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Let me crash your love

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It's been a week and the poliece still don't know where Pete is, the crazy guy who we found out is named Paul Stevens, had said he hasn't ever seen pete before, and has no idea of his where abouts. The poliece have even started to look for a body. The fans have gone completely bananas, and the guys and I have been extremely upset we all seem to be staying together at my place, I think it may be because emotional support but they said its invade Pete calls one of them they'll all emediatly know. All the guys are having a rough time coping. They just wonder around my house like zombies with their eyes red and blood shot from not sleeping and crying. Patrick's taking it the worst I think, he's turned to drinking, a lot. The guys are keeping me buisy, between Patrick getting violently I'll from drinking and having to comfort the guys during their occasional crying fits its keeping me buisy. Plus they won't even leave the house, so I have been running their errands for them.

It was 1pm when I went into my room to check on Patrick after cooking the other two guys dinner. I found him sitting on the floor at the foot of the bed with a whiskey bottle in his hand. His hair was messy and he hadn't shaved in a while. He was just staring blankly in front of him at the wall. I went over and sat with him and petted his hair and kissed his cheek. He wreaked of alcohol.

"why are you still here?" he mumbled drunkenly still looking forward at the wall. I was a bit surprised by what he said.

"I'll leave the room if-" I was cut off.

"no, no. Why are you still here in LA taking care of us losers?" patrick slurred.

"because I care about you guys. And I know this is rough on me but I can only imagine how bad it is on you guys. And you guys arnt loosers, your fall out boy, and Pete is out there alive some where, he will turn up. You, are my charming boyfriend and you need my help. Now give me the bottle." I demanded. He reluctantly handed me the almost empty bottle. I still looked at him expectantly for a moment untill he pulled out another half full bottle from behind him under the bed.

"who's been bringing you this stuff anyway? Because I know you guys won't leave the house." I said crossing my arms. I know the guys wouldn't do that to Patrick. He refused to Awnser.
" fine." I said walking out of the room to check all possible hiding places for a possible stash of Patricks booze and pouring what i found down the drain. When I was done I checked the time on my phone it was 1:39 pm. Any minut now. About 10 seconds later my phone began to wring.

"right on time" I awnsered

"everyday. How are the guys?" brendon asked

"same. I'm trying to get Patrick to stop drinking, I still don't know who's sneaking him alcohol."

"I'm sure we'll figure it out. We all just have to keep a close eye on him. You ready to go?" brendon said.

"I'm ready" I replied

"ok be there in about 5" he said before hanging up. I put my phone back into my pocket and went over to Andy and joe who were asleep ( as usual about this time) and woke them up. They began to stretch and yawn.

"guys I know I normally just let you sleep, but I have to ask you guys a couple things." I whispered so Patrick didn't overhear from the other room.

"yeah?" Andy spoke sitting up from his makeshift bed on my living room floor. Joe began to sit up from his place on my couch too. I noticed they had been switching off every day.

"I need you guys to stay awake while I'm gone. I also need you guys to not let Patrick know your awake."

"why?" joe said.

"because I need you guys to keep a look out for who's bringing Patrick alcohol. I know someone's been bringing him alcohol. And I know it's not you guys, right?" I said

"no it's not us, we wouldn't do that to Patrick. As a matter of fact, I think if we can't put a stop to this he may need to go to rehab." joe said.

"of course well do this for you. And well text you when we find out who's doing this." Andy said. Just then my phone went off with a text from brendon saying he's outside.

"okay guys, I'm going to the store with brendon. Just text me if something happens" I whispered to them and walked out the door.

"I got you something" brendon said handing me an envelope while keeping his eyes on the road. I opened the envelope and what I saw inside confused me.

"what is this" I asked with a snap in my tone.

"it's a one way possible plane ticket back to Chicago" he said.

"why would I want this brendon? I can't just leave" I said angrily.

"I figured you've been through so much, and no one has bothered taking how you feel or what you want into consideration so I just thought I could give you a way out for once." he said.

" no. I'm not leaving you guys." I said bluntly.

"I knew you might say that, so I also got you this" he said with a sly smile handing me what looked to be a ring box.

"am I going to be pissed at you after I open this.

"no, not this time" he laughed. I opened the box to find a shiny silver key twinkling at me.

"a key?" I asked confused.

"yeah. Your going to need it for your record store." he said with his smile growing bigger on his face.

" what?!" I asked shocked.

"yeah! I'm taking you to see it tomorrow, when it's finally done." he said looking at me. I was speechless.

"hey, I promised you!" he said with a laugh. I unbuckled my seat belt and reached over to him and wrapped my arms around him in a tight hug

" thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" I squeeled with my arms around him as tears started to form in my eyes. I herd car horns honking behind us and we both realized brendon had stopped driving and were holding up trafic. Brendon started to drive again as my cellphone went off. It was a call from a strange number.

"hello?" I awnsered

"hey em who's with you?" the voice asked.

"oh my god!! Pete?! Um uh brendon. Where are you?!" I said confused and happy. Brendon was giving me a look of disbelief as he pulled over.

"yeah, it's me. Don't tell anyone else I'm calling. I'm in Mexico." he said

"why to everything."

"well I don't want to let the guys know just yet because I don't want word getting out. And I'm in Mexico because I was scared I saw everything on the news and I know you guys have been looking for me and I'm sorry, I just freaked out. Please don't be mad." he begged.

"I'm not mad, Pete. But I don't know about the guys when you do come back, by the way, when will that be? And why call me? And how did you get to Mexico so descretely?" I questioned.

"I will be in landing at LAX around 5pm tomorrow. I called you because your the most level headed. And I'm a rockstar, have many aliases. How are the guys?"

"theyve been staying at my place and the're depressed, smelly,and Patrick has turned into an alcoholic." I stated.

"oh god, so I see you've had your hands full. We'll put this all back together when I get back. And remember, don't tell anyone!... Exept for brendon because he's with you."

"okay Pete, see you tomorrow" I said and hung up.

"where's Pete? Brendon asked.

"Mexico. Don't tell anyone, not even the guys. He's coming home tomorrow. Listen brendon we have to get back to my place." I said quickly while reading a text that had come in while I was on the phone.

"why?" brendon asked

"Andy just text me and said to get home now. It was in all caps, do we better hurry. I think they might of caught Patrick's booze smuggler." I said. We drove quickly back to my place. When we got there brendon and I rushed in to find Andy and joe yelling at a blond woman with curly hair who was about my height if she took her black stelletos off she was wearing a dark grey short cocktail dress she had two bottles of alcohol in her hand.

"have you been giving my boyfriend the alcohol? Who the hell are you anyway?!" I yelled angrily at the woman.

"yeah I have been! He likes me better anyway!" she snarled

"shut up Janie!" joe demanded

"why is Patrick's last ex girlfriend sneaking him alcohol?and in LA?" brendon asked confused. What?! His ex girlfriend. Red toenail girl?

"oh so mikes in jail, now you want Patrick back?" I said flatly " he doesn't even like you, you cheated on him!" I shouted.

"I'm doing this to prove I'm sorry and that I'll do anything for him, unlike you! He loves me more, he told me. Besides why else would he call me and have me bring him this alcohol. He misses me." she said. Her words stung and shocked me.

"get out Janie." Andy said looking sympatheticly at me. She just stood there for a moment glaring at me.

"he said get the fuck out of this house you whore!" brendon turned to her and screamed and joe began ushering her out the door.

"if you come back, we will have you arrested" joe said then slammed the door on her. I began to cry. Brendon moved me to the couch and sat down with me and joe and Andy crouched information of me.

"oh god, my head. What's going on guys?" echoed Patrick's voice coming into the living room. All of the guys heads snapped around to look at him. He must have saw me crying because he got quiet.
"explain why the hell Janie was just here?!" Andy said breaking the silence.

"well I- uh she gets me alcohol." he mumbled.

Brendon stood up and faced him.

"did you fucking tell her you loved her more than Emily?!" joe yelled.

"uh-well, I-I did, but I don't. I swear I don't! Besides we didn't do anything! I just-I just got her to bring me alcohol, nothing else. I need it guys, you don't understand! I need it to deal with all this shit." he said and clutchedhis head in his hands.

"what's the matter Patrick? Got a bit of a hang over?!I bet you do! While You sit around all day drinking to your hearts desire, this poor girl has been cleaning up all your messes and doing the things that you should be doing. And day after fucking day she takes care of you when you've way over done it and cleans up your fucking puke. She loves you man! Look at your sorry ass! I know I would kill to have her, but she doesnt love me, she loves you and look! You just keep hurting her! All the time your doing something to cause her pain. And it doesn't matter if you loved Janie or not. You still said it Patrick, you said you loved her more than Emily. You know what? You don't even deserve her. You need to gt your head out of your drunken ass and start thinking of how many people your fucking toying with you bastard!" brendon yelled he was now right up in Patrick's face. Patrick said nothing.

"your right." was all Patrick said.

"Patrick" joe began "get dressed, now"

"why?" Patrick asked.

"I'm taking you to a rehibilitation center" joe stated.

"but-I no- I-" batrick studdered desperately.

"go Patrick." Andy said looking up at him from beside me. Patrick didnt say anything else and got dressed.

"im so sorry emily, I do love you, I just- I just- I don't know what happened to me." he said sadly and he followed joe out the door.

"what do I do?" I asked Andy and brendon.

"I guess that's up to you. Are you hungry or tired or anything?" Andy asked.

"no, I just feel so numb." I said sadly. I reached into my pocket and got out the key and envelope. I handed the key to brendon.

"what? This is yours Emily" brendon said.

"take it. I redecided on prize number one." I said flatly. Andy looked confused and brendon looked shocked.

"do you really want to go back to Chicago?" brendon asked.

"yeah, I think this is just too much for me. I don't think I can do it anymore. I just want to go back. I want to have what I was supposed to. You were right brendon, all along." I said

"what? You can't! What about Pete and Patrick?" Andy said.

"they will find their own way, with or without me." I said trying not to give anything away.

"when do you want to go?" brendon asked.

"brendon!" Andy said.

"if she wants to go, she can she's not being imprisoned here. I want what makes her happy, and right now I think that's far far away from here, a long way from us." brendon said.

"the ticket is scheduled for 8pm which is in 3 and a half hours." I said.

"so minus the driving time and time for traffic and bag check you have an hour and a half to pack." Andy said sadly.

I got up and went for my luggage under my bed and shook off the numerous empty alcohol bottles and started to pack.
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