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Chapter 10 : Meet Anko!

by JohnnyDraven

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Chapter 10 : Meet Anko

Naruto met his team in the early morning. They went to the mission assignment office and picked up a few D ranks. They spent the entire morning and a few of the afternoon hours weeding gardens, painting fences, walking dogs, and doing peoples shopping. After they were done, Team 7 agreed to meet up tomorrow to do some more. Naruto went home and spent an hour cleaning his equipment, and inspecting the seals that he used daily. His yellow fox mask had a transparency seal inside so it didn't hinder his seeing ability. His swords Zangetsu, and Masamune had unique gravity seals etched into their handles. Because of this, No ordinary shinobi could wield Zangetsu, or Masamune. The seals were set to recognize Narutos chakra, so the swords would way 3 tons to anyone else who tried to pick either of the swords off the ground. Kurikara was a really unique sword however. The sword could not be released from its scabbard without first channeling Azure Flames into the blade. No one could use this sword without having the Azure Flame bloodline. After inspecting his weapons Naruto sealed them away and decided it was time to begin two of his projects. Naruto sent 30 shadow clones into the village with plenty of ryo on hand to buy lumber and other building supplies. He would need plenty of stone, wood and mortar to build his forge. Naruto himself locked up his house and set off towards the forest of death to work on his Jutsu training.

(Forest of Death)

Naruto walked up the chunins who handled admittance into the dangerous training ground. With a smile and a wave he handed over his pass, and after some surprised looks from the guards, he received his pass back and ventured into the forest. Naruto ran a few miles into the forest before coming to a small glade. Any of the larger then normal animals he encountered he scared off with a potent blast of KI. Naruto sealed away his cloak and his vest before he set to work. He stood shirtless in the clearing and attempted to clear his mind. "Gravity seals:KAI! Resistance seals:KAI! Chakra Restriction seals:KAI! The ground he was standing on collapsed into rubble as his blue charka shrouded his body and rolled off in waves after the sudden release of his built up chakra. Birds took flight in fear, followed by any would be predators. Naruto took a deep breath before forming a rasengan in his left hand. He slowly started pouring wind chakra into the powerful ball of energy. The rasengan started to change at first before it destabilized and imploded, sending Naruto into a tree. "Ugghhh, shit that hurt." Naruto stood up, and tried again. No matter how hard he tried he always got the same results. He could of spammed shadow clones into the clearing to help, but he felt that would dishonor his father who had tried for years unsuccessfully to add his element to the incomplete jutsu. No, Naruto would do this the hard way.

Midway through his failed experiments Naruto decided to take a break from the rasengan experiment. He summoned 50 clones and gave each their marching orders. 25 would work on his chakra control, twelve would work on his kenjutsu, and thirteen would work on his fathers Taijutsu style, The "Hummingbird Style." He loved his Cornered Fox Style, but he wanted to broaden his abilities. He had learned his fathers taijutsu style from his fathers library after he first moved into his house. Naruto summoned up some more shadow clones and gave them orders to throw kunai, shuriken, and to attack him with different weapons and swords. He tied a blindfold around his eyes while blocking, parrying, and dodging all of his clones attacks, to heighten his awareness and other senses. After sometime of doing this dangerous form of training, Naruto picked up on the presence of someone hiding in the trees. Naruto dispelled his clones and turned his blindfolded head towards the persons direction. "Can I help you?" He asked.

Anko Mitarashi licked her lips and leapt down from her perch. She had been watching the blonde shinobi for the past hour or so, and she had to admit she was impressed. She had been having fun running around her 'playground' as she liked to call the dangerous forest for awhile, before she felt a sudden explosion of chakra. She rushed to the clearing to investigate and what did she find? She found Naruto, shirtless and working on his rasengan. She had sat down in a tree branch to watch him. She liked what she saw. The kid was freakin ripped! She sat their drooling over his 6 pack abs and sinewy arms. She was going go out and introduce herself when it appeared he was finished with whatever it was he was working on. Then, he summoned his shadow clones and began all sorts of different training. She sat back down when he tied a blindfold around his eyes, and his clones started throwing pointy things at him. 'This kid has some serious balls!'

Anko smirked and walked towards Naruto. Naruto recognized her chakra, specifically the dark, evil chakra that came from her cursed seal. He removed his blindfold and smiled at the beautiful kunoichi. 'Hes/Shes so sexy!' They both thought at the same time. "Ah you must be Anko Mitarashi." Naruto said with an extended hand and a smile. "I've heard a bit about you. Rumor has it you are one tough kunoichi." Anko shook the boys hand and beamed. "Yup! Toughest bitch your likely to meet around Konoha. And your Naruto Uzumaki. From what I've seen already, your no slouch either." Naruto rubbed the back of his head sheepishly and laughed. "Im not all that special Anko-chan!" Anko and Naruto both blushed at the affectionate suffix. Naruto turned away. 'Anko-chan?! Where the hell did that come from?' In a dull roar of blue flames Naruto was redressed in his shinobi attire. Naruto continued to rub the back of head in slight nervousness. "S-so, would you like to spar a little Anko?" Anko smiled, a little disappointment at the return of his clothes, but she wouldn't say that out loud. "That sounds fun gaki."


Naruto and Anko spent a few hours sparring, and chasing each other through the forest of death. After they were finished, and both laughing and panting, Naruto asked the beautiful snake kunoichi if she would like to go and get something to eat. "Are you asking me on a date Foxy-kun?" Anko teased with a seductive smirk. Naruto blushed and stammered. "U-um no, I mean I-I was just wondering I-I mean if you wanted to we could..." Anko laughed at the flustered genin. "Sure gaki, why not. I am kind of hungry." So the two left the forest and headed out to Ankos favorite Dango restaurant. The two ordered their food, and spent awhile eating and laughing, and sharing stories. After the light seemed to fade, and night time descended onto Konoha Naruto spoke up. "So Anko. I had a lot of fun today. I was wondering if maybe we could do this again sometime. Spar in the forest, and then if you wanted I could treat you to some dango? What do you think? I-I mean only if you want to." Naruto said, growing increasingly flustered and embarrassed. 'What is wrong with me! I mean of course she must have better things to do then to spend time with a loos-' "Id love to gaki." Anko said with a small smile, snapping Naruto from his self deprecating thoughts. "Really?" He asked surprised. "Why not? I had a lot of fun today, and who am I to say no to free dango?" She said with a laugh. "Why? Am I not good enough for you Foxy-kun?" She teased with a fake hurt look. "NO! Thats not it at all I-I was just-" "Good!Its settled then!" Anko said with a smile. 'God hes so easy to embarrass. Im gonna have a lot of fun with this kid.'

Naruto and Anko soon parted ways and Naruto headed back to his estate. His clones who he had sent to get building supplies for his forge had dispelled hours ago, so he knew tomorrow he had his work cut out for him. He undressed, took a shower, and climbed into bed. He reflected on his day, and couldn't help but smile when thinking back to his time spent with Anko. "I really like her. I don't know what it is, but when Im around her things just feel... right."
Naruto smiled again and soon drifted off to sleep. Meanwhile across town Anko too was reflecting on her day. "That kid certainly is something. What is this feeling I get when he looks at me though? Something in me calms and everything just feels... good."

(3 Months Later)

Three months had passed since Naruto started sparring with Anko in the forest of death. Ever night when Anko wasn't away on a mission, the two would meet up, spar, and chase eachother through the dangerous forest. After they were done with their bouts, Naruto would take Anko out to eat either at her favorite dango stand, or sometimes even to Ichiraku. In that three months they grew to be close friends. Naruto would work into the late hours of the night researching the cursed seal, and he had begun to make serious progress. He didn't think it would take to much longer to find away to remove it from the beautiful kunoichis shoulder. In those three months Naruto never brought up her past with Orochimaru, nor did he bring up the fact that he had taken over for Jiraiya to find a way to remove the seal. He didn't want to get her hopes up until he was sure he could remove it for her. Naruto was beginning to develop deeper feelings for the Snake charmer, and with any luck so was she.

In the three months that had passed, Naruto had built his forge. The first sword he had created he called "Basutāsōdo" Or The Buster Sword as he liked to call it. It was a massive Zanbato broadsword, about six feet long, with a single edged blade about a foot wide. The blade was riveted in place to the guard and handle. The handle itself was a deep red with swirl designs. The sword was made of Chakra metal, and had the same gravity seals as Zangetsu and Masamune. Naruto however had added new seals along the edge of the blades of both the Buster Sword, and Zangetsu. He called them "Tenketsu Seals." These seals (when chakra was fed to them) would store up chakra. When Naruto swung the sword, while simultaneously forcing extra chakra into the seals, would activate and release the built up chakra in a devastating chakra beam. He called the move "Getsuga Tensho" and it was a devastating attack.

Tenten had improved a great deal under Narutos tutelage and she was currently wearing resistance seals to build up her strength. She was making great progress and Naruto knew that in time she would be an excellent swordswoman. He was currently teaching her about weapons forging with her father, and Naruto decided that when she was good enough, the two would make her her own custom swords to go with her style.

Naruto still had not perfected adding wind jutsu to his rasengan, but he felt that could wait for right now. He wasn't giving up mind you. No he worked on it whenever he could. He just felt that when he got it he got it. He wasn't going to stress out or kill himself over it.


Naruto and his teammates were in the Mission Hall standing before the Hokage. "Ah team 7. Hmmm let me see here. Ah yes for your next D rank, you will clean the kennels at the Inuz-"
Naruto stepped forward and cut his Grandfather figure and Hokage off. "Hokage-Sama. I was actually wondering if it may be possible to get a more difficult mission?" Naruto asked calmly. Hiruzen seemed to ponder the suggestion. He knew Naruto was strong enough for S rank missions and he was not the reason they were still doing D rank. No, he wasn't sure if Narutos teammates were ready to do any more dangerous missions. Iruka was about to stand up and voice his concerns but Hiruzen cut him off. "Kakashi? Do you think your team is ready for that?" He asked the cycloptic jonin. "They are indeed ready Hokage-sama." Hiruzen nodded his head to the great pleasure of the relieved looking genin. "Okay I have a C ranked mission available. You must escort a bridge builder to the land of waves, and guard him from thugs while he completes a bridge. Send in Tazuna-san!"

The door opened and an old spectacled drunken man, with a jug of sake walked into the room. He looked at the genin and their sensei. "What the hell? I paid for ninja and you give me a couple of kids? Duckass doesnt look like he could tie his own shoelaces without getting depressed, Bubblegum looks like she may faint at the sight of blood. Dont even get me started with blondi-" He was interrupted from his observations however when he felt a something cold against his neck. He looked to the side to see Naruto holding Masamune against his throat. He looked back at the 3 genin and sure enough Naruto hadn't moved. "W-what the hell? How are here w-when your still..." Naruto smiled at the man. "You see drunkard-san, we ninja no matter how young we may look, can do all sorts of cool things. Like remove your head from your shoulders with a flick of our wrists. Shall I demonstrate?" The Naruto who was standing next to his team dispelled in a cloud of smoke revealing it to be a shadow clone. "Ma ma Ototou, please don't threaten our client." Kakashi said without removing his eyes from his porno book. Naruto just smiled at his Nii-san. "Sorry Nii-san." He resealed his sword and was about to walk away. He stopped however and grabbed Tazunas sake jug from the mans hands, and took a huge swig. "NARUTO!" Screeched Sakura. "YOUR TO YOUNG TO DRINK!" Naruto just stared at the girl before deadpanning. "Old enough to kill, old enough to drink, gamble, and fuck." Sakura and Sasuke just blushed and the Hokage and Kakashi just sweat dropped. "Okay team, meet at the gate in an hour." Said Kakashi before everyone went on there way.

Next up, Wave Country.

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