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Chapter 2

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Hinata saw Naruto hold his ears and covered the banshee’s mouth and pointed at Sasuke. When she looked she could see Sasuke looking at her with an annoyed glare. Sakura stopped and went to bug Sasuke who surrounded by other fan girls. “Thank you for that” Naruto told her and gave her a hug. Hinata turned red to the fullest degree and fainted.

“Hey Naruto give her a little electric shock.” Axisel told him. Naruto put his hand on her chest but to his surprise he felt two round giant objects there mid-air invisible.

“Genjutsu… KAI” Naruto muttered and Hinata’s chest more noticeable to him. Ignoring it he placed his hand in the center and said “Raiton: Gentle shock” she woke up and turned pale and crimson at the same time. “Nice genjutsu you got there Hinata” Naruto told her.

“Please don’t tell anyone about this.” Hinata panicked. “Don’t worry your secret is safe with me. Anyway why hide it it looks fantastic.” Naruto told her before Hinata fainted again but her face fiery red. “Raiton: Gentle Shock” Naruto said again and she woke up again.

“I hide it because… I don’t want anyone to get a bad impression of me.” Hinata told him. “Why I have a good impression of you right now” Naruto told her. She turned red again but did not faint. “Well… Girls in the Hyuuga Clan develop earlier than other girls so they would probably think I am unnatural.” Hinata told him.

Suddenly Naruto grabbed her placed her on his lap which Hinata gave a squeak and started turning red. “Is this unnatural?” Naruto asked her. She nodded. “Well then I better stop the should I?” Naruto asked her before Hinata turned pale and started shaking her head. She realized what she did and came back to her crimson red blush. Suddenly she was flung into the air and landed on something.

Hinata being the one not liking heights looked down and saw that she was on Naruto’s back. She quickly took her arms and nearly choked Naruto who was trying to pry her arms looser. When it became at a breathable extent he started running around ignoring the looks everybody else was giving them.”Okay students now that we have graded your exams we will assign you to teams so please return to the classroom.” The instructor yelled out.

Naruto skidded to a halt revealing a wide eyed Hinata getting of but clinging on to him the entire time. As they sat together in a desk with a guy with sunglasses and high collar Teams 1-6 gone by fast. “Team 7 will be Haruno Sakura, Uchiha Sasuke, and… Uzumaki Naruto with Hatake Kakashi. Team 8 will be Hyuuga Hinata, Inuzuka Kiba, Aburame Shino with Yuhi Kurenai. Team 9 will be Yamanaka Ino, Nara Shikamaru, Akimichi Chouji with Sarutobi Asuma. That will be all and please wait for your teacher when he or she comes to pick you up. Good Day” the instructor told them as the Teams 1-6 mentors entered. They slowly went away and Team 8 and 9 left with their mentor leaving with their students.

Hinata looked at Naruto for a few moments before leaving. Team 7 waited for 5… 10… 15 minutes before Sakura and Sasuke started getting annoyed. Naruto popped out a ball of fire and started playing with it much to Sasuke’s shock.

(Outside the door)

Kakashi headed for the classroom where is students were. When he peered in he saw Sasuke and Sakura sitting around doing nothing other than looking at the back of the classroom. He opened it a bit more to his shock see the third genin sitting there playing with a ball of fire which slowly got bigger. “Hello Team 7” Kakashi told them. The next second Kakashi was about to be burned by a fireball. He substituted with the small table next to the window.

“YOU’RE LATE” Sakura screamed at him. Sasuke just gave the jounin an annoyed glare and Naruto… was sleeping. Sakura noticed also went up to Naruto. “BAKA WAKE UP” She screamed at his ear only getting shoved into the other wall roughly with a grim Naruto. “Do that again I will kill you” Naruto warned her darkly. Kakashi’s eyes narrowed into slits. Sakura on the other hand was trembling.

“My first impression is I don’t like you. Okay everyone on the roof in 5 minutes” Kakashi told them before shunshining out of there. Naruto followed suit and found Kakashi reading an orange book. “Well that was fast.” Kakashi told him. A minute or two later, Sasuke and Sakura walked to the roof and sat with the other two.

“Okay everybody, we are going to introduce ourselves. State your name, likes, dislikes, and desires. You first broody” Kakashi told Sasuke. “Umm Kakashi sensei, shouldn’t you introduce your self first since we don’t know you” Sakura pointed out. “Okay I guess I will go first. My name is Kakashi Hatake, I like to read, I dislike many things, and my desire is well… personal. Okay now Pinkie it’s your turn” Kakashi told the Sakura.

“My name is Sakura Haruno, I like…(looks at Sasuke), I dislike…(looks at Naruto who gave her an evil look which scared her), and I desire to have a future with…(Looks at Sasuke again)” Sakura said. “Okay broody now it’s your turn” Kakashi told him. Sasuke glared but decided go. “My name is Sasuke Uchiha (Sakura suddenly all dreamy), I do not like anything (Naruto and Axisel snorted), I dislike fangirls…(Sasuke said glaring at a still dreamy Sakura), and my desire is to kill a certain someone.” Sasuke told them.
“I got to keep an eye on him closely.” Kakashi and Naruto thought. “Okay blondie your turn” Kakashi told him getting a tick from Naruto. “Whatever do you say Mr. Pedophile, My name is Naruto Uzumaki, I like training and fighting, I dislike arrogance…(glares at Sasuke), and I desire to be something more” Naruto told them. Kakashi blanched. “So this is the Kyuubi that ran away 6 years ago… better keep an eye on him.” Kakashi thought.

“Okay tomorrow show up at training ground 7 at 6’ o clock sharp and don’t eat breakfast or
else you will puke.” Kakashi told them before shunshining out of there. Sasuke got up and started leaving while Sakura snapped out of her dreamy like state and ran after him. Naruto got up and headed to the town so he could get some lunch. He walked around town looking for what might suit his taste until he smelled something good.

He followed the smell and found a restaurant that was called Ichiraku's Ramen. Naruto entered and they welcomed him in. He took a seat and looked at the sign. They had about 7 different combinations for their ramen and Naruto decided to try all of them. He ordered them two each since Axisel also needs to eat inside his body. He got beef, chicken, pork, tasty vegetables, crawfish, slim, and Meat and Vegetable combo. Their eyes widened as they saw him eat the 14th bowl, took a picture, and hanged it on the wall saying the Ramen eating champion.

Naruto still wondering what the fuck was going shook his head paid for the meal and left the restaurant and headed for librar. He was walking to the Hokage building about 5 in the evening after reading the entire library. Somehow he was able to read a page every second before he finished all of the books at 5 o'clock.He found an interesting book that was hidden or may be lost behind some shelves. He picked up and found out it was a book on permanent power increasing jutsu.

He started looking at the hand seals which was page after page until he went 13 pages full of jutsus. Somehow Naruto managed to finish the entire hand seal sequence but then he saw a warning. “User must have very powerful willpower in order survive power intake.” The book warned. “I think it’s a good idea if you do it after you do whatever your sensei guy wants.” Axisel told him.

Naruto headed for the Hokage tower and then he saw a figure exit the window with a large scroll on his back. “That doesn’t look like the Hokage to me.” Naruto said after shunshining after the figure. The figure jumped over the village gates and headed for the center of the forest here the trees were the thickest. Him still not being noticed kept shunshining after the person until he stopped by an abandoned hut. He looked closely at the person and saw that it was the white haired instructor at the academy today.
Naruto jumped down and knocked the man out right when he opened the scroll. Naruto picked both of them up and shunshined out of there to the Hokage tower. He appeared in the room only to see Sarutobi closing the door and heading to the roof. Naruto shunshined to the roof. Sarutobi was surprised to see him here holding the scroll and Mizuki “Naruto looks like you managed to catch the traitor. But how on earth have you been able to succeed?” Sarutobi asked him.

“Well ever heard of something called knock out.” Naruto answered cheekily. Before Sarutobi could answer about 20 jounins and 10 anbu shunshined out of there. “Hokage-sama, what is the emergency.” They asked as one. “A bit late everyone, Naruto managed to catch the traitor and bring back the scroll.

They looked at Naruto in a mix of surprise at the child in front of them and annoyance in being beaten by a child in their duty. Naruto being done for the day shunshined to his apartment to sleep. When he got there he was marveled at how nothing changed in the status. He entered and saw no dust on anything. He took of his cloths and went to bed in his boxers.

Unsurprisingly he ended up in the sewer cage where he met the fox. He entered the room and found Axisel facing Kurama through the cages. “Naruto kun you came back.” Kurama squealed before started drooling. “Are you drooling because I look good or because I look like I taste good.” Naruto asked her. Kurama tilted her head and thought for a second. “Maybe a little of both.” She answered truthfully and laughed at Naruto’s bugged out eyes.

“Anyway getting to the matter, Naruto we decided to give you a present” Axisel told him. Now Naruto tilted his head. “So what is it.” Naruto asked curiously. They didn’t say anything but they opened their mouths started gathering energy. Kurama started gathering up energy to make a bijudama and Axisel started making a holy dragon ball. Suddenly they both looked tilted their head facing Naruto and fired.

Naruto on instinct brought up his hands to guard from the blast but it never hit him. He looked up and saw that both of them stopped right in front of them. They slowly started shaping itself into two… swords? They kept pouring energy so they swords started gaining color and design. They stopped and they swords fell into Naruto’s hands. The one Kurama made was blood red in color with a dark purple rim while the one Axisel made was Light Blue with a white rim. Both of them were just like his bankai.

“These are basically the same thing as your bankai but these are meant to give our chakra to you more efficiently and allows you to fight with three swords.” Axisel told him. “Three?” Naruto asked. “Yeah remember Regetsu’s ability.” Kurama told him. Then he remembered Regetsu. “Oh okay thanks but how am I going to seal these swords away.”
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