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Until tomorrow

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Sidney's "family" finds her and takes her "home" how will she be punished for running away.

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When I got to this juvenile detention center they took my book bag, and my iPod, an locked me in a little white painted brick room with a white table and for plastic chairs surrounding it, it felt like some sort of interview room and not a normal room for the ones staying there. They put me in here to question me. I decided to be as nice to who ever was going to talk to me as possible, the total opposite of how I was when I was arrested. I felt like I sat in that tiny white room for hours before an older well dressed woman with dirty blond hair stepped into the room.

"I'm mrs witiker" she said politely as she shook my hand. "I'm here to get to the bottom of why you ran away from home. Please tell everything, I need to know everything"

"well, my moms addicted to hard drugs, andy stepdad, Tim beats me almost everyday. I can't go anywhere but school and home I can't have friends or join any activities like soccor or anything that goes after school, they alwaysake me cook and clean or I get beat up, and I have to wear old clothes my sister don't want or have holes in them, I've never gotten new clothes that I can remember until recently. My life was hell."

"why did you just now decide to run away though if you were being abused for so long?" she asked

"I found friends, people who cared and I got beaten because of it, so i came to school with a busted up lip and bruises all over my arms and they helped me. I was so scared before. I didn't report it to the poliece when I ran away because I thought you would just send me back, like your going to do now, plus I have less than two months until I'm an adult, I didn't see that it mattered." I said tears now falling onto the white table.

"I'm sorry, there isn't any proof of what happened, so your family will be coming to get you. But this will be looked into. I do believe you though Sidney.

I began bawling "no, no you don't or you would just let me go.what if he kills me? What if next time it's too late?"

"I'm sorry Sidney." she gave me a sad look as she walked out the door leaving the white room.
Long hours flew by and I was just tired. Tired from crying and my kicking and screaming fit. Finally someone who worked there announced that my patents were here to get me. I wished I was dead and walked out of the white room to see the smiling faces of Tim, my mom and Kaitlin. What the fuck?y mom looked sober. Look who cleaned up the junkie and dragged her over. And Tim, I've never seen him smile.

"I'm so glad we found you honey!" my mom yelled and gave me a jig. It felt cold.

"sweetie! We were so worried about you" Tim smiled. Seriously, when I stepped out of that white room did it lead me to the twilight zone?
The worker handed me all my stuff and I just stayed quiet and confused. We walked out the door and I texted brendon and Kim. "they released me to my family" I texted. We got into the car and started to drive away.

"what they'll did you think you were doing?" Tim yelled. I didn't Awnser. "you ficking whore! Your probably knocked up by now!" he yelled as I tried hard not to cry. "you could of gotten me into so much trouble, I know you told them and they will be looking into it! We're moving to Utah tomorrow morning. Instead of freaking out I just told brendon and Kim.

"what?! No!!! You can't do this?!" Kaitlin screamed at her dad
"I'm staying here!"

"ok fine, say good by to your ficking money and new car! You don't even have a job!" he yelled
Kaitlin sobbed in the seat beside me.
Brendon texted back "can we get you out?"
"no,please don't it will make things worse. I'll be back"I texted back not knowing of it was the truth or not.

"enough of that!!" Tim yelled grabbing my iPod and hurling it out the window of the car "that's what got us here in the first fucking place!"
I almost broke down and cried, but I refused. I promised myself not to cry.

When we got home I had to resume my chores immediately, the house had went to hell since I had been gone, no wonder the needed me back. By the time I got everything done I went to my room I saw that my old computer was gone so I laid on my bed. I missed brendon and our friends so much, I felt a homesick feeling for them. Everything came back to me in a rush of memories. When i saw brendon on that stage looking at me and how he kissed me in ryans basement. Him finding me after school the next day and how he picked me up and gave me the hug. And when I got to meet the rest of his band and how he finally got me to be his girlfriend and how everyone cheered. And our first night together how he just held me. And the look of him dancing with me in the desert. And his song.
"show me your love, your love
Give me more but its not enough" I quietly sang to myself. The strong wall I had built up in my mind had now broken and years began slipping through to my eyes. I wanted to go home. But tomorrow home will be gone, I may never see those Vegas lights ever again and brendon may never find me. "oh man, I just can't wait untill tomorrow" I sarcastically sad to myself
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