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The Greater Good

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Frank and Lily's parents move them to a new town that's admittedly very old-fashioned but full of polite and friendly people. But something doesn't feel right. Can Frank figure out what it is?

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[A/N] – Here’s the first chapter, hope you like it!

“I don’t even get why we had to move.” Frank said, staring out the car window unimpressed “I liked where we lived.”

“Maybe you’ll like our new home just as much.” His Mother Gloria said patiently “You haven’t even seen it yet. Give it a chance Frankie.”

“I don’t see why I should.” Frank sulked.

His little sister Lily looked over at him and reached her hand out towards him “It’ll be fun Frankie, honestly.”

Frank smiled at her and took her hand. He still hated the idea of moving but he decided to cheer up for Lily’s sake. They were really close and he’d do anything for her “Okay, I guess I’ll give it a try.”

Lily cheered and turned back to the doll that was sat on her lap. That thing had always creeped Frank out but Lily seemed to love it. It had a strange facial expression with blue eyes that seemed to watch you no matter where you went. Whenever Lily went out with her friends and left it sitting on her bed, he’d cover it with a sheet or some clothes. That was the only thing he’d hated about sharing a room with Lily. At least in the new house he’d have his own room away from that creepy doll.

Frank’s Dad Andrew pulled up outside their new house and the family stared out the car windows for a long moment staring at it. The house was big, there was no denying that, but it was also very ugly and very dull. All the windows for the upper floors were boarded up and the ones downstairs were covered an inch thick in dust. The bricks were white and crumbling, there were several slabs missing from the roof and it looked like the building was going to fall over. The garden was overgrown with plants starting to climb up the walls of the house.

“It’s horrible!” Frank suddenly cried, breaking the silence “What on earth possessed you to move here?”

“Calm down Frank.” Gloria said, swallowing and looking just as upset as Frank was “Look, this town’s a bit... Old-fashioned. I’m sure all the houses look a bit like this. It just needs a little work.”

“Yeah, it’ll look great by the time we’re finished with it.” Andrew smiled, getting out the car and walking towards the house.

Everyone else got out the car too. Lily ran around and took Frank’s hand nervously “We’re not really going to live here, are we?” Lily asked, biting her lip “Our house is a lot nicer than this.”

“I know it was.” Frank whispered “But they’re right, we’ll make this house nice too. I promise.”

Once they’d got all the boxes inside, paid the moving men and started actually unpacking, there was a knock at the front door “Who could that be?” Andrew asked.

“We’ll never know unless we answer the door.” Frank teased and Andrew pretended to mock wrestle him. Gloria yelled at them both to calm down and went to answer the door.

A woman with long wavy brown hair, brown eyes and a large baby bump stood at the door holding the hand of a little girl with brown hair and a side fringe “Hi, I noticed you just moved in.” The woman smiled “My name’s Anna, this is my daughter Penina. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

“And you.” Gloria smiled “I’d invite you in but we’re still unpacking and the place looks awful.”

“Oh don’t worry about that. We just came over to introduce ourselves and well... I’ve invited a couple of the neighbours over for dinner tonight and I know moving can be tough so I was wondering if you and your family would like to join us.”

“Oh! That would be lovely thank you.” Gloria turned around “Could you come to the door please? We have a neighbour here to introduce herself.”

Lily came running out first and Anna smiled at her. She seemed surprised to see Frank come out the door behind her followed by Andrew “This is Anna and her daughter Penina.” Gloria told them “I’m Gloria; this is my husband Andrew and my children Frank and Lily. Anna’s kindly invited us over to her house for dinner tonight.”

“It’s lovely to meet you all.” Anna said with a small smile “I’ll see you at seven o clock, if that’s okay?”

“That’s great. Thank you.” Anna walked away and Gloria shut the door “See, the house may be a bit run down and old-fashioned but the neighbours are friendly. That’s what’s important, isn’t it?”

“If you say so.” Frank yawned “I hope she cooks something nice for dinner.”

Gloria rolled her eyes “I want you on your best behaviour tonight, do you hear me? All of you!”

[A/N] – Okay, this first chapter sucked but I hope it’s gonna get better :D
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