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Chapter 12: Liberation

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Chapter 12 : Liberation

Naruto had found a forge in town that he paid the owner to use. It disgusted him how Gato had turned this nice community in the slum that it was today. Children were constantly tugging at his clothes begging for food. He gave them what he could, and he even gave out what ryo he had on left on him, after paying off Zabuza, and buying access to the blacksmiths forge. He infused Hirashined to his house to get more ryo, and plenty of chakra metal. After he got back and caught his breath from using the time/space ninjutsu over such a long distance, he began his work. After he first repaired the sword, then he infused chakra metal along the blade. After that was done, he broke out his sealing supplies and added a few seals. The first would allow the sword to repair itself with the iron found in blood. Anytime the blade was introduced to warm blood, the iron would collect and store into the seal. Anytime a crack, or break formed the iron would leave the seal, and solidify in the crack. It was really a revolutionary seal so he made sure to add it to his own swords.

After he completed the task of fixing the Guillotine Sword, he decided to forge a katana. He figured it would make a nice gift for Haku, and his master would teach him the basics. After an a few hours the sword was ready. It was made with chakra metal, and the blood repair seal was added to it. He bought the nicest sheath he could find from the blacksmith, and painted it a dark blue color. After he was done his work, he looked at the time and saw it was very late. He still wanted to take his mind off the situation with Inari, so he decided against returning to Tazunas home. He walked into the forest and unsealed Kurikara. He summoned a thousand shadow clones and decided it was time for a good old fashioned "Battle Royale." He summoned his fox mask into place and shrouded himself and his sword in Azure Flames. "Showtime."

(The Next Morning)

Haku was walking through the forest when he came upon a strange site. Naruto, still masked was passed out in the center of a clearing. All the trees around were splintered and gashed. The feminine looking boy walked up to Naruto, basket in hand. 'I'm so glad I don't have to kill him.' He mused to himself. He leaned down and was about to touch Naruto. As soon as his fingers were a centimeter from Narutos chest he felt a sword touching his neck. Haku gasped and retracted his hand. Naruto sat up slowly, and once his eyes registered what he thought was a beautiful girl, he ripped off his mask and apologized. "Oh Kami, I'm so sorry!" He quickly sealed his sword and apologized to the amused Haku. "Its okay, I shouldn't have snuck up on you like that." Naruto smiled, and offered his hand. "I'm Naruto, whats your name Nee-chan?" Haku smiled and shook his hand. "I'm shocked that you don't remember me Naruto-kun."
Narutos eyes widened. "Haku?"

"Yes its me, he can't blame you though. When we last met I had on my mask." Naruto shook his head. "I didn't know you were a girl?" Haku simply smiled and tilted his head. "Im not." He said with obvious amusement in his voice. Naruto looked shocked again. "I-Im sorry Haku-san, its just your... actually I can't believe Im going to say this but...your really pretty." Naruto said with a small blush. Haku blushed and turned away. He coughed once and looked back at the embarrassed looking Naruto. "So what were you doing sleeping out here Naruto-kun?" Naruto chuckled a little bit. "I was blowing off some steam I guess you could say." Haku was about to inquire as to what made him angry enough to cause so much destruction when he was cut off. "Hey I finished Zabuzas sword early." He unsealed the sword and presented it to Haku with a sealing scroll. Haku thanked the boy and sealed the scroll. He tucked it into his kimono. Naruto and Haku spent the next few hours talking. Naruto told his life story to the boy, who by the end of it was crying. Haku in turn told his life story to Naruto, about his parents and his Hyoton bloodline and explained that he was saved by Zabuza. He explained that he thought of Zabuza as a father, but regardless if the feeling was mutual, in the end he was a tool for Zabuza to use. Naruto was a bit pissed off that the boy could think so little of himself, but in the end Haku wouldn't budge on the subject. "Do you have anyone who is precious to you Naruto-kun?" Naruto smiled at the boy. "Yes I do, to me one becomes truly strong when they fight to protect the ones they love." Haku beamed at the response, and nodded his head. "Yes Naruto-kun, a person becomes truly strong when they fight for their precious people. That is what Zabuza is to me Naruto-kun, he is my precious person and I would give my life for him, if it meant he would live to be happy." The two shinobi shook hands after some more talking, and both believed that they had found a lifelong friend.

(6 days later)

Naruto spent the entire week spamming shadow clones to help Tazuna rebuild the bridge. He even had clones apply seals all along the bridge that would prevent it from running down, or weathering. He added some seals to add extra strength so it could hold up against even low level jutsu, and low grade exploding tags. Kakashi trained Sakura and Sasuke in tree walking, while Naruto had clones protecting Tazunas house, and he himself protected Tazuna daily. Finally the day had arrived. Naruto made a contingency of shadow clones to watch over Tsunami and Inari, while he and his team escorted Tazuna to the bridge. The day before Tazuna had told all of his workers not to come in for the day. When they got to the bridge they were greeted to the site of Haku and Zabuza standing in the center. Fog covered the bridge from onlookers and team 7 came to a stop in front of the two mist ninja.

"Gaki, you did an excellent job with my sword I have to tell ya." Naruto smiled at the man. He quickly summed up the seals he added, and the infusion of chakra metal into the blade. Zabuza was really impressed with the work. "Care to test it out?" Naruto asked with a smirk. Zabuza gained a feral grin. "Most definitely." The two crossed blades once again, while Haku asked Sasuke if he would like a spar. Sasuke took it as a chance to test his development, and soon Sakura, Kakashi, and Tazuna were witnessing two epic battles.

(20 minutes later)

Sasuke was wiped, and Haku was a little winded himself. Zabuza was breathing heavy, and sported shallow cuts and gashes. Naruto hardly seemed winded, though his clothes were a little cut up, and his chest was bleeding a bit. "I guess thats 2 and 0 Zabuza-chan!" Naruto laughed. Zabuza grew a popped vein, but then laughed it off. "Your right gaki. You are skilled with that sword. Its really too bad you weren't a Mist shinobi, I would have been honored to make you my successor." Naruto nodded and smiled. "The honor would have been all mine I assure, Zabuza-Momochi." Naruto bowed to the man. Zabuza smiled and bowed back. Suddenly they heard tapping at the end of the bridge. Zabuza dispelled the mist to reveal Gato, and 200 henchman.


The Naruto clones at Tazunas house were in one of the bedrooms playing cards. "I wonder how its going over at the bridge." Said one of the clones. Another answered "Just shut up and deal you baka." The clone was about to retort, until he heard glass breaking downstairs. The clones nodded and leapt into action. They climbed out the windows and covered the front and back of the house. A Naruto clone looked through one of the windows to see Tsunami being dragged out crying by two men with swords on their hips. Inari sat in a corner crying. The Naruto clones were about to jump into action, before Inari bolted out of the house screaming for them to release his mother. He took Narutos words to heart, and decided then and their he was going to fight for someone he loved. The thugs drew their swords and were about to cut down the young boy infront of the screaming and crying Tsunami. They brought their swords down, only to hear metal clash. Naruto stood before the amazed Inari, Masamune holding off the thugs attacks. "Naruto-Niisan!" The Naruto clone chuckled. "Hey the hero is supposed to show up a the last minute dattebyo. Now, you guys made a real big mistake trying to hurt my Ototou." He quickly killed the two and sealed their bodies away for later disposal.

(Back on the bridge)

"Look at this boys! The baby demon couldn't get the job done!" The gathered thugs laughed with their boss. "Whats the matter Zabu-chan? Can't deal with a couple of brats?" Zabuza laughed in reply. "These brats aren't exactly normal Gato, as you will see in a minute." "Bah, kill them all, I was gonna kill you anyway Zabuza, then sell that little whore of yours to one of my brothels. On second thought, keep the whore alive boys, her and that cute little pink haired bitch." Zabuza, Kakashi, and Sasuke were about to step forward when, but they were frozen on the spot by the killing intent leaking from a very pissed off Naruto. "Filthy pigs like you disgust me." Said Naruto has he lifted his head to reveal to the shocked crowd, (team 7 included) his demonic looking features. His hair had grown longer, and spikey-er. His canines enlongated, his whisker marks thickened and darkened. His eyes had slit and turned crimson, and his lips turned a blackish color. Red chakra shrouded his body as his nails turned into long black claws. "Im the demon you should have been wary of." 2 Golden Chakra Chains burst from his lower back, each shrouded in the Kyuubis chakra. One held Masamune, and the other held Kurikara. Naruto unsealed Zangetsu in his right hand, and in his left hand was the Buster Sword. "N-naruto." Stuttered his teammates. Haku was shocked and a little frightened, and two words floated across to Zabuzas mind. 'Such Power.' "Don't worry guys. Im completely in control of my emotions. This is me, using the fox's power Nii-san, not the other way around." Kakashi visibly relaxed. "Lets show em fear kit. TEAR THEM APART!" Naruto summoned his fox mask into position over his face. "Time to die!"

Naruto whipped his arms over his head and swung his mighty swords. With a kyuubified cry of "GETSUGA TENSHO!" He unleashed hell upon his enemies. Two massive black Getsuga Tenshos, outlined in red, surged toward the group of thugs. When it hit everyone in its path was obliterated. Naruto didn't stop though. He flash stepped forward and began slaughtering them all. Dead bodies littered the opening of the bridge. Their were about 100 thugs left. Naruto grabbed Gato by the neck, and threw a hirashin kunai back over to his team. He reappeared in a flash of red.(Hes using Kyuubis Chakra) "H-he knows his fathers Hirashin?!" Asked Zabuza to Kakashi. Kakashi nodded his head. "And the rasengan." Zabuza paled, and suddenly felt a hell of a lot better about losing twice to the young ninja. "Sasuke."
Naruto said in his still demonic voice. "Y-yeah Naruto?" "Feel free to handle the rest of them if you want." Sasuke nodded, then smirked upon seeing the shitting thugs. When they saw the Uchia coming instead of Naruto, they suddenly gained back some of their courage, stupid move. Sasuke joined by Kakashi finished off the weaklings. 50 however escaped onto a boat and were trying to flee. Naruto was having none of that however. He flew straight up into the air and hovered above the boat. He sealed away his swords and canceled his chakra chains. "Fire style : FIRE DRAGON JUTSU" He flew through hand seals and suddenly a massive purple fire dragon nosedived into the boat vaporizing any passengers.

(3 days later)

Team 7 was standing on the newly finished bridge about to leave. Zabuza and Haku were their as well, along with the entire village of Wave. "Naruto-niisan. You really have to leave?" Naruto chuckled and ruffled the teary eyed boys hair. "Yes Ototou, I really have to leave. But this isn't goodbye forever. I will be sure to drop by if I am ever in the area. But I have something for you. Naruto pulled out a necklace with smaller sized Hirashin Kunai on it. "Protect your mom and grandfather with everything you have, but if you ever truly need my help again, throw this kunai and I'll be there in a flash." Naruto said with a smirk. Inari happily put it on. "Haku, I have one for you as well." He gave his new friend a similar necklace which she put on immediately. "I also made you this." Naruto unsealed a beautiful katana. Its sheath was dark blue like its handle. Stylized on the sheath were white flowers whose petals looked like snow flakes. Hanging from the handle was a small silver chain, hanging from it was a small jeweled snowflake. "Use this to protect your precious people. Make this sword as legendary as the person wielding it. Her name is Sode no Shirayuki, take good care of her. Haku accepted the sword with great reverence. "She is beautiful Naruto, thank you, I will."

After everyone had said their goodbyes team 7 left wave. The last thing Zabuza had said to them was "Gaki! Your gonna be famous someday soon!" Tazuna was now deciding what to name the bridge. "I know!" Said Inari. "The Great Naruto Bridge!" Everyone cheered in agreement. They would name the bridge for the young shinobi who liberated them, and gave them back their hope, and their courage. Naruto, before killing Gato had taken the man to his mansion where he made him sign over all deeds, titles, and documents to Tazuna. He recovered millions of ryo, which he divided among Tazuna and the village, and Zabuza. Naruto then gave all the deeds and titles to Tazuna who was now the majority land holder of Wave country. Tazuna had given his people all of their money and land back. Then Gato was executed publicly.

(A few days later Konoha)

"Hokage-sama! YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS!" "Hmm see what." The chunin that burst into the Hokages office handed him a bingo book. Hiruzen turned to the bookmarked page and nearly choked on his pipe. On the page was a picture of Naruto, next to it was a picture of Naruto in his yellow fox mask. The description read :


Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze

AKA : The Golden Fox
AKA : The Prince of Uzu
AKA : The Kitsune Swordsman
AKA : Naruto of The Limitless Shadow Clones

Age : 12-13
Gender : Male
Genin Shinobi of Konoha
Jinjuriki of The Kyuubi No Yoko
Prince and clan head of The Uzumaki Clan
Son of Princess Kushina Uzumaki "The Red-Hot Habanero"
Son of The Yondaime Hokage Minato Namikaze "Konohas Yellow Flash"
Grandson of The Yondaime Uzukage Ichigo Uzumaki
Great Grandson of The Nidaime Uzugkage Rin Uzumaki
Great Great Grandson of The Shodai Uzukage Sephiroth Uzumaki
Godson of Jiraiya of The Sannin AKA "Jiraiya The Toad Sage"
Known Bloodlines : Azure Flames, Golden Chakra Chains
Taijutsu : ? - Ninjutsu : ? - Genjutsu : ? - Kenjustu : S Fuujinjutsu : S
Overall Rank : ?
Known Ninjutsu : Hirashin, Rasengan, Shadow clone Jutsu
Extra Note : Can summon limitless Shadow Clones and is able to fly
Wields The "Masamune", "Zangetsu", and "Kurikara" The Swords of The Uzukages
Also Forged and Uses His Own Sword "Basutāsōdo"

Single Handedly defeated Zabuza Momochi Twice

The Hokage sighed and rubbed his tired eyes. "Naruto, how the hell you made it into the Bingo books on your first c-rank mission is beyond me. Im getting to old for this shit."
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