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The End

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3 weeks later, this document was released to the public.

I was always a disappointment. A nobody to everybody around me. And maybe I still am, but at least I have the comfort of knowing that I tried. I tried.
They'll read the papers, watch the news, and they'll see Frank: the worthless, heartless criminal. Not Frank: the man who gave his everything to try and save the only thing in his life that meant anything to him.
Gerard will never be remembered as the strong, brave, truly incredible man that he was. The truth will soon be buried, along with the only remaining one who ever really knew him. Who steeped down from his fucking pedestal, and thought "Hey, maybe there's more to you than meets the eye".
We were more alike than I ever could have understood, before it was too late. And regardless of what the world saw us do with our lives, we both had reasons. We both had stories. And I almost feel bad - leaving the world like this - because I'm the only person left with the insight to show them that even the worst of criminals are only human.
But, humans are fragile. And I have the power to erase myself before anyone in this shitty world ever has the privilege of knowing me, or Gerard for the humans we were. Not the cold-hearted killers they saw from the outside.
And with that, i have one last question before I leave.
Who's the powerless one now?
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