every little minute detail. They looked so happy playing though it made me smile, I knew this is what they were born to do. 2 hours later they finally called it quits.

"hey guys we gotta get the girls home it's almost midnight. So well see you guys tomorrow?"

"yeah, practice while the ladies are at school?" John said

"hell yes, we have to be perfect by Friday, Pete will be here and we have to bring out our fucking a-game" Ryan said. We all headed to the door and locked up the house and Ryan,Kim, brendon and I all piled into brendons car and Jon and spencer waived as they got in their respective cars.
On the way home all we could talk about was Pete coming Friday, we were all ecstatic. would this mean Kim and I would get to meet our favorite band fall out boy someday? We finally got back to Kim's and we were all worn out. We went up to our beds and and I made brendon set an alarm so could get up for soon as brendon and I hit the bed we just crashed with dreams of the future in our mind.

I woke up to the sound of brendons alarm. I smiled as I saw brendons eyes flutter open. I ran to the bathroom and started the shower and hopped in I sang I write sins not tradgedies as I washed myself, that is a seriously catchy song. I hopped out and wrapped a big peach colored fuzzy towel around me and skipped out of the bathroom and back into my room. I began rummaging through the closet to see what Kim put in here for me. I settled for black skinny jeans, chucks and a white v neck. I dropped the towel to slip into the clothes and I herd a loud, ahem! Coming from the bed.

"Jesus brendon! I thought you left the room by now!" I screamed ending in laughter.

"dayum mrs urie, I want to see more of that!" he laughed sitting up in the bed with his messy dark hair smiling. "I'll go see if Kim and ry are up yet" he said still laughing and now backing out of the room. I hurried up and put my clothes on still blushing from what happened and ran down stairs. Kim, Ryan and brendon were sitting at the bar drinking coffee and eating pop tarts. I went and sat with them.

"they were wanting to know what all the screaming was about, I told them we saw a live dear fly through the window but I dont think they believed it" brendon said straight faced then took a drink of coffee.

"nah, I screamed because he saw me naked" I said bluntly

" you know what would of made it worse? If you would of seen the boner I had, wouldn't wanna talk about that after words" brendon said again straight faced as everyone made groaning and getting sick noises.
"Your talking about it right now, unfotunatly" him groaned at bendons lack of a mouth filter.

"let's get going guys, or else you'll be late, and you'll miss important shit or something." Ryan laughed. Kim got in her living room closet and got out our book bags and we headed out.

" you look very nice today by the way" brendon said to me while driving.

" yeah the kids at school are going to be surprised at the major change." Kim said

"plus you'll probably have a lot more friends, a lot of people at our parties go to that school" Ryan said.

We arrived at school and brendon gave me a kiss and told me he loved me before letting me out of the car. Kim and I walked into school and to her locker we shared ( because that's what best friends do) with a pep in our step. We were greeted so many times by people we didn't even know, and It felt good being in school for once.
The bell rang and we said we would see eachother in our second class which we had together. And we skipped on our way down the hall to our classes. I actually payed attention in class and took down notes and before long started to head to my second one. I sat down by Kim and class started. I couldn't help but get this strange feeling in my gut. A feeling like I shouldn't be here. I bit my nails and watched the clock, class was half over. Why did I feel like this? I needed to just relax, today was going to be a good day, it has been. Before I could even finish my last thought as the princapal appeared in the class room door way with two police officers they were pretty big men. I caught a look At Kim, she looked mortafied. We both knew.

"we need miss Anson to come with us." the principal said angrily. All the kids in the class stared at me and Kim looked like she was about to cry.

"why?" I asked bravely. I was tired of being scared I wanted to be brave like brendon. I knew they were going to take me, honestly I wanted to make it a show. Kim looked at me like I was crazy.

" your under arrest for one count of runaway." the bigger of he two officers boomed. The classroom was quiet. Even the teacher was shocked.
I smirked and sat back in my chair and put my feet up on my desk and crossed them "well, come and get me" I said calmly with the smirk still on my face. The two police officers came at me and started to pick me up and put me into a standing position in front of my desk and almost smaked my face down onto my seat so that I was bent over and began to pat me down and put hand cuffs on me.

"call brendon" I mouthed to Kim. She still looked horrified along with he rest of the class but she just nodded her head all wide eyed. The police officers started to drag me out of the class. And I became upset and angry, I didn't want to go back to that horrible hell hole. I started to scream like an insane person.

"no you can't take me back! You don't understand! I was abused there! I screamed until I couldn't anymore with tears in my eyes but they finally got me out of the class room and out of the building. It took them 10 minutes or longer because of all he kicking and screaming I did, I fought like hell without putting my hands on the officers, I knew better than that.
I saw brendon outside the doors waiting, man he got here quick. He approached the officers and also began to plead.

" before you take her, we need to talk. She was being abused at her home. She had to leave."
He followed them to the cop car and they put me in as brendon gave me a sad face with tears in his eyes. He had finally got one of the cops attention though and hey began to talk. I herd it.

"listen, where is she going?" brendon asked

" and who are you to her?" he officer asked.

"my names brendon, I'm her boyfriend." he awnsered calmly

"and how old are you son?" the officer asked

"17." he lied.

"well miss anson here will be taken to a juvenile correction facility, and depending on what they say there she'll either stay or go home" the officer said matter of factly.

"but I just told you she's being beaten at home" brendon said in disbelief.

"is their any proof?" the officer said.

"yeah her step dad punched her in the mouth and she had a busted lip" brendon said

"we didn't see a mark while taking her out" the officer said. He was right it had healed up. He officer began to walk to get into his police car which I was in.

"what if he beats her to death?!" brendon shouted angrily
" if she dies its on you. But not only you me, and her friends. I tried to stop you though, I tried to tell you" he said through gritted teeth "if something happens to her because of you we will all suffer especially you because I will pull you down with me, you'll be firef" the police officer just got back into the car and started to drive off showing no reguard for brendon. I looked back at him as we were driving of he was sitting on the curb with his head in his hands crying.
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