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Chapter 3

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Have Fun

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“Well to simply put it. Throw it away and you will see something.” Axisel told him. Naruto dropped both of them making them both shatter and disappear. “Woah okay I learned how get rid of them but how do I summon them?” Naruto asked with a raised eyebrow. “Just focus both of our chakra into your hand but it is a better idea to summon your soul slayer before summoning ours since they go away the moment you let go of them.” Kurama said adding her own two cents.

“For a kyuubi you sure are the quiet one.” Naruto said with a raised eyebrow. “Shut up, girls like being quiet unlike you boys.” She said glaring at both Axisel and Naruto. Naruto shrugged and woke up from the dream. He got up from his bed and saw it was 4 o'clock in the morning. “Time passes when you’re in that room eh?” Naruto muttered to himself and got up. He went to take a long hot shower which he hadn’t have for a while.

He got out of the shower and got ready in his cloths. He picked up 2 apples and left the house by 5:55 and headed for training ground 7. When he got there he finished his apples and saw Sasuke and Sakura heading to where he was. Kakashi wasn’t there yet so they stuck around. 15 minutes later Sakura sat down tired and Sasuke started getting irritated. He sensed Kakashi in a tree behind them but not coming to them yet. Naruto gathered his chakra into hand hidden from Kakashi to make a kunai purely made out of chakra.

He spun quickly and threw at the spot Kakashi was at. Kakashi barely dodged it and jumped out of the way. Sakura and Sasuke saw him jump out of the tree and Sakura started yelling at him about being late. “Damn how did he sense me, I was hiding my chakra” Kakashi thought. “Okay since we are here shall we start.” Kakashi asked them. They nodded and he continued. “Okay now the objective of today’s training is to get these 2 bells on my waist. You can use any method or weapons to obtain these bells. To succeed this objective you must come at me with the intent of kill. No restrictions whatsoever.” Kakashi told them.

“Umm sensei, wouldn’t you get hurt?” Sakura asked cautiously. A tic mark appeared at the back of Kakashi’s head. “Do not underestimate me Sakura, and now I will set the timer till noon. If you do not get these bells by then it means one of you will be stuck to the poles and won’t get lunch understood. Okay...BEGIN” Kakashi announced before Sasuke and Sakura headed into the forest. Naruto however was still and watching Kakashi. “What is he planning?” Kakashi, Sakura, and Sasuke thought. Naruto turned around and headed for a tree in the middle of the meadow, sat down, and… started SLEEPING.

Kakashi having no idea what Naruto is doing walked up to him. “Um Naruto the test starte…” Kakashi started but was suddenly was hung by his leg by a rope. Naruto opened his eyes and gave Kakashi a look that said “REALLY”. Kakashi cut the rope and rolled back a few meters. He stood up not believing what happened. Naruto however started sleeping. “Naruto why are you sleeping?” Kakashi called to be sure of no more traps.

Instead of answering Naruto lifted his arms revealing… 1 bell. Kakashi instantly looked at his belt and saw only 1 there. Naruto got up and headed for the poles and sat on it watching them. “If he could do that then that means I could do it as well” Sasuke thought before charging at Kakashi. Kakashi twisted and turned effortlessly dodging him. Sakura screamed in the distance and Naruto looked in that direction. “How much do you two bet it was Sakura was under a genjutsu watching Sasuke die?” Naruto asked his tenants. They both snorted and started saying stuff like fools bet and stupid pinks”. Kakashi started getting bored so he got out his book and started reading. “HE thinks I’m no good. I’ll show him. Fire Style: Grand Fireball jutsu.” Sasuke thought before going through the signs and gathered up breath.

“Grand Fireball? That’s not possible. It takes up too much chakra there is no way” Kakashi thought and put his book away. Kakashi to only Naruto’s eye jumped in to the ground to avoid the fireball. Sasuke panted from chakra exhaustion before he noticed that Kakashi wasn’t in front of him anymore.

He started looking in every direction but when he looked up Kakashi pulled him into the ground. Now only his was showing above the ground and they saw Sakura at the edge of the forest screaming at the sight only Sasuke’s head on the ground and not his body. “Stupid Banshee” Naruto muttered. The time ran out and Sasuke was pulled out of the ground by Kakashi and Sakura gave Sasuke a bonecrushing hug.

Sakura was tied to a post and Sasuke started eating his lunch without waiting for his sensei’s instruction. “Okay both of you get lunch but don’t give any lunch to Sakura. I’ll give another chance after you eat.” Kakashi told them before leaving. “Sakura started whimpering before a lunch box hit her lap and a lightning cut her ropes. She looked up expecting Sasuke but saw it was Naruto.

“Eat up, I already ate” Naruto told her before turning around and started leaving. The moment Sakura opened box Kakashi appeared out of nowhere and they sky turned dark. “YOU DISOBEYED ORDERS. YOU WILL BE PUNISHED IF YOU DON’T GIVE ME AN EXPLANATION NOW” Kakashi roared at them. Naruto shrugged and started walking away. “WHERE DO YOU THINK YOU ARE GOING” Kakashi roared after him.

“I’m going to stop the Icha Icha Paradise company from making more copies Mr. Pedophile” Naruto lied. Kakashi’s eye widened, the clouds disappeared, and Kakashi was on his knees. “PLEASE DON’T. YOU PASS, YOU ALL PASS JUST DON’T DO IT” Kakashi wailed. Sasuke and Sakura’s eyes widened at their Jounin teacher. “Oh I don’t care about them passing and relax I’m just going to do some ‘real’ training.” Naruto told him before jumping off.

Kakashi relaxed at this and turned his genjutsu back on facing Sasuke and Sakura.

Naruto started jumping outside of the village border where he knew nobody where nobody would find him. He got to a clearing where he stood at the dead center of the clearing. He started going through the long set of hand seals.

“Dog; Dragon; Ram; Horse; Monkey; Ox; Boar; Hare; Rat; Bird; Serpent; Tiger; Ram; Dragon; Ox; Rat; Serpent; Dog; Bird; Serpent; Monkey; Boar; Boar; Tiger; Horse; Ox; Hare; Bird; Dragon; Ram; Dog; Tiger; Serpent; Rat; Ox; Hare; Ram” Naruto said and performed. The sky turned dark and a golden dragon popped out of nowhere. “Do you wish for power beyond” The dragon asked him. “I do” Naruto answered. The dragon’s eyes flashed red and a light engulfed Naruto.

Naruto’s body became severe pain he almost cried out in pain. The power was seeping through his body filling up every spot that was not filled and mixed in with everything else. He felt indestructible. The pain went away and he tested himself. But right when he moved one step a crater. “Okay I think that is enough of a demonstration” the dragon told him. “Okay but how do I seal this power so no one will ever find out.” Naruto asked him.

The dragon’s eyes glowed for a second before an eye patch covered his right eye. “Shenron has done what you want. I will leave now” Shenron said before going through the clouds and he disappeared. Naruto fainted as the power quickly went away from him. He had a dreamless sleep so to him it was just like closing his eyes and opening them again. Naruto felt the eye patch restraining his powers into it so he headed back to the village. He did one mountain jump and accidentally managed to take of at super speed and crashed into the Hokage’s office. But on the plus side he got a catch of the morning air in quick motion.

Luckily Jiji wasn’t there so he fixed the problem quickly and left home. When he got there he saw a note on Naruto’s door saying to meet his group at the Mission hall. Naruto jumped back to the tower and entered the door to the hall. He entered the hall and saw Kakashi talking to a man who looked drunk. “Hello Naruto, nice eye patch, We are going to be doing a C class escort mission so grab some supplies for the trip and meet us on the road to the Wave country” Kakashi told him before heading out.

“Hmph how inconsiderate” Kurama thought before purring. Naruto went to a restaurant to eat some quick strong coffee for extra energy and ate a donut overdosed with powdered sugar for hyperactivity. Naruto got out in ten minutes and ran through the village gates and headed for wave by following Axisel's sense of direction. Naruto started running faster because of all the sugar and caught up with the group. But some ninja cut through Kakashi who used substitution.

He quickly gathered Axisel’s and Kurama’s chakra into his hands revealing the two swords. He quickly gone and beheaded them before the Uchiha moved. Kakashi got out of the trees and commented on his speed. “I demand you teach me that Uzumaki” Sasuke snarled. Naruto smirked. “What is that?” Naruto asked innocently. “That, what you just did.” Sasuke snarled getting more furious. “I still don’t know what you’re talking about” Naruto said in a sing song voice.

“HOW YOU APPREHENDED THE TWO NINJA” Sasuke said losing his cool. “Oh why didn’t you say so. Which one the speed or the sword skills.” Naruto asked with a raised eyebrow. Then the Uchiha smirked. “Both” He said smugly. “Sorry the speed is by very intensive training and the swords is well umm you know beheading people” Naruto told him. The Uchiha still had the smug look on his face. “Then give me the swords” Sasuke demanded. Naruto snorted and tossed them both to him. Sasuke leaped forward and caught it. But the moment he caught it they both shattered and disappeared.

“What did you do?” Sasuke demanded. “Oh nothing at all, those swords don’t work for you that all.” Naruto told him with a troll face. “Then show me how it works.” He demanded. “Sorry no can do. Those swords require two different types of chakra. I have three types but you only have one thus it is ineffective for you” Naruto told him. “Then give me the chakras. I am an Uchiha, an elite, you lower class don’t deserve this power.” Sasuke yelled at him.

Three different reactions popped up. Sakura became all dreamy about how cool Sasuke was, Kakashi had a disappointed look on his face and Tazuna was in shock of the Uchiha’s arrogance. Suddenly the pressure around them was crushing.
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