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Beyond The Purple Staircase

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Category: Horror - Rating: R - Genres: Fantasy,Horror - Published: 2013-10-21 - 334 words

One foot laid still, flat down on the first step. One shaken deep breath was left to poke into the stale silence. The crimson kissed the walls as she slowly made her way down. Her stinging wrists made worse from the friction off the wall.
This place, her home, was all white. It was hers to make a masterpiece of. The whole place was dripping with the blood of every motion she made.
However there was this one place in her home that she could only dream of being.

The Purple Spiral Staircase.

To her, the color was sickening sweet. It was what headaches were made of. This spiral staircase is the thing she hated most, and the only obstacle she has to overcome. Beyond this room was a glowing perfect life that for many years she's never been able to reach. Its like a brickwall she just cannot climb over.

After moments she took in the sight of this awful staircase and decided its her turn. She wanted to reach the next level of these walls. She wanted to learn something new about herself.

She took the first step towards the purple spiral staircase.

Her feet were no where near the purple atrocity ahead of her, but she kept moving. She had heavy feet as she began getting closer. She was unsure what was ahead, and none too pleased about it either.
She finally reached the first step of this awful looking staircase and peered down at her feet.
A couple more steps and she'd be there. She'd be in her past and in her future. She could paint the walls with other colors. The anger being held in those crimson splattered walls would dry after many years of sorrow. She could paint again with a rainbow.
It was a difficult journey but all was well at the end. Her wrists were finally at peace and the walls no longer run red. In the end she felt as if she was never dead.
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