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Chapter 1

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Autumn went to bed restless. She hung upside down on her bed, thinking about what had happened. Who was that? Was the actor trying to trick her? Was this a joke? Autumn eventually fell asleep. She had a horrible nightmare. "Nooo..," she mumbled in her sleep.

A faint creak came from her door. Autumn was fast asleep, she could not hear it. As quiet as a mouse, in snuck the Phantom. He loomed over Autumn, silently observing her.

He loomed over her patiently for ten minutes until Augumn's head jerked up and she gasped. She had awoken from a nightmare and had found another nightmare in front of her. Before either of them knew it, Autumn accidentally bumped her forehead on the Phantom's. He staggered back but didn't fall.

The only sound Autumn Casey could make was an innocent squeak. She hid her head under her blankets, assuring herself that it was just a hallucination, that she was just tired. But as she peeked out, she saw him, and was about ready to scream. The horrifying monster clamped his cold hands over Autumn's mouth.

"Be quiet," he whispered. Suddenly, the hallway lights shot on. The Phantom hid in the shadowy corner until the lights turned off.

Very slowly, he made his way back to the horrified Autumn. He put a finger over where his mouth would be if he didn't have his mask on. "I said be quiet," he repeated. He extended his hand. Autumn shied away from it. She heard a soft chuckle that sent shivers down her spine. The masked monster grabbed her arm and pulled her downstairs and out the door.

Autumn was pulling at her arm. "Let me go! I do- I don't want any of this! Please!" she sobbed loudly. "Shhh," he hushed, clamping one hand on her mouth, the other stroking her sand colored hair, attempting to calm her down. Autumn was shaking nervously and started crying lightly. He walked along behind her.
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