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Night of the Misfits

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Earlier this year I met a hero...

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Hello my beauties and welcome to part one of my Adventures In Concert Going...

Night Of The Misfits...
An adventure of Spunk Volcanoes, Fan girl fits and Jerry Only's bare chest...

As a child of around eight years old I'd developed an obsession with music, my cousin Billy was in a punk band and I'd listen to him play for hours. One day curiosity got the best of me and I asked "What song is that?" He smiled widely and sat beside me, slinging an arm over my shoulders saying

"Let me teach you all about a band called The Misfits..." And that's all it took, I was hooked.

Fast forward to mid-march 2013, I'm sitting casually flicking through my twitter feed when I see The Misfits tweeting their tour dates. Naturally I get very excited and click the link, scrolling down to see '02 Academy Newcastle April 7th 2013'. I stared at the screen for roughly 20 minutes in disbelief then screamed until my chest hurt, I grabbed my purse, typed in my details and BOOM! I'd ordered two tickets to see some of my heroes. I quickly called my friend Grace who squealed for just as long as I had.

Let me take a moment to tell you about Grace. She is my best friend and ever faithful concert companion, the Robin to my Batman, the yang to my ying, she is the one who is always there for me and without her I'd be pretty freakin' lost y'know. In short she's a smart, funny, loud and total bad ass chick who hits up as many mosh pits with me as possible.

Anyway April seventh couldn't roll around quick enough. I had been ready all day, impatience setting in and as soon as the clock hit 3pm I was on the bus to meet Grace for a night of pure punk awesomeness. On our journey Grace told me of how she'd checked out the support bands and how one guy in the first was called 'Spunk Volcano'. I laughed at the name...not knowing that I would end up encountering him, and that...well, I'll get to that part in a moment.

Outside the Academy we cued up with all the other Misfits fans, the atmosphere was electric. People were chatting and laughing, excited to get inside to see the punk legends from New Jersey. I was no different, jumping up and down and being told off by Grace for getting too excited (Although she was exactly the same) when finally the doors opened and we ran inside. If you have been to the Academy you will know the layout and understand when I say that while everyone else was at the bar or merch stand's, Grace and I ran down to the barrier, standing near the left side of the stage.

The show started early and the first band bounded onto the stage, Dirt Box Disco, and to say they were a little odd was an understatement my friends, nevertheless I couldn't wait to hear them play. I looked up at the guitarist in front of me and found myself speechless, he was wearing a string vest, a leather jacket, heavy boots and a balaclava.

He wasn't wearing trousers, just bright orange boxers with Animal from The Muppets emblazoned on the right I said, speechless.

I started really getting into the music, jumping up and down and generally dancing away when Grace nudged me. What happened next is one hundred percent true and I will take a lie detector test to give you all proof I swear. Spunk Volcano was pointing at me, I was right in front of the guy and when certain lyrics came up he pointed right at me. As their set progressed he did more than just point, he rubbed his nipples as he pointed and then made a 'V' with his fingers and made an obscene gesture with his tongue between them...I didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

When their set was done I thought that would be the last of Spunk Volcano but instead as the second band played their set, I don't remember the name but I wish I did, Spunk stood at the side of the stage waving A CREEPY FREAKIN' DOLL AT ME! Grace at this point was also a little scared. As the second band played they gave a lot of audience participation, thrusting the mic at random people in the audience and once again I was spotted by the singer. He came and stood on the barrier, slapped his hand across my eyes (which kinda hurt I may add) and made me pledge allegiance to the god of rock and roll...which of course I did.

They left the stage and the crowd was buzzing, chattering among themselves as the stage was set up , that's when I saw him. Jerry fucking Only.

They played basically non stop, taking a 30 second breather every now and again but powering their way through forty songs, Scream, American Psycho, Dig up her bones, Hybrid Moments, It was breathtaking and incredible and more than I could ever imagine it would be. During the songs Jerry waved and winked at Grace, I screamed in excitement which made him point at me and laugh. I virtually melted I swear.

I screamed the lyrics with all I had, dancing away and generally having the most amazing time. All while trying to figure out who was trying to lift my skirt, one swift backwards kick solving that problem and trying to control myself. I was ready to punch this girl who kept pushing Grace every time Jerry winked at her. When their set ended I was on such a high, the smile just wouldn't leave my face. Jerry wiped his face with his towel and threw it down into the crowd, Grace catching it and handing it to me. I was mid fan girl fit when Jerry Only stopped in front of us, commenting on how tiny I was and hugging me into his chest while he signed ticket stubs for the people behind me. He signed my stuff, gave me another quick hug and left. I actually cried...don't judge me...

I seriously recommend seeing Misfits live if you ever get a chance, it was a dream come true

Next installment, BMTH and PTV Halloween show will be up November 1st

Vikki xoxo

Picture with Jerry
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