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The end?

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Can this be the end? You decide.

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Brendon and Andy finally gave in and helped me pack. It was done in silence. I took one more look at the deer antlers above my bed before walking out of the house. I love Patrick, I do but he feels like someone different now, he's not like he was in Chicago. The thought of leaving everyone behind made me start to cry. I turned my head to face the window and look at the passing city lights fly behind us in the dark.

"you know you can always come back" Andy said from the back seat.

"I can't, I hate it here. I feel like it makes Patrick different being here. I just miss Chicago." I said

"do you miss Chicago or how Patrick was in Chicago?" Andy asked. "because if you go back, you might not feel how you felt before about it without him." Andy continued.

"I feel like I just should be there. I can't explain it. It won't feel the same without him, but I'll get passed it." I said. Brendon slid me a piece of paper. It was a check for $100,000.

"no, brendon. I have money in the bank I'm fine." I said.

"now you have more. I just want to make sure your taken care of and the guys would to." brendon said.

"yeah we love you Em. Your a sweet girl" any said.

"thanks guys." I said smiling a little. "hey, can you guys make sure Patrick doesn't find out I'm gone until he's ok and out and everything? I don't want him checking himself out of rehab and relapsing or anything." I said.

"sure Em" Andy said.

We arrived at the air port and brendon wrapped me in a hug.

"I know you don't feel the same way, but I love you and I always have. Now your going to run off and leave again" he laughed a little trying to distract both of us from the tears that were now falling down both of our cheeks.

"you know what brendon? I love you too." I said smiling.

"I want you to stay, but your not happy here. And I'm sorry, for everything." he said

"don't be." I replied.

"hey Andy! You going to get over here and say good bye?" brendon called to him. He looked to be trying to let us have our moment until he turned around and I saw he was crying too. He wrapped me in a tight hug.

"don't forget about us Em. From all the guys, we love you. I love you woman." he said with a chuckle and tears in his eyes.

"hey, it's not like we won't all talk all the time. And I love you too Andy, I love all of you guys." I said "I have to go guys." I said looking at the time on my phone. We said one more goodbye and I walked off. I tryed to keep it all off my mind but it all hit me once I boarded the plane. I was leaving the only thing I had close to ever having friends. I began to silently cry as the plane took off. I looked out the window and watched the Los Angeles lights get smaller and smaller untill they were dots passing beneath me, colorful little dots that marked where the people I loved lived, that marked troubles and fame and fortune and fall out boy and Brendon.I watched out the window untill the little colorful dots began to lessen. I was on my way back to Chicago.


"Pete Wentz found! His return to LA and why he disappeared" "where is the mystery girl?" "Patrick Stump, lead singer of fall out boy in rehab!" "panic at the disco's miss Jackson reached top 10 on Billboard." "drummer of panic at the disco also in rehab!" "Patrick stump released from rehab in time for tour with panic! At the disco." I began to read over the news articles that had been written about the guys. I now have a two bedroom apartment in downtown Chicago and 4 months has passed since I last saw any of the guys. I missed them this whole time. Brendon and I talk all the time almost every day. Pete, Andy and joe all call and text too. I've been thinking about them a lot lately, probably because I hear all of their songs everywhere, even at my job at best buy, their always stuck in the back of my mind. I've met a few friends here and the normally don't believe them when I tell them their my friends. I turn on my tv and there they are again. "fall out boy has had a rough past couple of months but now Patrick stump is out of rehab for his drinking and he said " excessive drinking shouldn't be your outlet, as I have learned. I have had a rough time the past few months and now I'm ready to deal with them as a sober. I'm really happy about this new cd and tour because it will help me get my mind off things where as drinking did before. And I'm also glad we get to do it with our friends at panic! At the disco." I turned the tv off. I havnt even herd from Patrick yet and he's been out of rehab a few days.
I decided to go to bed because it was rounding midnight and I just wanted my depression to cease for the night.

I woke up to my phone ringing and scaring the crap out of me.

"hello?" I said sleepily.

"Em? Where you asleep?" asked the voice.

"Patrick?" I asked still sleepy and confused.

"yeah. I miss you. The guys told me you went back to Chicago last night, but wouldn't let me call you until they made sure I wouldn't get mad at you or something." he chuckled. He sounded like old Patrick, with his warm and enviting voice.

"I miss you too Patrick. I herd you guys were going on tour."

"yeah we are, with Panic. I wish you would come back, but I under stand why you won't. And I want to apologize. I let my crazyness get away from me. I guess I just broke down. I feel like myself again. After the tours over can we come see you? We've got to visit our families over there anyway." he said.

"all I care about is that your okay now. And I would love for you guys to come see me, I'd be thrilled." I said.

"okay! And hey, Emily?"

"yeah?" I replied.

"maybe we can work things out some day." Patrick said.

"someday." I said.

hey guys I think I may call it quits with writing.this may be the end of this story, however if you do want a part 3 I have some ideas. So please rate and comment, because this story depends on it. I just feel as though I may be terrible at writing so why not quit? I'd really like it if you helped me out. As always thanks for reading, I greatly apreciate it. Love yalls!
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