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The Nightmare Girl

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Sometimes the solution is just waking up.

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She crept slowly down the steps. It was so quiet that if she really listened she could hear her heart beat. The silence was enough to make a person mad, but she gathered her sanity and continued on tip toes downward. She was unsure why she was traveling down these steps. Its inevitable she'll meet her doom. It was always the same thing.
The young girl reached the bottom of the steps to see a hole in the hall floor. It seemed to be bottomless. With the little bit of courage the girl had left she took a step into the nothingness that was below her.
The darkness had swallowed the girl as she fell deeper into this gaping hole. She felt her stomach dropping. She jumped slightly as she awoke. The girl rubbed her eyes and reached for the glass of water on her nightstand. Her curiosity met her as she thought. 'Why do I have these dreams? I'm not afraid. What can't I overcome?'

The next night the young girl was resting in her bed, bundled up like a mummy in her sheets. A night didn't go by free of this nightmare.
She tip toed down the stairs once more as if she was trying not to disturb a single soul. As she reached the bottom of the old steps she encountered the same gaping hole in the floor. She braced herself before this time just throwing herself in.
Once more her stomach dropped as she fell faster, but this time she didn't wake. After just minutes of falling she could just barely make out the bottom through the darkness. She began to panic, though she was unsure why.
She was sure this was just a dream and there was no need to panic, but reflex had kicked in and there was nothing she could do to stop that. The fact that was slightly unsettling was that she normally woke up before this, before the fall was able to slow. It was as if the dream wanted her to get a perfect veiw of the ground her blood was going to stain.
The young girl stared as messily written words on the concrete floor came into focus. It read 'Its time to wake up. Wake up quickly dear. This is your last chance.' The words seemed to be etched into the concrete floor.
Suddenly cracks began trailing out of the letters and the floor beneath her started to fall appart piece by piece. The message was leaving her.

Beep Beep Beep Bee----------------------

The poor girl fell to the bottom. She never did truely wake up.
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