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The Phantom

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A naive 12 year old child named Autumn goes to see the play Phantom of the Opera. When she is leaving the stadium, something happens!

Category: Phantom of the Opera - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Drama - Characters: Erik - Warnings: [!] - Published: 2013-10-12 - 269 words

"Mom, its so dramatic!" exclaimed Autumn Casey. It was her 12th birthday, watching the play. She was enjoying it.

The play ended, and Autumn and her single mom walked towards the exit surrounded by other people. "Mom? Where are you?” Autumn was pushed back into the stadium by the swarms of people, while her mom was being swept away by the crowd as if it were a riptide.

"Mom!" Autumn called out again. She ran for the doors and into the driveway. It was wet and foggy out from the rain. "Mom?" Autumn yelled. Scanning the area for her car, she figured that her mom was in the back parking lot. Autumn bolted around the back yard. "Mom?" A cold hand grabbed at her arm.

Autumn turned around. "Hey! You did great!" It was the man playing as the Phantom. He laughed darkly and quietly. Autumn laughed too.

"Oh, hey, have you seen my mom by the way?" He laughed even more. "I am not an actor, child."

Autumn jumped. "What?!" She yanked at her arm and screamed for help. Actors ran over and yanked her away. They bolted inside the stadium and locked the doors.

"Who was that?" asked the real actor of the Phantom. "I don't know. That looked like the Phantom!" replied the actor or Christine. Charlotta's actor was attempting to calm Autumn down, stroking her long, light blonde hair. Autumn was sobbing. "W-where's my mom!"

Later that night, her mom picked her up and drove her home. She held Autumn tight and told her it had to have been a prank.

Her mom was wrong.
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