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The sunny side (ending)

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Sidney and her " family" get to Utah. Kaitlin gets beat up with Sidney. Will they escape?

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hey guys! Me again. This is the ending to story one of this, but if you have ideas about the next parts let me know. I havnt planned them out at all yet,but I know their will be more if I get good feedback. Please make me the happiest person ever by rating this story or what ever you do and leave comments it helps out a ton. Now I give you the exiting conclusion to story 1 until tomorrow.enjoy

We were leaving Nevada when I started to cry. They left most of their stuff behind. We were all silent in the car. Kaitlin seemed just as depressed as I was, she was horrible toe bit I still felt bad for her why dint she want to leave so bad. I guess this place was her home just like mine. My real family was here, and now I see it disappearing as we drive down the freeway. Not even 2 more months and I can try to make it home again, but I may be dead by then, I don't know. I could try to just be quiet and bide my time but even then I'll still get beaten a lot, I didnt know if I could stand all of it anymore. I felt trapped. I had no other choice but to go with this car full of monsters. We reached Utah when it was getting dak and Tim decided to rent 2 motel rooms one for him and mom and one for miss piggy and I. The motel looked shitty and run down.

"I'm not staying in this shit shack roomed up with her! I'm staying in the car!" Kaitlin screamed.

"yes you are! It's your fault too were here! If you two bitches hadn't pulled this run away shit we wouldn't be here" Tim screamed.

"you fucking bastard-" her rant was cut off by a hard slap to be face. I couldn't do it anymore. she started to cry and I related to her sadness. I wanted him to hit me.

"don't fucking touch her you god damned psycopath!" I said then spit in his face. He climbed into the back seat of the car and started beating us both. This is what I wanted. The pain was horrible but it will be worth it. I started trying to fight back which made him angrier and deflect his rage onto only me now.

"STOP! YOUR GOING TO FUCKING KILL HER!" Kaitlin screamed and just like that he stormed out of the car dragging my drugged up raised mother behind him.

"get the keys now and drive!" I screamed at Kaitlin once they were out of sight. She didn't ask any questions, she did as I said.I looked at the sign of the motel before we peeled out it was the sunny side motel.
" Find a poliece station."I commanded.

"what?! What if he's after us?!" She screamed with bruises forming on her face.

"then he'll kill us" I said

"just dial 911! Hurry." she said throwing me her phone and speeding down the interstate. I dialed 911. And told them my sister and i were being beaten to death by my stepdad and we managed to escape and told them which highway we were on and direction we were going in and the car we were driving and that we were afraid to stop anywhere I case he found us and killed us. I stayed on the phone with the 911 operator until we saw the headlights of the poliece and we pulled over. And the poliece an ran to the drivers window with his flashlight and shined it in our faces. We must of looked pretty bad because the poliece an let out an "Jesus Christ"

"Where is he now" he asked quickly.

" we left him and my mother at the sunny side motel" I said quickly through sobbs. He raided in that he needed someone at the sunny side motel and then said a number.

"do you think you girls could follow me to the poliece station so we could get some statements and photos? If your ok to drive mam." he officer said.

" yeah, that's fine" she sniffled.

We followed the officer back to the station. I caught a glimpse of myself in a glass, it was horrifying I had a black eye and dried blood on my nose and a big purple bottom lip plus bruises. We told the officer what happened as he recorded us and took pictures he asked if we need medical help and if we had someone to stay with. Kaitlin told the officer since she's my sister and she's 18 she'll be taking care of me untill my birthday. We ended up pressing charges on Tim and left. When we got to the car Kaitlin handed me a baby whipe to whipe up the blood from my nose.
"thank you"she said starting the car.

"no I should be thanking you" I said. I could almost swear I saw her smile. She slid me her phone.

"here, call your love" she said I dialed brendons number and it only wrang once before he picked it up. I could hear chattering in the back ground.

"hello?" He said
"hey bren, I'm on my way home, I love you." I said tearing up again
" oh god! Sidney! I love you too! Where are you are you ok? How are you getting home?!" brendon seemed upset.
"I'm not so great, but I'm feeling a lot better now. Kaitlin saved my life and we called the poliece and Tim's going to be arrested. Kaitlin's bringing me back. We're just crossing back into nevada. I miss you brendon."
"I miss you too. Did he hurt you?" brendon asked
"yes, but I'm ok now. Kaitlin got hurt pretty bad too. Where are you?" I asked
" we're all at Kim's house. We were waiting on you to contact us. Kim was extremely upset. She told me how the arrest went down hahaha that's my girl." brendon said. I smiled.
" I'll be over there when I get back into town. I love you guys." I hung up the phone, and slid it back to Kaitlin.
"now call your love" I said knowingly.

" how'd you know I finally found someone? That's not me I don't fall in love" she said curiously.

" I just knew, when you love someone you'll do anything for them, that's why you threw such a fit about leaving, that's why you went along with me while escaping" I said.
she picked up the phone and started Dialing a number, I tuned out of her conversation. I was just exited to get home. I wanted to see the people I loved. Soon we were intering our town.

"Where's your friend live?" Kaitlin asked. I showed her the way we made our way around the large suburb to the front of Kim's house. I started to get out of he car

" thanks again." I said smiling at her.

" no problem sis" she said as she smear back. I closed the car door and walked up the walk way and opened the door. They all gasped when they saw me not sure if it was because the didn't expect me to walk in or because of my face, but either way they all ended up dog piling me in a hug.

" ouch! I'm a little damaged here guys." I said brendon still laches onto me not wanting to let go.

" hey she was mine first! Gimme her!" Kim joked and brendon moved so she could wrap me in a big hug. I started to cry and everyone took turns hugging me individually.

"I missed you guys so much while I was in hell." I cracked a smile through my tears.

" we're so glad your home" brendon said giving me a kiss.

" how can you still kiss me? I look like a mutant" I said to brendon.

" miss urie, I told you before and I will keep on saying it, your beautiful no matter what" he smiled and kissed me again, it was painful on my swollen lip but I missed it so much.

" besides" Kim said it's nothing that can't be fixed with make up" she shrugged. I knew it would take a whole lot to cover this damage, but I laughed.

"so what are we going to do now?" I asked

"Who wants to go for a drive?" spencer asked

if you guys want a part two please let me know I have much more in store for these two. Plus I want some buddies on here. So do what you can to help me out. Thanks for reading!!
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