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Chapter 1

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Maelstrom Eyes

“Its the demon kill him.” The villagers shouted and started a mob after small blonde boy. The blonde boy head them and started running through alleys, streets, forests, and housing areas.

The villagers stopped but the chunins were still hot on his trail. Naruto started running for the village gates with the chunins still following him. Naruto reached the gate and started running but felt a kunai hit his back.

Not wanting to get caught Naruto kept running and running until he found out no one was chasing him. He stopped by the lake before falling down from the pain on his back.

The kunai fell out but his blood started flowing out. His vision was fading slowly and the pain increased on. That’s when he heard it.

A strange music reached his ears from the lake. It was unique yet so calming. He dragged his body toward the lake but accidently fell in. He slowly floated to the center of the lake and the music slowly increase while he headed for the center.

He stopped floating when he reached the dead center and started spinning in a circle. “Young One… you had the worst of what your kind… You shall receive my help for the next 6 years” A voice in the bright light that was coming from above him. He fell unconscious as the light became too blinding. The last thing he saw was a majestic dragon.

(6 years later)

Naruto was jumping mountain to mountain heading straight for Konoha. “What would you think the villagers would think if they saw you come back?” Axisel asked him. “Dang that is one sexy boy, I wonder who he is… come on Axisel, Do you think that they would recognize the Naruto 6 years ago and now?” Naruto asked him with a smirk. Naruto did very much change in his appearance. His short spiky blond hair was now neck length, his body was hard ripped which could be seen through his cloths, and the only thing recognizable is his striking blue eyes and his whiskers.

(Overview of the last 6 years)

Naruto started training with physical fitting in the first year of training with the Axisel and started working with weights on his whole body. Axisel was harsh enough to make him endure 100 pounds on the second week rendering Naruto immobilized until he got used to it and started moving it. The Axisel would increase it ever its weights by 3 pounds everyday until he reached 1000 pounds. Naruto found out his bloodline which was to control every chakra affinity and manipulate time… Axisel told him it was a lost bloodline called Maelstrom.

The second year they worked on his ninjutsu which was prove easy since Naruto had all of the chakra affinity unlocked for him.

The third year they worked on his fuuinjutsu and he managed to make some seals on his wrists to carry his weapons. The dragon and him work on this for about for two years before they managed to make him a Level 10 Seals Master. The fifth year they worked on kenjutsu that Naruto trained most of the time. Axisel would keep saying nonstop like find the sword of your soul and learn it’s name. Naruto was confused as fuck the first two weeks until he had a strange dream about this man in black standing on pole on a sidewards world.

When Naruto was falling he found a hilt inside one of the boxes that fell with him and pulled it out. The man told him his name… “Regetsu” and they been training with him ever since. Naruto became the master of Kenjutsu at the end of the year. He learned ¾ of the year that his sword has some abilities.

His sword had an ability called Getsuga Tenshou which was basically an extended chakra slice but super effective and Blinding Light Wall Shield which was an ultimate shield. He achieved Bankai which he learned how to manipulate his Getsuga Tenshou into being a dragon like shape. He managed to create some of his own types of abilities which are very useful. While in his Shikai he managed to make an ability called Shikai Zenki which makes his Shikai to follow him and deal massive blows to his enemies for less chakra.

Bankai Zenki has the same effect as Shikai Zenki but is faster, stronger, and costs more chakra which will last half of the day. He managed to learn the important Hados’ by the end of the sixth year before Axisel informed him about returning to the village.

(Back to the present)

“Yes I got to admit you got Kurama drooling at the sight of you when I showed her how you look like.” Naruto stopped halfway in his jump and fell straight down into the forest below. He landed on the top of the tree and started to his stomachs content before puking his lunch out. “That’s precious… I never knew the fox was a girl.” Naruto started laughing out. He got his laughing under control started tree jumping until he got to the Village gates.

“Long time no see Konoha… you haven’t changed much” Naruto said smiling. He ran through the gate much to the guards displeasure which made them get up and start running after him but gave up after they lost him the next second. Naruto on the other hand was speeding to the Hokage’s tower. He jumped up to the Hokage window where the old man was staring out peacefully until an orange menace jumped in his view. “Hey Jiji, long time no see” Naruto laughed out. He felt himself get a hit in the head and looked up seeing the old man holding his hand in a chop.

“WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN NARUTO… DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH I WAS WORRYING OVER YOUR SAKE THESE 6 YEARS” Sarutobi yelled at him making Naruto wince. “Hey Jiji take it easy on the ears… besides I was training these years and came back for the genin exam” Naruto whined. “TRAINING!? THATS WHY WE HAVE SOMETHING CALLED AN ACADEMY HERE” Sarutobi roared at him before get his a chop from Naruto. “Jiji take it easy on the ears you know how sensitive they are” Naruto said pouting.

“Plus stop this yelling it is pointless and can I give you a hug Jiji?” Naruto said with a raised eyebrow. The next second he was in a bone-crushing hug with the Hokage. ‘Very well you may take the exam. They are taking one in an hour so you are a bit early. Here take this note and go to the academy in an hour. Oh here is some money for breakfast…” Sarutobi told him before the door opened revealing the guards at the gate. “Sir someone ran into the village past us and is hiding somewhere in the village.” One of the guards told Sarutobi.

“No worries it was Naruto here that ran in so false alarm.” Sarutobi told them pointing at Naruto. “Wait this is Naruto… Hey Naruto I barely recognize you, remember me Koharu.” The guard said excitedly before the other guard pulled him back to resume guard. “Hey old man do you have a place to stay for the night.” Naruto asked him. “Is your apartment good enough” Sarutobi asked him holding out the key.

Naruto gave his thanks and headed to a restaurant for some breakfast. He got in and bought some Tea and Muffins since it would leave his body with a lot of energy later. He took his time so 55 minutes later Naruto paid for his breakfast and headed for the academy. “Hey Naruto do you think that you’ll pass the test?” Axisel asked him. Naruto tripped on an invisible rock. “ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME. WHAT THE FUCK WERE WE LEARNING THESE 6 YEARS” Naruto roared through his head.

He shook his head and ran to the building he always go on the swing next to. He got there on the dot and entered before they locked the door. He saw the teacher and went to give the note to him. The teacher’s eyes widen and nodded. “Very well, show me a Substitution, Transformation, and a clone jutsu.” The instructor told him. He substituted with the chair that was in the corner, he transformed into the instructor, and made 1 shadow clone to pass it off as a regular clone. “You pass the 1st part of the test now go join the rest of the class.” The instructor said before he shunshined out of there. Naruto went outside through the back and saw a target practice with everybody in a crowd.

The same instructor came and guided him to the dummys’. “Okay now you have to hit all 15 target in less than 7 seconds. GO” The instructor said after giving him a pouch full of weapons. Not even a second and every weapon was gone and every target had a bulls-eye. “Congratulations you pass the 2nd part of the test now go wait while I tell the next teacher about your arrival.” He said before walking up to a white haired man who was watching over the kids.

“Okay you can join this group but since they just finished you will have to go against the victor.” He told him. “That’s fine” Naruto told him and entered the circle. “You’re going to lose so you might as well quit.” The arrogant boy told him. Naruto snorted and got into his trick stance which looks like a crane stance. “BEGIN” the instructor said before the other boy launched himself at him. Naruto stopped the stance and sidestepped it. The boy’s eye got wide while Naruto’s hand went for his head.

Naruto’s hand went to knockout the boy only to find his hand pass through the clone. “An illusion clone eh? So he wants to win? Not Happening” Naruto thought out before his body jumped up to avoid the punch the kid sent from behind. The kid expecting to finish him eyes widened in surprise when Naruto launched his foot against the boy’s face. The boy was shot outwards out of the circle and hit the building leaving a body shape crater.

Naruto landed and looked at the instructor. The instructor was in a mixture of surprise, awe, and fear. “C.. Congratulations Uzumaki Naruto are the rookie of the year and Hinata here is the Kunoichi of the year” The instructor told him. He looked at the girl next to him and saw a girl he hasn’t seen for 7 years. It was the girl he saved in the forest. The girl also noticed and started blushing like a madwoman. He noticed that he was staring too long and walked away from the group to a bench while his instincts flared.

He turned in time to see the arrogant boy with a kunai leaping at him. Naruto in a blur sidestepped and kicked the boy in the stomach making him curl up. That’s when he remembered the boy. He was an Uchiha that he saw sitting near a lake 7 years ago. He continued walking and sat at a bench under a tree and watched the group. He knew he wasn’t the social type but wasn’t going to change it. “So how are you Naruto kun” He heard Hinata ask next to him.
“I’m doing good Hinata chan… just getting used to being in Konoha after a while” Naruto replied to her. “What do you mean… didn’t you always live here?” Hinata asked him. He was about to answer but was interrupted by a screaming pink banshee. “HOW DARE YOU DO THAT TO MY SASUKE KUN… HE IS SO MUCH COOLER THAN YOU ARE… I KNOW YOU CHEATED AT THE SPARRING TEST HOW ELSE COULD YOU HAVE WON SASUKE IS THE BEST” The pink banshee kept screaming into his ear making Naruto cover his ears and a small whine erupted his mouth.
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