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Dancing Maiden

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Summer night makes pretty girls dance.

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Dancing Maiden:

Hot nights bring out really interesting things to see. Tonight proved that to be true. Mosh lied on the back porch half-asleep. He tried in vain to keep himself awake. That's rather hard to do after a nice dinner and heated bath. The crickets in the grass chanted at him to close his eyes.

Go to sleep. Go to sleep. Go to sleep.

Mosh just about gave in when something else caught his eye. The moonlight shined upon figure just up ahead in the backyard. They seemed to be dancing. The mouse boy rolled over on his stomach for a better look. Just as he thought, the figure in the distance was dancing. Intrigued, Mosh scooted in for a closer look. He tilted his head, confused.

Noiz-tan?, the mouse thought. Mosh just had to find out more. The figure in question took form into a kitty woman with a black tail and cat ears. She only wore a white tank top and pink booty shorts. He could tell from the white wire down her side that she had her iPod on at full blast. Mosh couldn't help but smile.

In the moonlight, Noiz somehow looked sexy dancing around like she was. She looked like she didn't have a care in the world. The kitty was locked away in her our world dancing happily. Mosh's cheeks turned a light as he watched her every move.

Noiz-sama... Mosh looked down at his lap and noticed another bulge in his shorts. As he kept watching his girlfriend, the excitement flared up in his chest. The more he watched, the more the heat messed with his head. The mouse shut his eyes at one point, but the images became more vivid.

I can't take this!

Mosh rushed back into the house for a little "alone" time.
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