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Ladies’ Clothes

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On his day off, Mosh decides to do a little "exploring" in Noiz's wardrobe.

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Ladies' Clothes:

Mosh loved to be small. He also loved his days off. It gave him the chance to explore Aiko Suite in a different perspective. The mouse looked around the red-lit room. Where to start today? He closed his eyes and took a sniff of the room. Japanese cherry blossoms filled his nose. His heart did a little flip. He felt like fainting in happiness.

Good day to be off, he thought. Mosh opened his eyes and raced over to the wardrobe. Noiz always had nice-looking clothes. She wasn't much into fashion, but she always managed to look finely dressed. Silk, cotton, lace, and satin. That's all she ever wears. Mosh was convinced that his lover's closet housed a Victoria's Secret store inside of it. Looked great on her, he had to say. She even had some naughty costumes hidden between her clothes.

The kitty looked rather cute as a sailor girl. The pigtails didn't really fit her though. He didn't really enjoy the loli fashion sense that girls in Japan pulled off. No, he liked breasts a little bitty too much. Noiz's breasts in particular.

Mosh crawled down to the underwear drawer. Here came his favorite part of the clothing tour. She always had something sexy underneath her clothes. He just liked all that lace and colors she wore. He crawled into the open crack and landed inside. The mouse took a deep smell of the interior. The cat always kept spice in her bra and panty drawers. The feel and scent made him go hard in under a minute. A dirty thought crossed his mind while he nuzzled a pair of black and pink satin panties.

I wonder if I could play with myself here, he pondered. The mouse had thought about it on and off many times a day. Mosh glanced around him at all of Noiz's lacy panties. They all looked so inviting. He looked down at his lap. His member ached for some relief right about now. It couldn't hurt, right? Right?

Mosh reached down to his jeans and slowly unzipped them. He took in a small breath. Here I go!, the mouse thought.

"I'm home!" he heard his mistress call from the front door. The mouse looked up head from the lacy material.

Oh shit!, he thought. Looks like the fun is over. Mosh squeezed out of the drawer and climbed down the wardrobe to get back on the floor. He raced all the way down to the living room.

"Welcome home!" he called. To be continued with his little experiment in Noiz's "mouse trap" drawer.
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