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Noiz doesn't know what to wear, but Mosh has the right accessory for her.

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Noiz looked in the mirror with a red dress held up to her body. She shook her head and hung it back up in the closet. The kitty groaned as she looked at all of her clothes. Mosh sat on the bed, watching.

"What's wrong?" he asked. His girlfriend shook her head.

"I can't find anything to wear," she complained. Mosh blinked at her.

"But you have so many clothes," he said.

"I know," the kitty said, "That's the problem." She slid open the closet door. "Look," she said, "Why do I keep getting more clothes?"

"Aden," Mosh pointed out. Noiz nodded and frowned.

"This is true," she mumbled.

"Well, I don't know much about clothes," her boyfriend admitted, "But I know of one accessory that you can't go wrong on?" Noiz paused and looked up at him.

"What?" she asked. Mosh grew up to normal size and grabbed her from behind.

"Whoa!" Noiz said aloud as he rested his chin on her head. He moved down to her neck.

"Me," he whispered. His girlfriend's lips trembled as his own touched her next. The mouse smiled at the effect that he always had on her.
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