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Adventures in Concert Going...

by FightingForever 2 reviews

Inspired by a certain Mr Iero...

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Hey Guys!

So I go to my fair share of concerts and I meet some insane people so I got inspired by Frank to do my own little adventures blog. I thought I'd ask you guys if you would wanna read it?

The next concert I'm going too is BMTH and PTV on my birthday (Halloween oh my glob XD) and I figured that's a pretty good place to start :) also I saw/met Misfits earlier this year and I could write about that too. I get in some crazy situations when I go to gigs (seriously) and I'd like to share it with you. I may do flashback ones too from past concerts (MCR, Lost Alone, The Blackout, 30STM, ETC...) and future concerts include Kerrang! Tour, FOB and some lesser known bands.

Anyway, is that something you'd wanna read? It's fine if it isn't, I just had a burst of inspiration. Also I posted this hete because its where my beautiful readers are :) just let me know if you guys are interested.

Love y'all
Vikki xoxo
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