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A Cannibal's Candy

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Most everyone's a monster.

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You know how the age old theory goes "Everything has a soul". They were right, and here I sit on someone's table waiting for my own flesh to be devoured. I'm not as calm as I sound, if it weren't for the wrapper around my lips I would be screaming in sheer terror. I'm tied between plastic and tape, decorated with bows.
The room echoed from the creaky door. They were back, the whole family this time. They were dressed in tattered and bloodied cloth, teeth sharp as razors. How I wish they were just in costumes.

The children were most terrifying. Their eyes were as black as night and palms covered in the blood of their last victims. I never thought I'd ever be this petrified of a child before.
My attention left my thoughts and back onto the door. Their parents had left all four blood covered tykes to munch on their new chew toy until it stopped squealing. As you already know, I'm that chew toy.
I lay here bound up and completely helpless as these deranged little shits surround me. Before I knew it they had tied black cloth around my eyes. I could hear their blood curdling screeches and sounds that could only be described as nail trailing a chalkboard. I tried covering my ears but all attempts fell stale as my hands were tightly bound behind my back.
I made a muffled scream though the wrapper over my lips. I could feel their tiny hands digging into my flesh and ripping me apart. What felt like pools of blood streaming everywhere. I was covered with dirt and dust from the filthy atmosphere and my own blood. I want the pain to stop. I NEED this pain to cease. I began to fall weak so I closed my eyes hoping this would be over soon. It was, and the very last thing I saw was the grimy black cloth that was so tightly tied around my head.
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